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Ozimals | Strangelings

Meet…the Strangelings! From the people who brought you the famous Ozimals Bunnies..comes a creature that is out of this world! If you are a member of the Ozimals group you were invited to a meeting June 20th. I missed the meeting but I know it was to talk about the Strangelings! After the meeting, this notice was sent out by Ozimals creator Candy Cerveau: “Thanks to everyone for coming out to the community meeting tonight! Apologies for the sim meltdown – we had to stop raising the limit at 70 but luckily we were able to split the group onto two sims to accomodate most of the people who wanted to attend. If you weren’t able to get to the meeting but still want to look at the Strangelings, we are leaving them out for the next 24 hours or so. Don’t forget, next week we reveal the other project we’ve been working on… Join us 6/27 at 6pm SLT for the details!” I came by to see the Strangelings! I had first seen a picture of them a long time ago as the picture was sent to group members. Now they have been working hard on them and are out for a preview! Here are a few pictures.


Remember, they are HERE for the next 24 hours. If you want to come check them out come now and make sure you tell your friends to come see them so they don’t miss the opportunity to see them. And this just in…There will be another meeting on June 27th at 6 pm SLT of more about the Strangelings…and ALSO!!! a NEW project! All I know about it is they have a whole another team working on it so it is probably going to be huge! Make sure you be there on the 27th if you want to find out what it is and inform your friends about the meeting. I can’t wait!


Amaretto K-9s | Update

The Amaretto K-9s team are still not giving out any info or a release date but we do know that beta has been chosen. So no more asking to be in beta hehe. I have no clue where they picked the beta from but I assume it was for only special friends or people in the old Amaretto beta testing group.

Also I went to the Amaretto K-9 sim today to find that there looks to be another breed added to the husky and beagle. It looks like a Jack Russell Terrier.

new breed
new breed

Also their looks have changed! Now, since this IS Amaretto..they of course did not tell anyone they changed the looks or tell anyone why they changed. I think they look okay I guess..but they looked way better before. This is my opinion though. Some people might actually like the new ones.


changed dog
changed dog



old dog
old dog

The fluffy dog is gone and so is the fluffy tail. Huskys in RL are fluffy so I was sad to see the fluffy gone. Their eyes are more smaller and very different. I like the new eyes though, they are pretty. The old ears were detailed and had a tiny curve like RL dogs, and now the new ones are just simple round ears. In the old dogs, you could barely see the line creases in the dog but now you can clearly see them in the new ones. The dogs are in beta though so hopefully they are working very hard on them! ❤

Congrats to the new beta testers! Enjoy!!!

Meeroos | Clover Beta Baby

For anyone who was in closed beta and open beta group…

They were sent a special gift!

It was a meeroo…a clover meeroo!

clover meeroo
clover meeroo

It is very different from any Meeroo on the grid right now. It’s dark green and light green with beautiful eyes.

I got a clover because I was apart of the open beta. It is adorable. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I and myself are very thankful to get this wonderful gift. Here are her stats:

Gender: Female
Personality: Aggressive
Age: 0.25
Max Size: 7
Species: Prism
Coat: Clover
Eyes: Sunrise/Diurnal/Clear
Hair: Fluff Only
Head: Normal
Ears: Normal
Tail: Normal

I love her! I love the HUD, the game, the sounds they make…everything!

With getting this clover Meeroo, you have a chance of getting the different head, ears and tail traits. But if you breed this Meeroo, the color and eyes will not pass onto its baby. These are very special only for the beta testers, so keep your special friend close to your heart.

Thanks to all the open and closed beta testers for helping to get these cute critters on the market!!! Have fun with your Meeroos, everyone!

Meeroos | Beta Testing!

The beta testers for the Meeroos got to pick up their new little friends March 18th at 5 PM SLT!

Beta testers get one pack containing 6 Meeroos. They also get food and a stump. From what beta testers Meeroos I’ve seen, I have seen three different color Meeroos.

I was lucky enough to be there when the first few of the Meeroos were born in world. 🙂

Beta tester rezzed out a small trunk. It had a few pictures on it and was ment to look old. The beta tester then opened it, and it started to put out a beautiful tune! It starts to glow and sparkles start to fly. At this point, I’m acting crazy and squealing like a high school girl in RL!

Meeroo Trunk
Meeroo Trunk!

The best testers receive a HUD. You wear the HUD and click the trunk again and you receive food. Click the trunk again and then you will get a nest. The Trunks dropdown will tell you how many nests remain inside. It may now say: “There are 5 Nests remaining!”. Click the trunk to get all your nests out. You click the nests to birth them. It takes 120 seconds to birth. While it’s birthing, you see two little eyes in the nest peeking out at you. It’s adorable! After the birthing time ends, a Meeroo pops out! You click the nest to make it go away or you can take it in your inventory if you would like to keep it.

Meeroo Nests
Meeroo Nests!

The Meeroos go straight to the stump after being born. They want to explore it and to make sure they are aware that that is their home now. It’s so touching! The stumps are able to house 8 Meeroos. You must get more stumps if you want more than 8 Meeroos. The stump is the control center. The stumps are able to tell you the names of which Meeroos live there. The stump has many other options. One of the options is called “Fellow”. If you are going away for a while, you can set it to fellow and your friends or members of your fellowship can interact with and feed your Meeroos. Use this wisely. The “Activity” option is where when you need a break from your little alls of energy, you can choose what level of activity your Meeroo engage in!
They are so cute. I start to hear their noises now.. they sound like a cat/bird, but very unique. It’s kinda like purring and you feel like they are talking to you and each other. It’s not annoying sounds either! They are VERY soothing noises and you will enjoy hearing them on your land.

Meeroos at their home!
Meeroos at their home!

These Meeroos work with a HUD you wear. The HUD will have your name, rank, fellowship affiliation, personal regard points and fellowship regard points (If applicable!). These will change as you advance! Your regard will display in the following format “amount you have/amount you need to rank up. So if your regard says 24/216, that means you have 24 regard points of the 216 required to advance to the next rank. The HUD will tell you about each Meeroo you own. It will tell you the coat name, species, ear type, gender, tail type, personality, head type, diet, eye color and classification. Some statistics you will see a number beside, which indicated the rarity of that type! Meeroo biology, according to yoru Study Guide, ranks all Meeroo statistics on a 1-6 MeerooScale! 1 is the most common, and 6 is LEGENDARY!
Here is the STATUS of your selected Meeroo! these are elements that are always in transition and you should keep a close eye on! The STATUS tells you what’s happing with your Meeroo this very instant! you can see their AGE, SEASON, HUNGER and COMFORT status.

Here is what they mean:
AGE: How old your Meeroo is.

SEASON: Meeroos have a breeding Season!

INDEPENDENT = Too young to breed or not ready!

AMOROUS = Ready to find that perfect someone and settle down!

NESTING = Is carrying a baby Meeroo Kit!

HUNGER: Just how rumbly is that tumbly? Check here!

I’M FULL = Your Meeroo has made a pig of itself and everything is A-OK

I’M HUNGRY = Your Meeroo has an appetite and wants a nibble soon!

I’M STARVING = How Sad! Skin and bones that little furry fellow! Get him food urgently or he’ll run away!

COMFORT: This measures how contended your Furry friend is! This is dependent on how satisfied he is all around!

I’M COMFY = All is right with the MeeWorld.

I’M OKAY = Make sure he’s been fed and has access to a home location! This is a Meeroo falling into decline.

I’M SAD = He’s either starving or has no home and is falling into a desperate condition!
There are SO many awesome options in this HUD!

The Meeroos stats are:






Also for the type of Meeroo Stats:
Pine MeerooCoat : winecoat

Eyes: cirrus/Djurnal/Dusty

Gender: Male

Two different colored Meeroos!
Two different colored Meeroos!

The Meeroos grow up at 10 days. From birth to 10 days old, a Meeroo remains in an Independent “Season.” When it is ready to breed, it enters an “Amorous” stage. It will enter this phase after reaching maturity, and only then can it breed. Once a male and female produce a nest, they will re-enter their independent phase.

Meeroos are like any other living creature! they have unique personalities that impact their behavior, their likes and dislikes. Some Meeroos will have compatible personalities, others perhaps not so much! Some are far more discriminating about who they take for a mate! The meeroos do not get sick but if neglected they will run away. You will have to purchase a whistle to bring them back.


The possibilities are enormous! Meeroo will all be unique in some fashion! There are many traits involved in crafting your perfect Meeroo, but the possibilities are infinite! The kind of Meeroo’s you breed are entirely up to you!
BETA TESTER HELP: Miguel Devanter, Katara Adored, and my new friend Kysta Ember was there to watch too. Thanks for letting me be nosey!!!

Meeroo Mainstore @ Twas Sim.

Clamables | Clam hunt!

Right now there is a hunt is going on at the Clamables Sim!

Picture of a blue egg in the hunt!
Picture of a blue egg in the hunt!

First you buy a HUD for free, just click the sign and you will recieve a notecard with information on the hunt and the HUD. Read the notecard then wear the HUD. You will see you need to get 1o different colored eggs. The eggs are black, blue, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. They are all over the sim. Just take a look around, find the colors you need and click them. They derez, then your HUD tells you you got it! It’s fun and easy! After you find all the eggs, click on the HUD. You will then get your reward!! It could be anything! Like pearls, food, paint or pair packs! You can even play again..just detach the HUD and delete it then get another one. I don’t know the exact date when this hunt ends, but I only heard the owner say it will be going on “for days”.  Also going on in the same sim, is 7seas fishing. You fish for parts to make up a whole clam! Have fun!

Amaretto K-9s | New Sim!

The Amaretto team have opened a new Amaretto K-9 Sim on March 14th!

When you TP in, you land in a city street. There is a beautiful lake with a bridge and there is also an agility course! It’s so cute, and in the agility course ground you can see dog prints! The sim just looks like a cute small town. You then walk straight forward into a small pet shop. There are Amaretto boxes set up for what looks to be the stuff for the dogs, and three boxes by the window for what looks to be the starter packs. Of course, no items are in any of the boxes because they have not been released yet.

There are a few dogs on display. One dog is urinating on a tree, two dogs are playing, one is jumped up looking like he’s ready to give kisses and more playing in the field. They are all so adorable! I love the way they set these dogs up. 😛

It is now open to the public, so come on by! Amaretto K-9s Sim

Amaretto K-9s playing
Amaretto K-9s playing