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Market Watch/High Regard Meeroo Preserve

A wee while since my last post but here I am better late than never 😉

While scamming notices for a place to put my newly born Giant 14.0 Meeroo up for auction I stumbled across the High Regard Auction Notice.  This is a new auction place that will be holding its first ever event today 17th June at 10.00am SL (slurl provided)

High Regard Grande Entrance

The building itself is very spacious coated in a beautiful soft beige cream adapting cool grey backwalls for highlight. It boasts 30 comfortable leather seats situated in front of the delicate stone podiums (as below)…

High Regard Auction Area

One thing for me that really did stand out above all was the Special Boards, personally this was a first for me and they are very unique and different from that around that is usually seen. They really would have to be special Meeroos because you cannot miss the full information sketched across the palebackground.

Extra Special Podium

To the back section of the mighty hall you will find an Exhibition Gallery which is full of beautiful stunning pictures of our most beloved Meeroos (you just have to take a peek!). Lanier Matova said (quote) “We wanted to do something different here, we are going to have alot of breeding studies etc”. So you see this is not only an Auction House but hopefully a growing community of fellow minded meeroo fanatical people who wish to share their breeding tips and ideas with others as again Lanier Matova said (quote) “We aren’t going to be people who breed an Amber and don’t tell anyone the secret, but instead work together to learn the breeding trends”.

Exhibition Hall for Meeroos

So why don’t you come along and lets start this community rolling, bring your meeroos,  bring your photos of your beloved meeroos and bring your friends for some in house action to see some Magnificent Meeroos!

The owner Geoffrey Steuart and his Manager Lanier Matova are hoping to have a great turn out for this OPENING DAY!

Watch out for new upcoming events here at High Regard….including Live Voice Educational Seminar’s about Breeding, Collecting, Auctions, Direct Sells, and Pricing.

Stay Spirited 😉


Meeroos | Clover Beta Baby

For anyone who was in closed beta and open beta group…

They were sent a special gift!

It was a meeroo…a clover meeroo!

clover meeroo
clover meeroo

It is very different from any Meeroo on the grid right now. It’s dark green and light green with beautiful eyes.

I got a clover because I was apart of the open beta. It is adorable. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I and myself are very thankful to get this wonderful gift. Here are her stats:

Gender: Female
Personality: Aggressive
Age: 0.25
Max Size: 7
Species: Prism
Coat: Clover
Eyes: Sunrise/Diurnal/Clear
Hair: Fluff Only
Head: Normal
Ears: Normal
Tail: Normal

I love her! I love the HUD, the game, the sounds they make…everything!

With getting this clover Meeroo, you have a chance of getting the different head, ears and tail traits. But if you breed this Meeroo, the color and eyes will not pass onto its baby. These are very special only for the beta testers, so keep your special friend close to your heart.

Thanks to all the open and closed beta testers for helping to get these cute critters on the market!!! Have fun with your Meeroos, everyone!

Meeroos | Gone Missing?

I was called away suddenly to a family emergency this week and just returned today.  The first thing I noticed was my Meeroos had gone missing.  Their stump looked rather lonely without the little guys crowding around.  I’ve really enjoyed beta with the Meeroos and was finding myself challenged in working out the fussiness of their breeding preferences, endeared by their affectionate nature and maddened by the questions of the Oracle.

Where Oh Where have my cute Meeroos gone?

There is a happy ending to the disappearing Meeroos of course, it means beta is over and the release is imminent.  More imminent for those that pre-ordered of course.  Pre-order will be released on Wednesday, May 18th beginning at 2pm SLT, the pre-ordered trunks will be delivered automatically so make sure you accept it and aren’t in busy mode.  The delivery will happen any time after 2pm SLT that the delivery system finds you online, so there is no concern if you aren’t on at exactly the right time.

The open public launch will be on Saturday, May 21st at 2pm SLT and can be picked up at two locations:


Haute Couture

There are promising mentions of the elements of the storyline that will unfold during gameplay and there is also mention of “something has been discovered that we will be bestowing upon all of our Open Beta Testers who stuck with us until the end in the very near future, as our gift to you”.   Hrm I wonder what that could be…….

The Time Has Come….

A Thank You and Kirsten Viewer Teaser


PS please delete all Meeroo related items in preparation for launch.

Meeroos | The Great Migration

There was a big shock in store for Meeroo Beta Testers today with an unexpected mass exodus of wandering Meeroos.  I had just been tossing over doing a post on how big my sweet Meeroos were getting when I discovered an email about my Meeroo’s going for a wander.  Well I know I hadn’t been spending as much time with them as I should, but surely they hadn’t lopped off in a tizz.   I was having a serious case of the guilts till I arrived inworld.

Meeroos sure are getting big. Opps, too late.

I logged on to discover I wasn’t alone (phew) in being deserted and neither were they cruel enough to whisk our meeroos away without warning.  Rather it was a mistaken early release which was due to take place on Monday (with warning).  It seems now that it has taken place early a new beta trunk will be released on Monday with some rather large fixes for a second stage of beta.  I was rather sad because I hadn’t had the chance to see mine breed yet, but breeding will happen earlier with the new release so it’s a safe bet I will during the next stage.

For more info see the blog:


So please take deep breaths and try not to panic or vent madly in group as you wait patiently till Monday.

Meeroos | A look at the HUD v0.89

What a whirlwind day this has been for Meeroo news! Having just recieved and birthed my pack of open beta Meeroos, I’d like to take you through the brain of it all – the HUD, tab by tab. Let’s get started!

The first tab - You

So here’s the HUD. Let me first use this space to go over the universal aspects of the HUD.

The blue gem at the top takes you to the website, the specific page changes from tab to tab. On the You tab, this button takes you to your personal statistics. This page shows you the date you joined, the number of Meeroos you have birthed, The number of Meeroos you’ve sucessfully raised, your personal regard, your oracle streak and all time best oracle streaks, your win/loss count against the oracle, your level, and your fellowship. It also shows you your Meeroos, their regard, and their status. I’ll continue to write what appears on the pages the blue gem opens for the later tabs.

The last tab slides your hud left until the main body of the hud is no longer visible. Because it merely slides to the left instead of truly closing the hud, be absolutely certain you do not leave your hud on the Oracle tab when minimized. Trust me on this, it can be infuriating to lose a good winning streak because you stepped away from the computer and the hud thought you were still there! A feature request to address this has been made on the forum, and hopefully it will be added later.

Now then, the first tab is the You tab. Here you have all the information regarding your personal stats with the Meeroo society. Most of this is fairly self explanatory… Your name, level and title, and what Fellowship you belong to. However some people might be wondering, just what is this “Regard” section? Regard points seem to be essentially the XP of Meeroos. The higher regard you have, and the higher level you are, and the more diverse kinds of Meeroos you can discover! Get regard by clicking on items that your Meeroos dig up, correctly answering oracle questions, etc. Your fellowship regard is in the same vein – Fellowships are groups that you can join to try and unlock the higher levels together.

The second tab - Study

The second tab is the Study tab. Click on a Meeroo and this tab will populate with all its data. As you can see, there’s quite a great variety of traits! While most of these fields are fairly self explanatory, there are a few notes I’d like to make on this tab. Location is an interesting one – it shows your Meeroo’s preferred climate. For instance, it shows both my Gael Meeroos as hailing from the Scottish highlands, while my Pine Meeroos hail from just about anywhere within the US. Diet will show you the type of food you must have for that particular Meeroo – certain types require different foods – so be sure to check this field whenever you get a new arrival! The eye color is quite interesting to me as it’s a combination of three different traits; the color (Umbra), the second (Diurnal) is probably either Diurnal or Nocturnal (though this is unverified), and finally the last (Dusty) is the shade of the eye. Dusty eyes appear much more muted than normal. Finally, maximum size shows how large your Meeroo will get when its full grown – they can be anywhere from toy sized to quite large!

   Blue gem: The blue gem for this page takes you to the Meeroo’s personal page. In addition to the traits listed above, it will show you any picture you may have sent in, when your Meeroo was born, how many children it’s had (and who they are), The Meeroo’s parents, the date the Meeroo was last seen on the grid, the Meeroo’s status, and the Meeroo’s regard.

The third tab - Status

The third tab is the Status tab. Here you’ll find the tools to actually interact with and care for your Meeroo. For the fields at the top, we have your Meeroo’s name (Meeroo #???? if you haven’t yet named your Meeroo), Age, Season, Hunger, and Comfort. Season is an odd one… From what I’ve been able to find out, all breeding Meeroos have “Seasons” until they hit menopause. It’s unclear at this point if menopause affects males as well (though if it does, we’d better get a different word for it!). Seasons are five day cycles, three of those days within which a Meeroo can mate. If a Meeroo is too young to mate, this field shows up as “IMMATURE”. Comfort will go up on its own as long as your Meeroo has food, but you can also pet them once an hour for a 5% comfort boost. (You can also pet them more than once an hour to make your own comfort go up 😉 Finally towards the bottom we have the Regard of that particular Meeroo. This goes up when the Meeroo is petted, and possibly during other activities as well.

Next we have the buttons. Name allows you to name your Meeroo. Fellowship seems to allow your Meeroo to interact with other Meeroos from your fellowship. Pet allows you to kneel down and pet your Meeroo. Attach will let your Meeroo hop up into your arms for a good, heartmeltingly adorable cuddle. Release will send your Meeroo off into the wild, giving you the regard that Meeroo has gained in the process. Rebuilt will recreate your Meeroo, which is great for those like me who have their Meeroos stuck with blue ears!

Blue Gem: The blue gem for this page opens the same page as the previous tab’s.

The fourth tab - News

Not much to say about the fourth tab. The news feed shows when people join the game or level up.

Blue gem: the blue gem for this page opens the main page of the World of Meeroos website.

The fifth tab - Oracle

Ah the Oracle. This is where the Oracle will test your knowledge on everything from Motown to obscure Meeroo history. Some of her questions can be quite hard, even intentionally confusing. Be sure to think and read one last time before clicking yes or no, there might be a “is this true” or a “do I lie?” that you didn’t notice! The Oracle will quiz you once every fifteen minutes at the fastest – longer if you don’t switch to her tab when she says she has a question for you. Answering Oracle questions correctly will gain you regard. The more questions in a row you answer correctly, the more regard you get. For instance, if you answer the second question correctly, you’ll receive two points of regard for your new winning streak of two, and so on. Winning streak shows your current winning streak against the Oracle.

Blue gem: Links to your personal page on the Meeroo website noted on the You tab.

The sixth tab - Fellows

Finally we come to the last tab, Fellows. This is where you’ll handle your Fellowship. You can create a fellowship by pressing the Create button and typing the name of your new fellowship into chat. To add a description, click the description field (that light bar underneath Fellowship Description) and type your new description into chat. If you wish to join an existing fellowship, simply stand by a member of that fellowship and have them press the invite button, and then your name on the popup. Press quit to leave your current fellowship.

Blue gem: The blue gem for this page links to the Fellowship details and member listing. It shows the founder, date founded, and description; followed by the names of members and their personal regard levels.

I hope this look at the Meeroo HUD helps you enjoy your Meeroos even more fully. And please remember, this is a beta hud! While most of it should be set, things may change between now and release.

Meeroos | HUD Release Today

For all of those anxious Meeroo enthusiasts today is the release of the Meeroo HUD.  It will be distributed to everyone who made it into the group before the staff closed the enrollment.  The delivery system will check to make sure you are online, don’t panic!  The Meeroo Staff is working very hard to help everyone with questions and issues, feel free to ask in group if you should have questions or issues, perhaps another member can help you there!

You’ve received your HUD? Great!  It should be called “WW of Meeroos HUD V0.88” Now wear the HUD, it is default positioned to top left HUD position on your screen.  Should you move it to the right side or middle of your screen, the minimize button (the little arrows) will not work to minimize your HUD, instead it will just shift it left and right.  If you wish to attach it to a different HUD position simply right click and edit it [once you have it in the slot you wish] to your left side of your screen to make the minimize button work like it should.

Now that you are wearing your HUD, TP over to The Oracle.  Click her once and wait for her to distribute you information in a green font, only you can see this text.  You do not need to remain near The Oracle once you have clicked her.  It may take a few moment.  She will provide you with further instructions and a special code that is unique to you, save this code.  I would suggest having a notecard or a wordpad on your computer to quickly paste this code as it’s important and the lag of so many people trying to get their codes may be hard on your computer and cause you to crash, this will cause you to have to click the oracle and wait again.  You can find this information by reading this blog post.

Once you receive your special code, click the blog post and follow the directions.  I have provided a few pictures for clarification.

Go to the Meeroo website.  Make sure you are logged in, if so you will see my account at the top of the page, if not login to see it.

Once you have clicked on My Account click on edit, it’s in the middle of the page, followed by clicking on Meeroo.  You will see a space where to enter your special code that The Oracle provided you. Remember not to share this special code with anyone, not even Meeroo Staff, they will be able to look it up and will never request it from you.

Now that you’re all set to go, familiarize yourself with the HUD!  Hope this helps for a visual.

P.S.  You do NOT need to be in the same sim as The Oracle to receive your special code, secondly those of you who received a HUD from a friend and didn’t make it into the group will not be able to get the code, please wait for release.  So please, those of you who did not get into beta testing, remaining at the Twas sim clicking on The Oracle will only prolong others from getting their HUDs and taking up resources and time that could in the end only make those patiently waiting for release that much further away.

Meeroos | Pre-order is here!


Yes boys and girls, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for – the Meeroo pre-order is now open! The pre-order pack is 5,100L and includes:

6 Meeroo Nests
2 Weeks of Meeroo Food
2 Stumps
1 Copyable/transferrable Wonderful World Of Meeroos HUD
1 Pre-order giftie!

Once you pay the vendor, you’ll be placed on the list to receive your Meeroo pre-order pack three days prior to launch, giving you a three day head start. Please note, this is NOT related to open beta. You’ll receive your pre-order pack after open beta. Pre-orders close some time towards the end of the week (no exact date has been given yet), so be sure to get in while you still can!

Here’s your taxi:

1) Oxitage temporary pre-order area

2) The Wonderful World of Meeroos (mainstore)

Market Watch | Mystical Meeroos @ Serenity Forests (NOW OPEN!)

Mystical Meeroo Office

My oh my something mystical has happened while we were sleeping and dreaming of the Meeroos arriving as there seems to have been some busy little bees named Binkie Baily (visualizer) and Stef Cormer (Sim Designer) hiding and working very hard behind the scenes.

Yes the newly opened Mystical Meeroos Sim! I think it is safe and fair to say that probably most of you reading this article are crossing their fingers and waiting anxiously for the Meeroos to be available to purchase (jumps up and down not doing well at hiding her excitement). We maybe another step closer….just let your feet touch down on this Sim and let your imagination take you full force. Its definitely a place not to be taken for granted as you literally are blown away.

Once you have arrived you will find yourself standing upon the circular patterned stone platform and as you turn around there are numerous meeroo signs giving all directions to the Mystical Meeroos Office, Auction Area (as below), Cart Market, Meeroo Pool, Offerboards, Sky Market, Cherry Market, Raft Market and Field Market.

Auction Seating Area

Now you can take a leisurely stroll along the rocky foot path or you can take the incredibly fast tping tree trunk to your choice of destination. Make a note that when you visit the Meeroo Pool be sure to get a birdseye view from above as the pool itself is in the shape of a Meeroo!! (no picture will be input as you will have to go check it out yourselves..grins).

MM Raft Market

This simply is just a sneak preview as to what can be explored here. So if you are looking for somewhere to rent for your (upcoming) Meeroos you can choose from the Raft Market (as above) or any of the other markets there, all simply divine and unique. You can even live there by renting a little hobbit style home to show off your Meeroos.

Meeroo (omg)

I really could go on and on about Mystical Meeroos but I am sure you will soon tire of this perusing if I do not end my never ending excitement about this place, so with no further ado…(drops in the slurl and waits for the sounds of heels approaching).

Stay Spirited ;-x

The Mysterious Meeroos

Meeroo statue - front
“For the first time in 18 years, since March 1993, the moon will be full at the same time it is closest to the Earth. And it will be 31,000 miles closer than it usually gets. This event harkens back to the beginning of time and seems to have had some imprint on the history of the Meeroos themselves as ancient stones at the Meeroos location have appeared only on the night of the super moon. Does this mean the ancients had possible terrestrial ties in some way?”

With that, strange statues appeared at the home of the Meeroos on Twas. The statues – seemingly very old and covered with moss – seem to depict two Meeroos, one on top of the other, with the top Meeroo holding the moon. What strange mysteries lie in the Meeroo’s past, and furthermore, what awaits us in our new lives with the Meeroos? Only time will tell, and I – for one – am excited.

Here’s your taxi to go see these fabulous works of Meeroo art!

Meeroos | Beta Testing!

The beta testers for the Meeroos got to pick up their new little friends March 18th at 5 PM SLT!

Beta testers get one pack containing 6 Meeroos. They also get food and a stump. From what beta testers Meeroos I’ve seen, I have seen three different color Meeroos.

I was lucky enough to be there when the first few of the Meeroos were born in world. 🙂

Beta tester rezzed out a small trunk. It had a few pictures on it and was ment to look old. The beta tester then opened it, and it started to put out a beautiful tune! It starts to glow and sparkles start to fly. At this point, I’m acting crazy and squealing like a high school girl in RL!

Meeroo Trunk
Meeroo Trunk!

The best testers receive a HUD. You wear the HUD and click the trunk again and you receive food. Click the trunk again and then you will get a nest. The Trunks dropdown will tell you how many nests remain inside. It may now say: “There are 5 Nests remaining!”. Click the trunk to get all your nests out. You click the nests to birth them. It takes 120 seconds to birth. While it’s birthing, you see two little eyes in the nest peeking out at you. It’s adorable! After the birthing time ends, a Meeroo pops out! You click the nest to make it go away or you can take it in your inventory if you would like to keep it.

Meeroo Nests
Meeroo Nests!

The Meeroos go straight to the stump after being born. They want to explore it and to make sure they are aware that that is their home now. It’s so touching! The stumps are able to house 8 Meeroos. You must get more stumps if you want more than 8 Meeroos. The stump is the control center. The stumps are able to tell you the names of which Meeroos live there. The stump has many other options. One of the options is called “Fellow”. If you are going away for a while, you can set it to fellow and your friends or members of your fellowship can interact with and feed your Meeroos. Use this wisely. The “Activity” option is where when you need a break from your little alls of energy, you can choose what level of activity your Meeroo engage in!
They are so cute. I start to hear their noises now.. they sound like a cat/bird, but very unique. It’s kinda like purring and you feel like they are talking to you and each other. It’s not annoying sounds either! They are VERY soothing noises and you will enjoy hearing them on your land.

Meeroos at their home!
Meeroos at their home!

These Meeroos work with a HUD you wear. The HUD will have your name, rank, fellowship affiliation, personal regard points and fellowship regard points (If applicable!). These will change as you advance! Your regard will display in the following format “amount you have/amount you need to rank up. So if your regard says 24/216, that means you have 24 regard points of the 216 required to advance to the next rank. The HUD will tell you about each Meeroo you own. It will tell you the coat name, species, ear type, gender, tail type, personality, head type, diet, eye color and classification. Some statistics you will see a number beside, which indicated the rarity of that type! Meeroo biology, according to yoru Study Guide, ranks all Meeroo statistics on a 1-6 MeerooScale! 1 is the most common, and 6 is LEGENDARY!
Here is the STATUS of your selected Meeroo! these are elements that are always in transition and you should keep a close eye on! The STATUS tells you what’s happing with your Meeroo this very instant! you can see their AGE, SEASON, HUNGER and COMFORT status.

Here is what they mean:
AGE: How old your Meeroo is.

SEASON: Meeroos have a breeding Season!

INDEPENDENT = Too young to breed or not ready!

AMOROUS = Ready to find that perfect someone and settle down!

NESTING = Is carrying a baby Meeroo Kit!

HUNGER: Just how rumbly is that tumbly? Check here!

I’M FULL = Your Meeroo has made a pig of itself and everything is A-OK

I’M HUNGRY = Your Meeroo has an appetite and wants a nibble soon!

I’M STARVING = How Sad! Skin and bones that little furry fellow! Get him food urgently or he’ll run away!

COMFORT: This measures how contended your Furry friend is! This is dependent on how satisfied he is all around!

I’M COMFY = All is right with the MeeWorld.

I’M OKAY = Make sure he’s been fed and has access to a home location! This is a Meeroo falling into decline.

I’M SAD = He’s either starving or has no home and is falling into a desperate condition!
There are SO many awesome options in this HUD!

The Meeroos stats are:






Also for the type of Meeroo Stats:
Pine MeerooCoat : winecoat

Eyes: cirrus/Djurnal/Dusty

Gender: Male

Two different colored Meeroos!
Two different colored Meeroos!

The Meeroos grow up at 10 days. From birth to 10 days old, a Meeroo remains in an Independent “Season.” When it is ready to breed, it enters an “Amorous” stage. It will enter this phase after reaching maturity, and only then can it breed. Once a male and female produce a nest, they will re-enter their independent phase.

Meeroos are like any other living creature! they have unique personalities that impact their behavior, their likes and dislikes. Some Meeroos will have compatible personalities, others perhaps not so much! Some are far more discriminating about who they take for a mate! The meeroos do not get sick but if neglected they will run away. You will have to purchase a whistle to bring them back.


The possibilities are enormous! Meeroo will all be unique in some fashion! There are many traits involved in crafting your perfect Meeroo, but the possibilities are infinite! The kind of Meeroo’s you breed are entirely up to you!
BETA TESTER HELP: Miguel Devanter, Katara Adored, and my new friend Kysta Ember was there to watch too. Thanks for letting me be nosey!!!

Meeroo Mainstore @ Twas Sim.