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Market Watch/High Regard Meeroo Preserve

A wee while since my last post but here I am better late than never 😉

While scamming notices for a place to put my newly born Giant 14.0 Meeroo up for auction I stumbled across the High Regard Auction Notice.  This is a new auction place that will be holding its first ever event today 17th June at 10.00am SL (slurl provided)

High Regard Grande Entrance

The building itself is very spacious coated in a beautiful soft beige cream adapting cool grey backwalls for highlight. It boasts 30 comfortable leather seats situated in front of the delicate stone podiums (as below)…

High Regard Auction Area

One thing for me that really did stand out above all was the Special Boards, personally this was a first for me and they are very unique and different from that around that is usually seen. They really would have to be special Meeroos because you cannot miss the full information sketched across the palebackground.

Extra Special Podium

To the back section of the mighty hall you will find an Exhibition Gallery which is full of beautiful stunning pictures of our most beloved Meeroos (you just have to take a peek!). Lanier Matova said (quote) “We wanted to do something different here, we are going to have alot of breeding studies etc”. So you see this is not only an Auction House but hopefully a growing community of fellow minded meeroo fanatical people who wish to share their breeding tips and ideas with others as again Lanier Matova said (quote) “We aren’t going to be people who breed an Amber and don’t tell anyone the secret, but instead work together to learn the breeding trends”.

Exhibition Hall for Meeroos

So why don’t you come along and lets start this community rolling, bring your meeroos,  bring your photos of your beloved meeroos and bring your friends for some in house action to see some Magnificent Meeroos!

The owner Geoffrey Steuart and his Manager Lanier Matova are hoping to have a great turn out for this OPENING DAY!

Watch out for new upcoming events here at High Regard….including Live Voice Educational Seminar’s about Breeding, Collecting, Auctions, Direct Sells, and Pricing.

Stay Spirited 😉


Market Watch/Adapting Protocols at Auction Houses

Just a thought on observation…

I was speaking with Carter Giacobini owner of Carters Cat House (slurl located on the Market Watch Tab) and we discussed the importance of protocols changing to keep update and afresh with the ever changing market prices on all breedables alike.

I think most of us understand it is inevitable to stop the market from slowing down once everyone has breeded and bought most furs, traits etc. We do not want to pay for our stalls as sellers and watch constantly as our breedable animals struggle to sell and get taken home time and time again. Its very deflating after all the hard work and effort we, as breeders, put into trying to create the perfect cat to sell. So a limit has to be put on what is then brought into the Auctions. Hence, especially Auction Houses who have to keep on top of the market and introduce and adapt their requirments when taking in the seller’s breedables for sale. An Auction House needs to be stimulating and energizing, no-one wishes to spend 2 hours looking at starter coats with no traits. Therefore, updating their rules and letting the group know of the new protocols (trait, fur, coat requirements etc) is something that really is a must if you are to keep everything as fresh as it can be until the next update for the breedable animal is out to bump prices up again.

So here here for all those owners that keep the Auction Houses updated and constantly strive to give us the best of the best.

Stay Spirited ;-x

Market Watch | Mystical Meeroos @ Serenity Forests (NOW OPEN!)

Mystical Meeroo Office

My oh my something mystical has happened while we were sleeping and dreaming of the Meeroos arriving as there seems to have been some busy little bees named Binkie Baily (visualizer) and Stef Cormer (Sim Designer) hiding and working very hard behind the scenes.

Yes the newly opened Mystical Meeroos Sim! I think it is safe and fair to say that probably most of you reading this article are crossing their fingers and waiting anxiously for the Meeroos to be available to purchase (jumps up and down not doing well at hiding her excitement). We maybe another step closer….just let your feet touch down on this Sim and let your imagination take you full force. Its definitely a place not to be taken for granted as you literally are blown away.

Once you have arrived you will find yourself standing upon the circular patterned stone platform and as you turn around there are numerous meeroo signs giving all directions to the Mystical Meeroos Office, Auction Area (as below), Cart Market, Meeroo Pool, Offerboards, Sky Market, Cherry Market, Raft Market and Field Market.

Auction Seating Area

Now you can take a leisurely stroll along the rocky foot path or you can take the incredibly fast tping tree trunk to your choice of destination. Make a note that when you visit the Meeroo Pool be sure to get a birdseye view from above as the pool itself is in the shape of a Meeroo!! (no picture will be input as you will have to go check it out yourselves..grins).

MM Raft Market

This simply is just a sneak preview as to what can be explored here. So if you are looking for somewhere to rent for your (upcoming) Meeroos you can choose from the Raft Market (as above) or any of the other markets there, all simply divine and unique. You can even live there by renting a little hobbit style home to show off your Meeroos.

Meeroo (omg)

I really could go on and on about Mystical Meeroos but I am sure you will soon tire of this perusing if I do not end my never ending excitement about this place, so with no further ado…(drops in the slurl and waits for the sounds of heels approaching).

Stay Spirited ;-x

Market Research/Breedable Pet Snakes and Spiders

After much time spent with KittyCatS, Amaretto Horses and Biobreed dogs I got to thinking in a very breedable addict kind of way. What have I not really been around?  Snakes popped into my head (eeks slightly here).

So in search of breedable snakes I went a mooching. Arriving at the sim, I found a modern black stained wooden shop, dark yet delightful (appropriate for those kind of reptiles) and was greeted by shelving of snakes eggs from Saint Patricks Day.  I tippy-toed around a little cautiously if I am totally honest and stumbled upon an array of bright glowing lights at my feet! Awwww how pretty I thought until, upon closer inspection they were breedable spiders (shrieks!!)

Breedable Spiders

Greens, oranges, blues and reds, shine, glow and many many legs! I was now out of my comfort zone but I stood firm (I think it was most likely frozen) to get a quick snap shot of these pesky spiders before I made a run for it …..and run for it I did almost collapsing head over heels into the breedable snake pit.

Personally, for me I will stick to my puurring Kitty’s for now but for those of you lovers of these slippery slithery reptiles and hairy spiders I am sure you will be delighted with such. So head on down for a colourful display!

Stay Spirited ;-x

Market News @Carter’s Cat House

Market Place for KittyCatS

Carter’s Cat House has recently opened for the exclusive benefit of the beautiful KittyCatS.  The sim which is owned by Carter Giacobini is very elegant and stylish, simple yet seductive.  It is almost like a day at the Ascot but with cats.  There is a market place (as above) where you can rent flawless oak stalls to sell or take a nice stroll around looking for the puurrrfect cat to purchase.

Carter's Cat House Auction Area

Upon arrival at the sim you will find yourself  just at the back of the Auction Area where you will find a welcome and subscription board (for those of us that have way too many groups..always helps!)

As you step aside and take a few steps into what is almost like a Marquee, you are given the feeling of luxury as you step upon the oak themed floor panels which are addressed with beautiful ciel chairs including pillows for utter comfort.  There are 20 stalls which are very pleasing to the eye in blue and green pastel colours each with a pillow for the purrty KittyCatS to pose on for all the audiences delight and 3 special panels which are highlighted in pink.  An auction not to be missed!

Carter’s Cat House has something quite unique called “Best in Show”.  This wonderful idea created by Carter and his team who said “they wanted to give people a place to show off their KittyCats without having to put them up for sale” was indeed a wonderful inspiration. They then produced a quality of 6 marble podiums with rich in silk pillows for anyone and everyone to show off their prized possessions.  The idea behind this is that you can bring your KittyCat and place on a deluxe pillow for all to see and vote on (free to vote).  There are prizes given to the winner of the weekly pageant in the amounts of 3rd prize L$250, 2nd prize L$500 and 1st prize L$1000!  What a wonderful feeling to win!  But hurry on back down to the Carter’s Cats Market place and pick up the kitty that you originally thought you could not afford!

"Best in Show"

Finally situated adjacent to the “Best in Show” is the Bidboard Area where you can rent daily or hourly at a great rate!

So head on down now and check out the wonderful new sim for KittyCatS and meet the very friendly Owner and Staff who will be more than willing to help you and answer any questions you have.  Oh and an added little bonus to those that may be twitching their finger over the tp button…psssst they have Meeroos!!

Stay Spirited ;-x

Amaretto Breedables | Saved by the Haven

Admittedly this post brings about alot of mixed feelings, being an original Amaretto Horse fan (in fact it was my first SL breedable I got into) I was terribly let down by the new update hence new textures, new shape.   Now before we get our bees in our bonnets I know there are many, many still that love them and we are all of our own opinions without judgement.  Myself it ended things for me, thousands and thousands of lindens spent and the natural realistic look of the Amaretto Horse had in an instant vanished!
So here I am moving on with other beautiful breedables and *POP* out comes a notice from the Amaretto Makers that there is a new update and some new suprises…one being the AMARETTO HAVEN HORSE.  After an initial thought (god please please let them have changed the shape back to its original one at least) came the second thought (OMG I want that horse)!!
The itchy addiction feeling came back and I spent 24 hrs emptying out my inventory of boxed horses and boxed bundles.  A mission was in sight and damn it I was going to have that horse come rain or shine!!!
Now I am pleased to say that finally having a horse that you can aim for (and a beautiful one at that) is a vast improvement to the usual horse snacks or pet food ^-^.  Now people have an incentive to haven their bog standard bundles or horses without damaging the market by selling them cheap as chips.
So bravo for that Amaretto Team! Oh and btw I managed to get my horse (coughs) though he is happily adopted now but haven forbidding (no pun intended) lets hope this stables the horse market.