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Lost Kitty – AI Breedable or Pet

Longtime SL creators Frankenbros. Designs have introduced a very stylized kitty with a very animated lifestyle. They fish or dig carrots when hungry and wear clothing and thats just the beginning of their complex AI abilities and traited breeding systems.

SLURL to inworld main shop

Lost Kitty website

Lost kitty on youtube







Ozimals | Pufflings Preview Meeting

Last week Ozimals held a community meeting to preview their newest SL breedable, Strangelings. Shortly after that meeting a notice was sent out to their groups thanking everyone for attending and announcing another meeting to preview yet another project. Today Second Life was introduced to Pufflings. Unlike the Strangelings there have been no teasers sent, no information released on this”other project” from Ozimals. Yesterday Candy Cerveau made mention in the Ozimals Orations and Updates group chat that the meeting was birthday themed with pastries involved (possibly) and earlier today in a meeting reminder notice this new projects name was released, Pufflings.

Ozimals Pufflings Preview Meeting

The meeting was held in a tent decorated with birthday presents, balloons and towers of creme puff pastries called croquembouche. Glinda and Ozma, who made a rare inworld appearance, had a short dialog as follows:

Glinda: Welcome, everyone, to the birthday celebration of her Majesty, Ozma, Empress of Oz.
Ozma: Hello, and thank you all so much for coming! The royal bakers have made Endless Cake, so there is plenty for everyone, even if you would like a second helping.
Glinda: Every year, Ozma’s birthday is a public holiday in Oz, and the people hold celebrations, but this is the first time the palace party has been a public one. Some of you may not know about some of the events at prior celebrations; Ozma’s friends always plan special surprises for her birthday, and because magic is common in Oz, these surprises are spectacular.
Ozma: Last year there was a PIE. A perfectly normal pie. But when I cut into it–carefully, I might add–there was a troupe of DANCING MONKEYS inside waiting to begin their routine. They danced up and down the table for the rest of the afternoon.
Glinda: Didn’t you like them?
Ozma: Oh, they were wonderful! I just never… thought… well, you know. I thought it was PIE. And though we built a wing onto the palace, with a monkey-sized theatre, sometimes I think we need something different… a cheerful palace pet, something which delights and enchants palace guests.
Glinda: That’s solved, this year: Endless Cake! The not-enough-pie part, I mean.
Ozma looks around the tent, at the gifts piled high and the towers of cream puffs. “I think we have enough cream puffs for everyone to have a HUNDRED.”
Glinda: Then if some of them were to stop being cream puffs…?
Ozma looks curiously at a cream puff. “Stop being cream puffs? What do you mean by that?”
Glinda smiles, and waves her wand. “Happy Birthday, Ozma!”

And with that the creme puffs turned into these round birds, Pufflings, and began hopping all over the floor of the tent.

Ozimals Pufflings

“So these are the Pufflings! Pufflings are, as you just heard, magical animals created by Glinda for Ozma’s birthday.  They love living in the Palace at Emerald City, but they also want to visit other lands beyond Oz and meet new people like you.  If you have had bunnies, the way the Pufflings work will be very familiar.  But we’ve also added many new tweaks to the system based on what you’ve told us you’d like to see, as well as some natural, yet intuitive evolutions to the way Ozimals-style breeding works.

Pufflings will have more of their code based on a server rather than in-world. This will allow much more in-world processing power to be allocated towards interactive features for the birds. However, they will not stop functioning or disappear if the server goes down.  Having this hybrid system will allow us to have less updates and more flexibility to add content and features quickly without disruption to you.  The Pufflings have many different body aspects (such as tails and crests) that can be bred, along with color and feather patterns that will give an incredible variety of choices to your breeding.  We will be talking more about the breeding of Pufflings in our meeting on the 11th.”

More images can be seen on my Ozimals Pufflings Flickr Set and also many others have been adding their own pictures to the Ozimals Flickr Pool.

If you were unable to attend the Ozimals Community Meeting Puffling Preview you can read the  meeting notes which have been posted on the Ozimals Community Forums.

Breedables at SL8B

SL’s Birthday celebrations have started and Breedables are out there celebrating with them.  So far I have found a few Breedables out and about and I will add more as I discover what they are up to also.  So far:

KittyCatS – Free KittyCatS special with food and accessories.

Magic Pets – SL8B Sparrow with food and home.

Click on the tree for freebies and the B'day Sparrow for instructions...

Meeroos – Free HUD available.

Zwicky – Nice set-up with example of Zwicky’s fighting.

Keep an eye out for the Giant Zwicky in the Sky...

KittyCatS | Birthday Kitty

Birthday Kitty’s for everyone! Yayyyyyyy!

There is a free Kitty available for every sl resident, yes everyone.  They can be found at the SLB8 display for KittyCatS.  It is a special “Magic Birthday Cat”.  The box includes a week of special “birthday” food, and accessories.  Like other specials it is only available for a limited time, so grab your before 2nd July.  It is a genesis cat underneath the special costume and I’m unsure if it will be revealing any new traits, although that has been the norm with other specials.

Click on the Top Hat for your KittyCatS Kitty...

This is a good opportunity to introduce your friends and relatives to an adorable breedable and I’m sure many new breedable lovers will look back to their start being discovering KittyCatS at SLB8.

Did you also know there are new portable Kitty Snacks for Kitty’s on the Go?

Happy Birthday Second Life From KittyCatS!

Pick up Your Kitty….

Ozimals | Strangelings Preview Meeting

Yesterday I attended the Ozimals Strangelings preview meeting. Wow! Where do I start?

Strangelings Preview MeetingPrior to the meeting the Ozimals Orientation region was closed, so the Strangelings could be rezzed and positioned. Upon arrival in the regular meeting area it was evident that the Ozimals team had been busy. The entire meeting area had been transformed into a rocky swamp in theme with the 3 teasers which had been sent out previously (see teaser #1, teaser #2 and teaser #3). Displayed amongst the rocks were a sampling of beautifully textured Strangelings.

The first thing that caught my eye were the vibrant colors of the textures. Next I noticed all the variations of the Strangelings, at least those that were displayed. The base Strangeling will be very fox-like in appearance. However, through breeding, the Strangelings can have different attachments called Aspects. Some of those shown were Wings, Dorsal Spines, Horns, Unicorn Horn, Webbed Hind Legs, Hoofed Hind Legs, Scorpion Tail and a tail that to me looked like a Lion Tail. These definitely do not resemble any other breedable, current or past.

Ozimals Strangelings Preview

“With Strangelings, we really wanted to step outside the realm of realistic animals into a more fantastical place – the Aspects give breeders the ability to create pets right out of their own imaginations and we can’t wait to see what people come up with!  Our development team did a fantastic job making a creature that looks very different from anything you’ve seen before, and we only displayed a few Aspects at the meeting.  There’s so much more to show you, keep watching.”

Candy Cerveau, Ozimals

Strangelings Preview     Strangelings Preview     Strangelings Preview

More images can be seen on my Ozimals Strangelings Flickr Set and also many others have been adding their own pictures to the Ozimals Flickr Pool.

If you were unable to attend the Ozimals Community Meeting Strangeling Preview you can read the  meeting notes posted on the Ozimals Community Forums. There was a lot of information shared with more to come in future meetings. Speaking of future meetings, shortly after the Strangelings preview meeting was over the following notice was sent from Ozimals to their groups …

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the community meeting tonight! Apologies for the sim meltdown – we had to stop raising the limit at 70 but luckily we were able to split the group onto two sims to accomodate most of the people who wanted to attend. If you weren’t able to get to the meeting but still want to look at the Strangelings, we are leaving them out for the next 24 hours or so. Don’t forget, next week we reveal the other project we’ve been working on… Join us 6/27 at 6pm SLT for the details!

So stayed tuned into Ozimals as they reveal yet ANOTHER project next week!

Ozimals | Strangelings

Meet…the Strangelings! From the people who brought you the famous Ozimals Bunnies..comes a creature that is out of this world! If you are a member of the Ozimals group you were invited to a meeting June 20th. I missed the meeting but I know it was to talk about the Strangelings! After the meeting, this notice was sent out by Ozimals creator Candy Cerveau: “Thanks to everyone for coming out to the community meeting tonight! Apologies for the sim meltdown – we had to stop raising the limit at 70 but luckily we were able to split the group onto two sims to accomodate most of the people who wanted to attend. If you weren’t able to get to the meeting but still want to look at the Strangelings, we are leaving them out for the next 24 hours or so. Don’t forget, next week we reveal the other project we’ve been working on… Join us 6/27 at 6pm SLT for the details!” I came by to see the Strangelings! I had first seen a picture of them a long time ago as the picture was sent to group members. Now they have been working hard on them and are out for a preview! Here are a few pictures.


Remember, they are HERE for the next 24 hours. If you want to come check them out come now and make sure you tell your friends to come see them so they don’t miss the opportunity to see them. And this just in…There will be another meeting on June 27th at 6 pm SLT of more about the Strangelings…and ALSO!!! a NEW project! All I know about it is they have a whole another team working on it so it is probably going to be huge! Make sure you be there on the 27th if you want to find out what it is and inform your friends about the meeting. I can’t wait!

Living Inc | Dodo Release

Living Inc’s Dodo’s were released today with beta testers getting a gift of one egg and food delivered to them.  These are transferable, so you can gift it to another if you prefer, buy a mate or keep it as a pet.  The Dodo’s can be changed into pets after 30 days or at the end of their breeding cycle will automatically become a pet.  The Dodo’s breeding cycle ends after 65 days.  The Dodo egg that arrives to you is a blank slate and will collect the genetic data once you activate it, they are automatically given a name at birth with the announcement:

[18:48]  Dodo egg breaks. A new born dodo enters the world. Her name is Tallia.
[18:48]  Tallia sets a new home point.

The Dodo’s will be able to be raced but this aspect won’t be released till a future update and races will commence at this time also.  Dodo Heaven is already in place with a random box sent to anyone that chooses to send their 2 day or older Dodo off to heaven.  The ‘raffle’ box may contain food, eggs or even money, that has to be tempting.  I think they look great and are very sweet.  The movement is very impressive also and they are lots of fun.  I look forward to the start of the Dodo racing season.

The website has an interesting page of Facts and Figures and also an Introduction to the Dodo’s with some nice pictures.

(thats one of the most questions)

[ **** The dodo egg ]
The dodo eggs must first examined to get to the baby stats.  As long you don’t have examined it, no one knows the stats.  You can sell unexamined eggs for example when you have two good parents and if you want to give the risk if the baby has got the good stats to the buyer.

When you examine the stats get visible, also for anybody else.

Other options in the menu:
~ Birth!
This invokes the birth, a sim performance check is made as well.  If you get an error you can retry later, go to a less laggy sim or contact the support.

~ Text off
Switches the egg text off.

~ Print
Prints the stats of the baby to your local chat. (Can be also used by anybody else)

~ No parents or Parents/
Starter eggs show no parents, since they don’t have any.  After the first generation you can see there the stats of the mother and the father dodo.

[ **** The dodo]
After your dodo is birthed he or she stands on the nest.  The nest shows 100 servings left.  That’s the nest food and it is a free bonus to your new born dodo.  This servings last for 2 days – so you don’t need to put out food right after a dodo was born.  You can switch the nest off by clicking the nest.  Your dodo has set automatically his home point after he was birthed and is by default set to “movement off”.

Click the dodo short for its health stats.  Every dodo has three main health attributes.
~ Energy
That is the power of your dodo.  When it reaches 0 your dodo will fall asleep for 8 hours. During that it will raise up to 100% again.

~ Love
If your dodo is grown-up (after 5 days) he will start to raise love.  That will take 2 days and after that love is at 100% and the dodo is able to get a baby.

~ Hunger
Your dodo needs to eat or he will starve.  After 30% hunger some functions will be already limit, like love doesn’t raise.  You get warning if your dodo gets in a critical health state.  Then just put out food. If you sell a very hungry dodo the buyer gets a forced break.

The dodo menu:
~ Racing/
That is not active yet, the dodo racing release will be around the 15 July.  So a month after the dodo breedables release.  Also the first racing season will start at this time around.

~ Breeding/
There you can link your dodo to another dodo or to set to “free pair”, what will make them pair randomly (but that’s not recommend).  Also you can enable “pair group” what will make them pair randomly to all dodos set to the same group (regardless of the owners).  But beware, just the female owners will get the egg. “Notify” tells you by IM when a dodo is ready to breed.

~ Riding/
There you can configure your “Position/” and the “Access” mode of the dodo.  So you can allow others to ride them.  They will return to their home position after a while when they don’t get used anymore. You also can ride by attaching your dodo. You will get then a different menu, allowing you to adjust the height of the animation.

~ To heaven
Thats the heaven system. If you don’t want a dodo any longer or have no use for a particular one. Like it don’t matches to your breed goals, you can send any dodo after they are 2 days old to heaven.  You will get a Dodo Raffle Box in exchange and you can win nice prices.

~ Config/
Allows you to adjust a lot options. Within “Text/” you can configure the type and the behavior of the stats text. You can switch through several modes or “Compose/” your own one. Just try it out. “Update” checks if a dodo update is available. “Reload dodo” reloads the dodo data and may fix problems, bugs and misplacement of the dodo. So try this first before contacting the support. “Particle off” turns the heart particle off that comes active when love is at 100%. Love will still be at 100% then.  It just removes the effect. “Pet only” allows you to set your dodo after 30 days to a pet only for free. It will consume no longer food, but also will not be able to breed or to race any longer. You can still ride on them and they still move and interact with you and other dodos. “Physics” switches between the two build-in physic modes, either phantom or solid. Default is solid. “Grow stop” allows you to stop the dodo grow at any time. Thats handy if you are a smaller avatar and want your dodo in a good rideable size. It has no influence or disadvantages to other stuff, so also a small dodo is able to do all the things as the big ones can. “Sleep” changes the sleep state, if awake he will go to sleep and if asleep he will awake. “Radius” sets the move radius the dodo will use. You can set very big ones, but you have to make sure then the dodo can get back to his food. So radius of several hundred meters
are possible, even simwide. “Set name” will change the default given name to any name you like better. “Set home” sets a new home position manually. In most cases the dodo should recognize the position change automatically and ask you by himself.

~ Globalize/
With globalizing you can globalize a dodos option to all other dodos next to him or even on the whole sim. If you have composed a custom text for example or set a particular radius and want to have all other dodos the same you can use that option. Make sure you activate the globalizing at that dodo which settings you want to copy over to the others.

~ Follow
That only appears when your dodo is set to “Move on”. You can make your dodo follow you with that option.

~ Stats/
Will show you the different stats of your dodos. The dodo breeding is kinda complex, so you will need some deeper insight as this quick start can provide, at best look at the website for that. In short. “Attributes” shows you the racing relevant attributes in its actual value and in its genetic maximum. Also the breed bonus. “Genetics” will show you the genetic table after your dodo reached 5 days and you can uncover sub-genetic values with each breeding cycle. “Print stats” will print the general stats and traits. “Get ID” will give you the dodo id, sometimes needed by the support.

~ My Account
Redirects you to the website driven dodo management tool. There you can see all your dodos easy, even the ones who in your inventory. You can sort them and you can teleport to them directly. So if you miss a dodo, just look there on your webaccount. You can reach it by any dodo you have.

~ Move on
Will turn movement on. Your dodo will act on its own then.


Dodo Web Account

Visit Dodo’s Inworld

Market Watch/High Regard Meeroo Preserve

A wee while since my last post but here I am better late than never 😉

While scamming notices for a place to put my newly born Giant 14.0 Meeroo up for auction I stumbled across the High Regard Auction Notice.  This is a new auction place that will be holding its first ever event today 17th June at 10.00am SL (slurl provided)

High Regard Grande Entrance

The building itself is very spacious coated in a beautiful soft beige cream adapting cool grey backwalls for highlight. It boasts 30 comfortable leather seats situated in front of the delicate stone podiums (as below)…

High Regard Auction Area

One thing for me that really did stand out above all was the Special Boards, personally this was a first for me and they are very unique and different from that around that is usually seen. They really would have to be special Meeroos because you cannot miss the full information sketched across the palebackground.

Extra Special Podium

To the back section of the mighty hall you will find an Exhibition Gallery which is full of beautiful stunning pictures of our most beloved Meeroos (you just have to take a peek!). Lanier Matova said (quote) “We wanted to do something different here, we are going to have alot of breeding studies etc”. So you see this is not only an Auction House but hopefully a growing community of fellow minded meeroo fanatical people who wish to share their breeding tips and ideas with others as again Lanier Matova said (quote) “We aren’t going to be people who breed an Amber and don’t tell anyone the secret, but instead work together to learn the breeding trends”.

Exhibition Hall for Meeroos

So why don’t you come along and lets start this community rolling, bring your meeroos,  bring your photos of your beloved meeroos and bring your friends for some in house action to see some Magnificent Meeroos!

The owner Geoffrey Steuart and his Manager Lanier Matova are hoping to have a great turn out for this OPENING DAY!

Watch out for new upcoming events here at High Regard….including Live Voice Educational Seminar’s about Breeding, Collecting, Auctions, Direct Sells, and Pricing.

Stay Spirited 😉

Amaretto K-9s | Update

The Amaretto K-9s team are still not giving out any info or a release date but we do know that beta has been chosen. So no more asking to be in beta hehe. I have no clue where they picked the beta from but I assume it was for only special friends or people in the old Amaretto beta testing group.

Also I went to the Amaretto K-9 sim today to find that there looks to be another breed added to the husky and beagle. It looks like a Jack Russell Terrier.

new breed
new breed

Also their looks have changed! Now, since this IS Amaretto..they of course did not tell anyone they changed the looks or tell anyone why they changed. I think they look okay I guess..but they looked way better before. This is my opinion though. Some people might actually like the new ones.


changed dog
changed dog



old dog
old dog

The fluffy dog is gone and so is the fluffy tail. Huskys in RL are fluffy so I was sad to see the fluffy gone. Their eyes are more smaller and very different. I like the new eyes though, they are pretty. The old ears were detailed and had a tiny curve like RL dogs, and now the new ones are just simple round ears. In the old dogs, you could barely see the line creases in the dog but now you can clearly see them in the new ones. The dogs are in beta though so hopefully they are working very hard on them! ❤

Congrats to the new beta testers! Enjoy!!!

BioBreeds | Events

BioBreeds Events For June

Tuesday, June 7   Labs and Beagle Races.  3pm

Weds, June 8.        Individual Hunt  2pm

Thurs, June 9         Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races  3pm

Tues, June 14.        Lab and Beagle Races   3pm

Thurs, June 16       Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races  3pm

Fri, June 17             Tai Chi with Ozzie  (Q and A)  6am

Mon, June 20         Best Dog Photo Contest   (TBA)

Tues, June 21         Labs and Beagle Races.   3pm

Tues, June 21        Dog SHow

Weds, June 22       Our first Team Hunt  2pm

Thurs, June 23       Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races   3pm

Tues, June 28         Labs and Beagle Races.    3pm

Weds, June 29       Best Attachment Contest  2pm

Thurs, June 30        Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races   3pm

How to race your dog.

1. Take your dog to the finish line and you will see a wide Blue prim with lane numbers on it. SET HOME on top of the number prim.

2. Tell your dog to follow by saying the dogs name ‘<name> follow’ then walk to the starting line (marked as red prims) and stand on the yellow circles.

3. Edit your dog and line it up to the red prim so its front paws just touch the edge of the red prim facing the finish line.

4. Type in your local chat bar {WITHOUT HITTING ENTER!!} “<name> go home” then wait for the signal announced by the race official at that particular race – Then enter “<name> go home” so that your dog runs for the finish line!

Congratulations you have successfully raced your dog! Good luck.

The BioBreeds Team.

BioBreeds Park