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The Breeder Chronicles | Zwickys

Well its been 2 weeks since the Zwicky have gone into general release and I love them. They are everything I like about other breedables rolled up into 1 with a few add ons.

The breeding is interesting enough and the lack of a confusing HUD is a definite improvement over some, although the basic RGB color schemes might throw some off.  But hang on to them the colors  DO get better.

The flying aspect is really cool.  No more eggs or stuff getting lost in the ground or among Grasses you may have for them to roam around in.  Plus its really neat to have something fly up to you and greet you when you rez into your land.

The fighting is also a really interesting addition to the breed able market.  It wouldn’t surprise me that other breedables will add this to their creatures that exist or the ones coming down the pipeline.

There is one or two drawbacks to them.  You have to time the males readiness with that of the female to be sure you don’t lose it.  Males stay ready for a short time while the females remain ready until they breed.  So my suggestion is that you let the females “Mature” somehow first and then let the male get ready

Another place that I see a learning curve in is the fact that once a male calls theres a chance they might misfire.  What I mean by this is theres a chance that even though you waited all the time for them to get ready and to mate… it might not be successful.

And finally the price.  Don’t let the price of the initial set throw you.  Yes its higher than the other breedables but the investment is worth it.  OR you can go to those who have already produced them to buy the later generations that are starting to show up and buy a food orb and there ya go… Zwicky breeding on the “cheap” PLUS you bypass the Starter RGB dilemma.  I’ve both produced and seen some really nicely colored 1st generations.


The Breeder Chronicles | New Scripts

In a past write up I was a bit harsh on the XS scripts and it garnered a few reply’s (and a 3 day discussion).  Well I am Glad to report there has been a fresh influx of new scripts that have the breedables doing amazing things.
The most impressive I have come across so far is the BioBreed dogs.  Not only do they breed and bark (make noises like the other breedables) they actual give the dogs an appearance of actual movement.  The raise their paws beautifully and really give the appearance of life like movement.  They also have commands that have them walk with you, come to you, and return home that the breeders are able to take advantage of in the form of dog races.

This is what has been needed in the breedables for some time.  It allows a new wave of animals to be created that are more than egg laying food eaters.  I envision a breed of something soon that will do way more than the usual neat tricks.  Who knows?  Maybe in the pipeline somewhere is a critter that will say actively seek a mutant gene to produce an entirely new race of creature on its own. Would love to see it.
Another thing I am seeing it more creativity in the breedables.  The animals are nice even the mythical are nice but give me a good old “HUH” creature any day.  Maybe one of the creators reading this will see it and be inspired to create little “blobs” that breed and eat the owners builds just like the blob did in the original B rated sci-fi movie.
Well, I’m off now to feed my Pugs and Bunnies.  Hope to see you around the barn yard

The Breeder Chronicles | The Search for Traits

The big thing in breedables now seems to be trait hunting.  “I want this trait…. I want that trait”.  People are going nuts over traits, be it a partyicular color or a coat type heck or even a particular eye color, they want the traits.

“Galaxy Scientist: it really all boils down to, people want to be the first or best and something.  In breedables that is usually the first to gain a new trait, or combination of traits”

All this is leading to a miniature resurgence in interest in the breedables and is causing a buzz to spread across the breedables world.  The want and desire to have that “Perfect” animal and be the first to have it.  It all started way back in Sion chickens when the first black chicken was born.  Everyone had been breeding towards it and the holy grail seemed just out of reach.  Took a while but like Pittsburgh’s hunt in the ’92 hockey season they finally achieved the Stanly cup of chickens, pure black.  Since then everyone wanted a particular trait to achieve their idea of a perfect breedable.  (My idea was a black and gold chicken which I kept and it finally passed away of old age).
We’re seeing this again in the breedables with the constant changing of the traits in the Amaretto horses and Ozimals, and really seeing it with the new release of the BB dogs and Petable Rovees.
Everyone is chasing the traits and I think its a good thing.  The sales of the different breedables are up, people are at least making their food costs back and the markets are popping up again.  Heck even the horses are moving again.  Maybe the traits are the economic stimulus that the breedables world needed… who knows?  And unfortunately only time will tell.

The Breeder Chronicles | State of the Breedables

My fellow Breeders,
I come to you today to deliver the state of the breedables in SL, and the outlook is not good.  I say this for many reasons and the biggest of them I feel as follows.

The first problem is that the economy in RL has finally trickled down to SL. People are buying fewer of the breedable animals (and other items as well), and this is leading to a lot of “eggs” in inventories.  With more eggs in inventories, that leads to the lowering of prices or, in a lot of cases, outright stagnation of some breedables.  There isn’t a lot that can be done about this, and, as in the past, the people are going to have to ride this out.  It will get better.

The second problem is a glut of breedables.  Way back when Sion got the idea of the chickens is when this started.  Once the clever scripters out there saw an idea that worked they had to recreate it, and we end up with breedable everything (no kidding I have seen a breedable chair and table as well as a breedable tree).  Add to the mix the open source scripts that were left by another breeder that went belly up and you have everything trying to breed with everything else.

The third problem I just mentioned: the XS scripts.  Open source was a good idea, but they were put out to open source as a learning tool not to be the basis of breeding a square prim with a sphere.  Now before you get your feathers ruffled, I too was guilty of this.  But then, I thought better and didn’t release it (actually 2 different breedables).  Do I mean for you to delete them and give up the idea?  No, not my purview to say, BUT slow up using them.  It might be a good idea.

With the top three problems of the breedables set out, now is the time to come up with a solution.  Do I have it?  No, I am no Economic Genius, never claimed to be.  I breed Pixels and love doing it.  I am just as affected as you are, and worry about my bunnies and sheep and other breedables.  I have forgone buying that one special outfit I might need just to feed my critters or have the cash to give my wife to feed hers.

There are breeders out there willing to help in ways that are unexpected.  Everyone needs to chip in and be patient things will take an upturn.  They have to sooner or later.  In the mean time I suggest choosing the one or 2 that you enjoy and breed for fun, not profit.  I mean if you can sell some, Go for it.  But, for now, fun should rule out.

Rizzyd Ragu

The Breeder Chronicles

Please welcome Rizzyd Ragu to Binc.  I’ve seen Rizzy round the ridges for a while now and noticed his writing ability when he started posting the adventures of his new HunnyBunny’s to the C&C Creations group.  He has decided to branch out and share his talents on the blogosphere with a semi-regular column here at Binc, called The Breeder Chronicles.


Who I am,
I am what you would call a Hoarder.  I have had just about every breedable here in second life at one time or another and have decided it is time I join one of the blogs to post my opinions.
Just to let you know I am a good friend with the creators of 3 or 4 of them and have struck up conversations with many of the others.  Will this influence me?  Nope.  I am who I am.  An opinionated person who will, no matter how good a friend, tell you what I think.  I have been told this is my least endearing trait.

I have often asked what gives one person the right to judge anothers work (don’t believe me?  Ask my wife.  She’s in-world) and by what right did they stand on to be able to pronounce that judgment? Well, it turns out experience is a good platform to start with, and experience in breedables is one thing I have.  I was there when Sion sold his first chicken, I was there when Matt and Grim sold the first turtle eggs (and was a part of the group that actually sold the first after market product).
Right up to being among the first to see the new breedable bats, the 4th dog, and as we speak I have the betas for the GreenTown sheep on my land.
Why?  So that I can use my experience with breedables to give you the reader an informed if not somewhat humorous opinion of the animals.  Can I be bought off?  Nope… no amount of linden or product can sway my opinion.  If I like it, you’ll know.  If not… you’ll know that too.

Rizzyd Ragu