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Lost Kitty – AI Breedable or Pet

Longtime SL creators Frankenbros. Designs have introduced a very stylized kitty with a very animated lifestyle. They fish or dig carrots when hungry and wear clothing and thats just the beginning of their complex AI abilities and traited breeding systems.

SLURL to inworld main shop

Lost Kitty website

Lost kitty on youtube







Pet Peddlers | Andreaus Beck Reporting

Hi Guys it’s me again your  fishy friend 🙂

There are a few things to talk about today some you will like and some you won’t, will I upset someone I’m sure I will.  The new update is out and yay it fixed our friend the Bekko.  I know a lot will be sad not to get so many bekko 😉 but for Me I’m glad to see the back of it, my breeding was ruined I saw Months of hard work go down the drain.

Numerous small bugs were fixed including the pet fish issue they no longer need feeding and are highlighted so you know which they are. 🙂  Now with orange text and version is pet.

Two  serious issues  to talk about now

Picking up and rezzing fish.

Ok we have all done it looked at a group of fish and thought

I can’t be bothered to pick them up separately this is a short tale

Of what happened to me….

I breed Yamabuki Koi or did until one day I decided to pick up my fish mainly to save money on food during the bugs, so I picked up a group of about ten of my best Yamabuki, I thought it’s ok I have done this loads of times before so I grabbed them and thought nothing of it until I came to rezz them again, sl was being an ass as usual and the first time I rezzed them they were sent back to me but like an idiot I rezzed them again and sl promptly ate them.  I was gutted 2 months of breeding went down the drain, all because I was too lazy to pick them up one at a time.

The moral of this story is don’t be like me, pick your fish up separately then if sl decides to eat them it only eats one!

Andreaus = Lazy= lost best fish=gutted

Now for something some of you will find controversial

I make no apologies for what I’m about to say and I will probably loose some friends in the process but its time something was said.

Some will agree with me and some most definitely won’t.  The fish market is struggling to recover after the server issue causing the no data bags this was no fault of Pet Peddlers but was down to the server company but it caused a lot of damage to the sales market then came the bekko problem, so it became really important that the market be looked after but that didn’t happen at a time when prices should have been kept stable to help it recover I saw to my astonishment that some were and are selling fish for 20l$.

I thought to myself do I really want to be part of this and my answer was no, categorically no…..

Why contribute to something that  could destroy what  we have worked so hard  to make a  great  breedable and I say WE because it’s not just Pet Peddlers its US, the  breeders who make the market it made me  think really hard  about  whether I want to breed these awesome fish I refuse to sell so low and I will defiantly never buy a fish priced like that,

I’m not judging anyone when I say this, but is this really the way we want the fish to go.

What conclusion do I get from this, well to be honest I’m not sure.  Do the fish still have the potential to be the best breedable in sl?  Yes they do, this is something that I am certain about I love these fish there one of the most diverse breedables in sl without a shadow of doubt and with the predator coming out soon and the sea horse in the future they will be the best.

Will they  survive  that is up to  you ….

Have fun breeding and I will be back next week with more news

Andreaus Beck

Wild Passion Butterflies | Released


Wild Passion Butterfly

Krys Luminos use of genetic types and design takes XS to the next level with all his products.


SLurl: Wild Passion Butterfly

Wild Passion Butterfly
Breedable Butterflies

1. Rez egg cups and touch them to un-package the butterfly eggs.

2. Click on the egg and select “Hatch” from the menu. Your egg will hatch into a caterpillar. After 5 days your caterpillars will transform into butterflies, and after 7 days they can begin to breed.

3. Rez a Butterfly Arbor near the caterpillars and butterflies, and click on the arbor and set the home position from the menu.
You can get a  Butterfly Arbor by touching a caterpillar or butterfly and selecting  Butterfly Arbor from the menu.

4. Place Food Flowers winthing range of the butterflies.


– Butterflies, caterpillars and butterfly eggs cannot be taken into inventory unless packaged in the free butterfly crates and egg cups, or they will die.

– To package a butterfly or caterpillar for transport or transfer, rez a butterfly crate and then click on the butterfly or caterpillar and select “Package”.

– To package an egg  for transport or transfer, rez a butterfly egg cup and click on the egg and select “Package”.

– Butterflies, caterpillars and eggs will package themselves in any available crate or egg cup that you own that is rezzed, so only rez empty ones right before you use them.

– Butterflies reach breeding age after seven days, and then can breed until they reach age sixty, as long as you have a male and female together.

– A butterfly remains pregnant for about 24 hours and then after a few hours when their passion level reaches 100%,  they are ready to breed again.

– To pair two butterflies. move them to their own arbor and set their home point there.

– You can set the roaming range of the butterflies by touching the arbor and changing the range from the menu.

– Butterflies will roost in the arbor when they sleep, but you can roost or awaken them from the arbor menu.

– Your butterflies will eventually die or starvation if the food runs out, or if you take them into inventory without first placing them in a crate.

– You can store butterflies and caterpillars in crates in inventory as long as you wish, and they will not grow hungry while stored.

– Butterflies live indefinitely, but they only breed until they reach the age of 60 days old.

– Crated butterflies, caterpillars and egg cups are transferable. Empty crates and egg cups are available free at the Wild Passion Butterfly headquarters.

– Join the Wild Passion Breedables group to be informed of new specials and updates.


– Starter eggs are a special random egg included in the starter pack, they can be one of any of the 11 common starter butterfly types.

– Rez starter eggs  to activate, but you must put them in egg cups in order to take back into inventory if you do not hatch them after rezzing.

– The Butterfly Arbor has a “Collect Eggs” function that will round up butterfly eggs within that arbor’s range. An auto-cupper device is also available seperately, that will collect your eggs region-wide and pack them into empty cups.

– Butterflies eat approximately 5 units of food a day from their food flowers. If they run out of food and get hungry, they will eat a little bit faster to bring their hunger level back down.

– Each different type of butterfly has its own unique wings. Each butterfly type can also be one of five class levels; common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, and super ultra rare.  Each class level can produce new kinds of offspring.

– Breeding two of the same type of butterfly together will most likely produce more of the same type. Breeding two different butterfly types together will most likely produce offspring of either the mother or father’s type.  You always have a chance of breeding out a new butterfly type from one of the parents’ class levels.

– There are no age changing devices, special  food, or any other butterfly altering device.  Other than special new limited edition butterfly types at the Wild Passion shop, the only way to acquire butterflies beyond the starter types is to breed them or get them from another breeder.

– On certain holidays your butterflies have a chance of giving birth to special new unique types of butterfly unavailable through regular breeding.  These specials can be bred together to produce more of that type.

– You have a small chance of producing very rare albino or shadow types of butterfly.




Blooming Butterflies | Sneak Peek


From the crew who brought us Krazy Kittys

Blooming Butterflies

The life cycle system will bring butterfly eggs to caterpillar
then to chrysalis stage and then the butterfly will be born.

Entering invite only closed beta soon.

Join the SL Group  “Blooming Butterflies Breedable Pets” for announcements.

Home Plant
Eggs & Caterpillar


Chrysalis Stage


A Blooming Butterfly


BioBreeds | Feb 7 Launch

Launch Announcement!
Saturday, 29 Jan 2011 07:21:42 GMT

We are happy to announce our launch dates! BioBreeds will officially launch for the Loyalty Club on Saturday Feb 5.  And for everyone else, on Monday Feb 7. It has been a fun ride in development, and now, barring some unforeseen roadblock, away we go on Feb 5 and Feb 7.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, for your help, for your support and for your patience throughout the development process.  Its been a great time for me, and on the 5th,  away we go!

Ozzie Drucker

Slurl: BioBreeds


Mission Statement

BioBreeds is a Second Life enterprise that is committed to bringing to the community innovative and groundbreaking breedable pets. Along with this we are introducing ecological and environmental adjuncts, and animations to enhance the user’s experience and change the ‘breedable’ landscape.
To achieve all this, we pledge to maintain a high level of customer service, giving our customers’ needs and wants top priority.


ALL prims should show as BioBreeds Genesis as the creator.

Please remember if you have your land ‘set to group’ or ‘deeded to group’ to ensure that your dogs, puppy boxes and food are set to the same group.

Birthing a puppy box will take between 30 mins and 1 hour. DO NOT pick up your puppy box while it is in the birthing process.
If your box fails to birth after it has counted down to 00.00, please wait 5 minutes to allow for lag then pick it up into your inventory and re rezz. You can then start the birthing process again.
<<<IMPORTANT>>> DO NOT under any circumstances right click and Open the puppy box and ‘copy to inventory’. This WILL BREAK your puppy and you will lose it.

When you first rez your food bowl you will need to ‘Enable Pay’. To do this you touch the bowl, then select from the menu “ENABLE PAY”. You can then right click the food bowl and select “Pay” from the pie menu. You have a choice of purchase prices then which are equivalent to weeks of food for 1 dog. Example: 1 week / 2 weeks / 4 weeks / 6 weeks. You can obtain this information by touching the food bowl and selecting “INFO” from the drop down  menu.

Most of all, we want you to enjoy your breedables! Our staff is dedicated to quality customer service. If you have an issue or bug with your breedables please go to the website and go to the support portal to submit a ticket. One of our Customer Service Representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

When you have a dog on FOLLOW, do not cross a sim border as the dogs do not respond well to sim crossings. Please pick them up and re rezz them after you have crossed the sim border.

When you teleport you will need to pick up any dog you have on follow as they would be left behind.

When you walk off a prim (like down stairs or off a platform) your dog will remain at the height of that prim that it was rezzed on. You will need to pick up your dog and re rezz it on the new level you want it to be on.


Functions and Menus:
***MENU*** (Dog)
WEBSITE: Will take you to another drop menu where you can click ‘Go to Page’ and it will open your web browser to our website or ‘Cancel’. On our website you can navigate to the user manuals and more.

WAKE UP: Here you have the option to wake up your puppy/dog. Note that you can not wake up a dog that is less than 25% energy.

RENAME: Clicking on this menu button you will get a message in local chat asking you how you would like to name your puppy. Type the name you want your dog to be in Local chat within 30 seconds and you will be presented with a new drop down menu asking you to confirm Yes or No to your new name.
Eg: BioBreeds Labrador 0.3: Ok! What would you like my name to be?
Charity Goldfarb: Jo
Jo: Great! I like my new name.
If the menu times out before you name your puppy it will give you an error message such as:
BioBreeds Labrador 0.24.8: The 30 seconds to change my name have expired. Try again.
Characters you cannot use are: [“&”, “=”, “\””, “\\”, “~”, “¬”, “^”, “´”, “`”, “¨”]

COMMANDS: Clicking on the commands button will give you a list in local chat as follows:
<dog name> sit: Instructs your dog to sit down
<dog name> lay: Instructs your dog to lay down
<dog name> follow: Instructs your dog to follow you around
<dog name> stay: Instructs your dog to stay where it is
<dog name> speak: Instructs your dog to bark
<dog name> go home: Instructs your dog to go within 1m of it’s home point
replace <dog name> with the name of your dog followed by the command such as
Jo sit
Jo follow
Jo go home
When you have your dog on follow and want it to go home (if you are on the same sim as its home) just say the dogs name and go home in local chat – “Jo go home” and your dog will go home.

MOVEMENT: Click MOVEMENT you will see the settings currently set on your dog on the drop down, such as:
Charity Goldfarb’s ‘Jo’
HOME: BioBreeds/113/203/22
RANGE: 5 meter(s)
and you will be then given the options of:
Ground – this will make your dog look for the terrain and adjust its height to the terrain height.
Move On – Will turn the movement on so your dog randomly wanders within its range.
Set Home – Set home will give you a Yes or No option of setting its home where it is
Set Range – will give you the option of buttons from 1 to 10 (this is meters) [Back] and [Done]. Back will take you back a step in the menu and done will close the menu.
[Back] – Back will take you back a step in the menu.
[Done] – Will close the menu dialog box.
PLEASE remember to set the home within range of the food (10m) so that you puppies dont get hungry – preferably next to the food.
Set Home also happens when you rez your dog, the home point is set then at the rez point until you either re rez it or select the ‘Set Home’ from the Movement Menu.

STATS: Click stats you will be then given the options of:
Text Off / Text On – to turn off hover text / turn on Hover text.
Chat – To say statistics to your local chat
[Back]: will take you back a step in the menu
[Done]: will close the menu.

UPDATE: Will make your dog communicate with the updater you have rezzed on sim to see if it is the current version. If it is not the current version it will update (IMPORTANT: DO NOT pick up the update crate during the update or you will LOSE your animal)

BREEDING: Clicking on Breeding will take you to an additional set of menu options:
Only Mine: to set your dog to breed only with your own dogs
Group: will set your dogs so it will breed with your dogs and any set to the same group within range.
Anyone’s: will allow your dog to then breed with any dog regardless of the owner or group within range.
[Back]: will take you back a step in the menu
[Done]: will close the menu.

RESET: Will make your dog reset itself. If a coat is not loading for you, or it seems to be in an odd pose stuck from lag this will reset it back to normal again.

[Done]: Closes the menu.


***MENU*** (Puppy Box)

<<<IMPORTANT>>> DO NOT under any circumstances right click and Open the puppy box and ‘copy to inventory’. This WILL BREAK your puppy and you will lose it.

RENAME: Works in the same way as your Live dog rename, although the name that you give your puppy box will not carry over to the dog upon birth (at this stage).
BioBreeds Labrador Box 0.21.2: Ok! What would you like my name to be?
Charity Goldfarb: Blacky!
Blacky!: Name changed successfully.
Characters you cannot use are: [“&”, “=”, “\””, “\\”, “~”, “¬”, “^”, “´”, “`”, “¨”]

BIRTH!: Will ask you if you are sure you want to birth your puppy box now – Yes or No.
Birthing will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

STATS: Gives the same options as in the live dog.
Click stats you will be then given the options of:
Display Off – to turn off hover text
Chat – To say statistics to your local chat
Dialog: will give you the puppy statistics to a drop down menu in your top right of the screen.
[Back]: will take you back a step in the menu
[Done]: will close the menu.

UPDATE: Will make your puppy box communicate with the updater you have rezzed on sim to see if it is the current version. If it is not the current version it will update (DO NOT pick up the update crate during the update or you will LOSE your animal)

[Done]: Closes the menu


<<<IMPORTANT>>> Please be careful how much you buy, we will NOT refund food purchases under any circumstances.
Radius is 10m
Clicking on the food bowl will display the current stats in the dialog box such as:
Charity Goldfarb’s ‘BioBreeds Food 0.3’
FOOD: 1145 portion(s)

To pay your food bowl to top up your portions you will, after rez, need to select from the menu: ‘ENABLE PAY’ after selecting this you need to accept the debit perms request drop down. Then you may right click and ‘Pay’ your food bowl and select an amount.

INFO: will display in the dialog how much L$ for how many portions

ACCESS: will give options of:
Only Mine – Food can be set so that ONLY YOUR puppies eat from your food bowl
Mine & Group – Food can be set so ONLY GROUP set animals can eat from your food (set to same group as the food)
Anyone’s – Food can be set so any ones puppies can eat from it.

UPDATE: WIll make your Food Bowl communicate with the updater you have rezzed on sim to see if it is the current version. If it is not the current version it will update (DO NOT pick up the update crate during the update or you will LOSE your Food Bowl AND the portions in it!)

WARN OFF / WARN ON: Warn Off will turn off the warning message when your food has run out. / Warn On will turn on the warning message that your food has run out and give you the slurl of its location.

WEBSITE: Will take you to another drop menu where you can click ‘Go to Page’ and it will open your web browser to our website. On our website you can navigate to the user manuals. or ‘Cancel’.

ENABLE PAY / DISABLE PAY: Enable Pay will set the bowl so that it will accept payment to top up your food portions. / Disable Pay will change your food bowl to block all attempts to pay the food bowl. (you will need to touch and select Enable Pay again the next time you want to top it up if you have disabled it)

Your food bowl works on a vendor system. You need only buy food direct from your food bowls!
In the final version you will be paying the food bowl to top up your portions instead of having to run to the store to buy more packs making it more convenient for you.


Mature and ready to start building fertility: Age 7
Days Pregnant: 72 hours
Days in Cooldown: 72 hours (FEMALES ONLY) Males do not have a cooldown.

Fertility % when they can start breeding: 80% fertility the female will seek out any male (according to the settings you have set for your own, group or any in the breeding menu) with a minimum of 80% fertility within 1m to mate with. Once she reaches 100% fertility her radius increases to 5m looking for a possible mate.
80% fertility = 1m radius
100% fertility = 5m radius
Range will increase as fertility increases from 1m (80%) till it reaches a maximum of 5m (100%)

It is always the female seeking out the males.


You puppies/dogs will become sick if they get to 100% hunger. You will know they are sick as the hover text will turn red and will say at the top of the hover that it is sick. It takes approximately 50 hours for your dogs to get to from 0% hunger to 100% hunger.
♀ Female ♀

Your puppies/dogs can heal themselves simply by giving them food. Once their hunger reaches 0% (within 30 mins of turning 0%) they will become well again. This takes approximately 32 hours to reach 0% from 100%.
(After release, we will be looking at offering the Medi Kits for sale in our stores and possibly on the SLMarketplace for those who do not want to wait for the hunger to decline naturally – watch the group notices for details on that after release)


A brief overview of the BioBreeds team:
*Engineering Team Leader – BioBreeds Engineer
*Sculpting & Textures Team Leader – Zorch Voom
*Website Team Leader – Joshe Darkstone
*Group Management & Marketing – Ozzie Drucker
*Project Managers – Ozzie Drucker & Joshe Darkstone
*Creator – BioBreeds Genisis (DO NOT IM – as IMs will not be checked)



Home | Dashboard | Blog | Manuals | Support | Community | Market Place | Contact

Dashboard: If signed and subscribed the Dashboard will take you to all your BioBreeds dogs. This is our pedigree system which will help you to keep track of your dogs, breeding planning, offspring etc.

Blog: Latest BioBeeds news. Keep up to date on the latest information on promotions, releases, updates that we post on the website. You can view them on the Blog.

Manuals: Listed under manuals is the user manual for the BioBreeds dogs and future products when available/released. These manuals will be translated by a team of official BioBreeds translators and made available on the website also.

Support: Support will take you to the ticket system for bugs and issues. Please complete this process if you have an issue/bug with your BioBreeds animals/products.

Community: If you are looking for the forum, the community is the place to be!

Market Place: Looking for a dog for sale? A new puppy in a box to add to your kennel? This is the perfect place to be! Here you will find dogs and puppy boxes that have been set for sale by users. You will be able to see the details and location and the ability to then teleport to the sale location.

Contact: Here you will be able to see a list of people in the BioBreeds team and what they do.


HyperMutts Beta

HyperMutt Beta Mutts
Payment is mandatory to be involved with the Beta Testing

Food needs to be paid for during Beta

HyperMutt Mastif

The sculpts are said to be unfinished, so may change before release.

The Beta Mutts are without animations or movement.

Just add drool

HyperMutt Website

SLurl: Hypermutt Shop


HyperMutt (R) Breedable Dogs FAQ 2010-11-28

╔═ ♥ HyperMutt ® Breedable Dogs F.A.Q.’s ♥ ════════════════════════════╗
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) Is this the newest F.A.Q.?                                                                                     ♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A) Please check the notices of the “HyperMutt” group for the newest details.   ♥║
║         The date on this, and every F.A.Q shows if it is current.                             ♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) When will I be able to buy my own HyperMutt ® Breedable Dog?                 ♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A) Once we are finished with Alpha testing, Beta testing will start.                   ♥♥║
║         Alpha testing is wrapping up. The adoption kits will be available to a       ♥♥║
║         limited group of people for Beta testing.                                                       ♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) Can I be an Beta Tester?                                                                                          ♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A) Please join our “HyperMutt” group and you will receive more                     ♥♥♥║
║        information on the upcoming Beta testing program and other                 ♥♥♥║
║        information. Please also register an account.                                                      ♥║
║ secondlife:///app/group/036f37ef-d4af-154f-7409-b64231a0364e/about ♥║
║                                                                ♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) Will I be able to interact with my puppies/dogs?                                               ♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A) They are very interactive, a new level of interaction for the breedable  ♥♥♥♥║
║        community!                                                                                                        ♥♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) How many puppies will my dog have?                                                              ♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A) Your dog will have anywhere from 1 puppy – 3 puppies!                           ♥♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) How long before my puppy grows up to be a dog?                                            ♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A) Your puppy will be fully grown up when he/she reaches Age 7.                     ♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) I am a NPO (Non Profit Organization) and i would like to sign up my            ♥♥║
║        organization for the donation system, how do I sign my organization   ♥♥♥║
║        up?                                                                                                                       ♥♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A) Please contact VJTD3 Straaf, once beta completes we will always have     ♥♥║
║        a portion of the proceeds going to a NPO. If your organization                 ♥♥♥║
║        practices euthanization, spaying, or neutering as your primary                  ♥♥║
║        policy you need not apply.                                                                              ♥♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) What is the HyperMutt ® website?                                                                   ♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A)                                                                                        ♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) How do I verify my account?                                                                                ♥♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A)                                             
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) How do I get HyperMutt signs?                                                                                  ♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A)                                           ♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Q) I have more questions what do I do?                                                                    ♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ A) You are welcome to contact Charmedwolf Moonites for additional           ♥♥♥║
║        information and watch the “HyperMutt” group for announcements            ♥♥║
║        as they are made available.                                                                                  ♥♥║
║ secondlife:///app/group/036f37ef-d4af-154f-7409-b64231a0364e/about ♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ Thank You,                                                                                                                               ║
║ Charmedwolf Moonites                                                                                                        ║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
║ HyperMutt ® VJTD3 Corporation                                                                                     ♥║
║                                                                                                                                             ♥♥║
╚════════════════════════════ ♥ HyperMutt ® Breedable Dogs F.A.Q.’s ♥ ═╝




Pet Peddlers | Andreaus Beck – Star Reporter

Hi my name is Andreaus Beck,

Welcome to my first ever blog I couldn’t resist when I was asked to write about something I have come to love in secondlife what’s that you ask, Breedable fish, I answer with a huge smile on my face.

To be more precise Pet Peddlers Breedable fish released on the 12th December after going through the beta stage, I started like most with two but just over a month has passed and I now have around 150 fish.  The thing that got me hooked was the variation in size, shape and colours and the fact that all the fish are rl fish, you can Google the breeds and there they are.  The texture shape and size are as close as you could possibly get.  I take my hat off to Fisher Mode for he has created something very special for us all to enjoy, backed up with exceptional customer service and support.

I always wanted a reef in secondlife but particle fish never looked right somehow but now I have a reef full of 3 dimensional highly crafted beautiful fish.

My Reef

Below are a few of the breeds you can get altogether there are around 40 different breeds with new ones being released with future updates.

My Yamabuki Koi pure gold perfection!
Chevron Tang


These are just a taster of what’s to come please join me every week for more info on these awesome breedable fish.

Pet Peddlers HQ

Go and See Andreaus’s Superb Veronica Reef.

Holiday Specials 2010

WildWood Holiday Elegant – Classic Peppermint
provided by Caspian Blaisdale at
Walkabout Creek Shop


Amaretto Holiday Limited Edition – Carousel Horse


Elite: Licorice Swirl &  Elite: Peppermint Swirl
compliments of Emmalyne Navarathna at the Dew Hop Inn

Hanukkah 2010

Christmas 2010

Boxing Day 2010

Turtles Provided by Izina Quandry of  Scrambled Eggs


Holiday Clams


Peppermint Krazy Kitty




Wyrmwood Faery


Christmas Penguin