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Pet Peddlers | Update

Pet Peddlers released the eagerly awaited V3 recently.  The predators where part of this update and this means there is now a chance of breeding a predator fish from your current fish.  This is also a unique way of culling your own fish and getting rid of any you don’t want.  A predator bowl can be picked up from the main store for free and with this you can store your unwanted fish in until it comes time to feed your predator.

PS There was a competition for the first Predator’s birthed the first prize being 3000 L and the second prize of 1000L.  Congrats to cwboynheart Bravin on getting the first Predator which was a Blue Spot Stingray the second prize is still up for grabs as far as I know at this moment. 

Pet Peddlers Fish Version 3.0 Release Notes

Pet Peddlers recommends to stop all fish prior to update. This can be done in 2 ways: /3 all stop or /3 all home. This will make sure your fish do not swim out of the updaters reach while it isupdating your fish.

Many bugs have been addressed in this update. Some minor changes to the way the fish work.

Bonding / Multiple Tagging Issues
Bonding – Some fish were not holding bond and breeding with other fish. This is now corrected.
Multi Tagging – Male fish were were still breeding multiple times while in cool down. This has now been corrected.

Hovering Text & Fish Color
The hovering text remains red when starved and now changes to green when sick.
The fish will no longer change to green when sick.

Parents Stats
The parents stats now use a different format so that they don’t fill your screen.
Errors on parents stats are corrected.
Both mother and father show at the same time.
Due to the new system, all current fish will not show their parents names. I have added at the end of the stats the parents UUID to help with this issue.
All fish born after the v3.0 update will show parents name.

Rolling Restarts
As some of you know, after a rolling restart some fish were getting locked up and had to be rerezed. This issue has been corrected and will no longer require the rerezing of the fish.
Rolling restarts have also been causing some issues with scripts in general, not just fish. This is that the scripts seem to get shut down, this is a SL issue and I will be monitoring it to see what happens.
If there is a fix found for this, we will implement it and release an update at that time.

No Data Bags
Baby bags that have been born but did not receive their data can now be touched to attempt to collect their data again. I recommend waiting at least 10 to 15 minutes after a bag is birthed to touch it.
This will NOT work once a bag is picked up and rerezed.

Version 3.0 now includes the possibility to get a predator. Predators will only eat from the Predator Feeders. Some predators will eat at a higher rate than other fish. Don’t worry, the most a predator will eat is 4 servings per hour instead of the standard 2 servings. This is due to their real life appetites.
Predators will breed with all other fish including predators.
Parents stats will be that of a starter fish on a first gen predator. 2nd gen and up will all have the standard parents data.
These will not be easy to get, and are meant to be rare.

New Breeds & Genetics
Version 3.0 will include new breeds and new genetics.
What you ask? That is yet to be seen…………….

Predator Feeder
Do to some changes we will have to update the predator feeders. This will be a manual update process done by a Pet peddlers Staff Member (CSR).
The process to get your feeder updated is very simple: Go to the main store and get a new feeder after the update is released. File a support ticket. A CSR will contact you in 48 hours or less.
This was done for a few reasons. The biggest reason is so that we can have the feeders post to the server so there is a record of you feeder points in case SL eats it.
Feeders will now be Trans.
Feeders will now have the ability to pass servings from one feeder to another.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in group and we will do our best to get you an answer as fast as we can.

The Pet Peddlers Team

PP Main Store


Pet Peddlers | Andreaus Beck Reporting

Hi Guys it’s me again your  fishy friend 🙂

There are a few things to talk about today some you will like and some you won’t, will I upset someone I’m sure I will.  The new update is out and yay it fixed our friend the Bekko.  I know a lot will be sad not to get so many bekko 😉 but for Me I’m glad to see the back of it, my breeding was ruined I saw Months of hard work go down the drain.

Numerous small bugs were fixed including the pet fish issue they no longer need feeding and are highlighted so you know which they are. 🙂  Now with orange text and version is pet.

Two  serious issues  to talk about now

Picking up and rezzing fish.

Ok we have all done it looked at a group of fish and thought

I can’t be bothered to pick them up separately this is a short tale

Of what happened to me….

I breed Yamabuki Koi or did until one day I decided to pick up my fish mainly to save money on food during the bugs, so I picked up a group of about ten of my best Yamabuki, I thought it’s ok I have done this loads of times before so I grabbed them and thought nothing of it until I came to rezz them again, sl was being an ass as usual and the first time I rezzed them they were sent back to me but like an idiot I rezzed them again and sl promptly ate them.  I was gutted 2 months of breeding went down the drain, all because I was too lazy to pick them up one at a time.

The moral of this story is don’t be like me, pick your fish up separately then if sl decides to eat them it only eats one!

Andreaus = Lazy= lost best fish=gutted

Now for something some of you will find controversial

I make no apologies for what I’m about to say and I will probably loose some friends in the process but its time something was said.

Some will agree with me and some most definitely won’t.  The fish market is struggling to recover after the server issue causing the no data bags this was no fault of Pet Peddlers but was down to the server company but it caused a lot of damage to the sales market then came the bekko problem, so it became really important that the market be looked after but that didn’t happen at a time when prices should have been kept stable to help it recover I saw to my astonishment that some were and are selling fish for 20l$.

I thought to myself do I really want to be part of this and my answer was no, categorically no…..

Why contribute to something that  could destroy what  we have worked so hard  to make a  great  breedable and I say WE because it’s not just Pet Peddlers its US, the  breeders who make the market it made me  think really hard  about  whether I want to breed these awesome fish I refuse to sell so low and I will defiantly never buy a fish priced like that,

I’m not judging anyone when I say this, but is this really the way we want the fish to go.

What conclusion do I get from this, well to be honest I’m not sure.  Do the fish still have the potential to be the best breedable in sl?  Yes they do, this is something that I am certain about I love these fish there one of the most diverse breedables in sl without a shadow of doubt and with the predator coming out soon and the sea horse in the future they will be the best.

Will they  survive  that is up to  you ….

Have fun breeding and I will be back next week with more news

Andreaus Beck

Pet Peddlers | WANTED:Input

Pet Peddlers sent out a notice March 5th, asking for input on which kinds of predator fish YOU want to see.  Fisher Mode has asked you to reply to this thread with which ones you would like to see.  This will help Pet Peddlers determine which predator fish could possibly be in the predator update.  Secondly, the predator update will include new regular breeds as well, which Fisher is also giving you the chance to include your input on this thread.  Fisher mode is hoping to have an update shortly with bug fixes in the next few days followed up with the predator and new breeds update before the end of the month. We’re all excited about these fishies and I know that the community desperately awaits this update, so get on out there and post your opinions.

And what kind of post would it be without a teaser?

Pet Peddlers | Andreaus Beck Reporting

Hi again my apologies for the lack of a blog last week. It’s been a busy for me with the new breed book and looking after my fishes but I’m here so let’s talk…..


Wow what a month it’s been so many new breeders joining the fish, welcome one and all to the best breedable in SL.  Ok let’s do a bit of useful info this week


I see this quite a lot in group chat, when do they mate & how often.

Well when your fish reaches seven days it starts to build love, it takes approximately two days to reach 100% then a further fifteen minutes until they mate, once they mate they go into a rest period of 4 days.  You can see how much longer they have to go by clicking on your fish and viewing full stats (I have a headache means time remaining) then they build love again, once they get to this stage they mate every six or seven days.

To bond or not to bond that is the question………

Well to be honest it’s down to how you want to breed, some bond some don’t.  There are two ways to do the fish, breed and sell your bags or breed to get bred out fish.  I do the later I birth 80% of my bags and breed them back to the parents or similar breeds, there is no right or wrong way to breed its down to you and what you like to do.


This one is really important traits are why we breed the fish, to create your perfect fish you need these, the traits you need to get into your fish are Shimmer and Dazzle these to me are the most important as these change the way your fish looks completely.  Then add some special eyes, these are amazing and will triple or quadruple the value of your fish.  Last for me comes the bubble, but that’s only because I have particles turned off most of the time.  We all have our favourite traits, mine is shimmer, get dazzle on an Achilles tang and it looks Awesome, get shimmer on a Koi I’m in heaven lol.

These fish are very special and we need to look after them because I would love to still be in SL in 3 years time and see these fish all over the grid, so till next week my fish loving friends it time for me to sign off for another week.  I promise some more pictures next week when I will be looking for some of the best fish I can find to show you.

Happy breeding and let’s get your friends breeding too

Andreaus Beck

Pet Peddlers | Andreaus Beck – Star Reporter

Hi my name is Andreaus Beck,

Welcome to my first ever blog I couldn’t resist when I was asked to write about something I have come to love in secondlife what’s that you ask, Breedable fish, I answer with a huge smile on my face.

To be more precise Pet Peddlers Breedable fish released on the 12th December after going through the beta stage, I started like most with two but just over a month has passed and I now have around 150 fish.  The thing that got me hooked was the variation in size, shape and colours and the fact that all the fish are rl fish, you can Google the breeds and there they are.  The texture shape and size are as close as you could possibly get.  I take my hat off to Fisher Mode for he has created something very special for us all to enjoy, backed up with exceptional customer service and support.

I always wanted a reef in secondlife but particle fish never looked right somehow but now I have a reef full of 3 dimensional highly crafted beautiful fish.

My Reef

Below are a few of the breeds you can get altogether there are around 40 different breeds with new ones being released with future updates.

My Yamabuki Koi pure gold perfection!
Chevron Tang


These are just a taster of what’s to come please join me every week for more info on these awesome breedable fish.

Pet Peddlers HQ

Go and See Andreaus’s Superb Veronica Reef.

Pet Peddlers | A New Year Ahead

As a breedable company that launched just before the end of the year, Pet Peddlers’ goals mainly center around product improvement.

Our list of goals would include:
– Hunting down and squashing any bugs that pop up.
– Listening to and implementing customer suggestions for convenience features.
– Releasing the Predator Fish and the Seahorses.
– Keeping our customers happy and making sure that the fish remain a breedable that they can really enjoy.
– Almost forgot… take over the world!! <Insert evil maniacal laughter here>

We would also like to take a moment to wish all of our customers a Happy New Year and thank them all for their support. We really do have an awesome group of customers who have made this a fun and rewarding experience on our end.  Our company would be nothing without them and we are grateful for each and every one of them.

Fisher Mode (Knight Nootan) & Tethys Aura (Voodoo Pevensey)

Pet Peddlers HQ

Pet Peddlers | Release Forthcoming

Pet Peddlers is proud to announce that after months of hard work, we are ready for release!! Our Breedable Fish will be arriving next weekend. (The weekend of 12/10/2010) We will announce an exact date as the weekend draws closer. We would like very much to thank our amazing beta testers who have made this release possible, it really could not have been done without all of you!

Pet Peddlers Breedable Fish Information:

Are these another vector color based pet that uses the opensource scripts?

*No. These are a custom scripted and sculpted breedable that took a lot of knowledge, time and effort to create. We use realistic texturing and sculpts we have crafted ourselves. In fact it has become an RL family effort, lol. Our 8 year old and 6 year old have insisted on helping to choose many of the fish we’re making, and our 13 year old son helps Dad (Fisher) with the sculpting and texturing.

– What makes Pet Peddlers Breedable Fish different?

*Pet Peddlers Breedable Fish are the first breed accurate breedable in SL. Meaning, no cookie cutter shaped animals that simply change texture to represent various breeds. Pet Peddlers Breedable Fish will change their shape to accurately reflect each individual fish type. A Koi will look like a Koi, a Tang will look like a Tang. In fact the shapes will even change between different varieties within a breed. Angelfish, for example, may all be angelfish, but an Emporer Angelfish has a different overall shape than a French Angelfish.

– What traits will I be able to breed for in the fish?

There are many traits that breeders will be able to work to achieve. These include:
* Breed
*Body Shimmer
*Body Dazzle
*Eye Color/Texture
*Eye Dazzle
*Eye Shimmer
*Fin Color
*Fin Shimmer
*Fin Dazzle
*Tail Dazzle
*Tail Shimmer
*Bubble Shape
*Bubble Color
*Bubble Dazzle

-What are you doing to help with population control?

*12 Breedings per fish.

* Fish will randomly become sick for a period of 7 days, and be unable to breed during this time frame. A med kit will be made available to fix this just in case someone only owns 2 fish, but it will not be necessary. Your fish will fix itself in 7 days.

*No stat boosters and extras that speed up the reproduction process.

*New breed releases will NOT require new starter pack purchases. They will come from your current stock in a way that does not damage the parents’ genetics. We know that, as the creators, this will put a dent into potential profits on our end. However, we have been on the customer end of breedables several times and are well aware of the damage caused to the market with the old release methods.

*Predator fish will be released, at some point after release, that will not be able to eat store bought food. Instead, they will need to eat other already existing fish in order to survive. This way even the least popular fish retains a customer to customer sellable purpose.

-A breedable within a breedable, what does that mean and what will it be?

*Seahorses will appear by rare random chance from fish breedings after a post release update. They will eat fish food, but will otherwise be their own breedable. They are reproducible, will have their own traits to breed for, and will only breed with other seahorses.

– If something causes me to be out of game for awhile and my fish starve, will I have to pay to fix them or lose breedings?

*No. Real life is always a number one priority. People get sick, take vacation, lose internet, have a computer break, or sometimes SL or a script just hiccups and your fish will go into starvation. You should not be docked for being a human behind your avatar, and we would hate to think our product would ever cause anyone stress in their RL because they were worried about the consequence of not being able to feed their fish in SL. This is meant to be fun. Of course we do have to have some sort of a penalty or no one would ever feed their fish, lol. However, the only penalty that will come from starvation is that your fish will not be able to breed for a certain amount of time after it has begun being fed again. This time frame is still something we are determining.

-Do I have to have access to linden water?

No. You may keep your fish in linden water, user created fish tanks or even on land if you have to.

-How much do they cost?

*Starter Packs

$L 495 – “The Tank Pack” – 1 Male and 1 Female Fish, 1 Standard Food

$L 1450 – “The Pond Pack” – 3 Males and 3 Females, 3 Standard Foods,       1 Med Pack

$L 2850 – “The Reef Pack” – 6 Males and 6 Females, 6 Standard Foods,      2 Med Packs

(All food is breedable food, there is no pet food.)
Food tablets come in 3 sizes, Standard size (fish shaped), Double size (shell shaped) and Vacation size (lighthouse shaped).
1 Standard Size Tablet Feeds 1 Fish for 30 Days
1 Double Size Tablet Feeds 2 Fish for 30 Days
1 Vacation Size Tablet Feeds 4 Fish for 30 Days

Food packs will be available as follows
$L 150    – Single Standard Food
$L 870    – 6 Pack of Standard Food
$L 1680 – 6 Pack of Double Food
$L 1680 – 12 Pack of Standard Food
$L 3000 – 12 Pack of Double Food
$L 3000 – 6 Pack of Vacation Food
$L 5760 – 12 Pack of Vacation Food

* Fish Drops (Please note that this is to cure random illnesses such as ich, fish fungus, pop-eye & fin rot, it is not required as fish will cure themselves after 7 days. It is not to cure starvation. There are no meds to cure starvation as it is not needed.)

$L 195 – Single Use

– How does breeding work?

*1 Male to 1 Female

*12 Breedings

*Above 10% Energy, below 15% Hunger and 100% Love to breed, no Happiness meter to worry about! (You didn’t think we would make you cuddle a fish did you?)

*Building Love takes about 2 days.

*After mating, the fish will have a waiting period of 4 days before they can mate again.

– A few other points and statements we would like to make:

* In an effort to remain transparent, we would like to make it very clear who we are. We have seen many breedables come out on brand new alts, and buyers cannot be certain who they are dealing with. While we do have our fish alts to keep transactions and products seperate from our other SL adventures, we have chosen not to hide who the avatars behind the avatars are. Fisher Mode is the alt for Knight Nootan. Tethys Aura is Voodoo Pevensey. Some of you may have had dealings with us in the past as we have been involved in breedables since chickens.

*Our Mission: Aside from the goal of creating enjoyable breedable AI pets in Second Life, we wish to foster a creator/customer relationship that is based on mutual respect. With our SL businesses, just as with our RL business, we hold a firm belief that a company is made by it’s customers. No customers = no business, it’s just that simple. We believe that we will not be doing you a favor by creating the fish, but rather that you will be doing us a favor by being our customers. We will owe you the thank yous, not vice versa. If we ever, at any point, develop egos, please do us a favor and smack us back down to earth.

*One thing we very much want to make clear from straight out of the gait…errrr maybe straight out of the tank, lol, is that we want all of you to feel free to offer honest criticism of our products, policies and choices. Do not be easy on us, do not worry about hurting our feelings. Criticism can only help us to improve. If you think a fish is ugly, feel free to say a fish is ugly. If you think a fish is so ugly that you want to crack jokes about turning it into sushi, go right ahead, lol, we can take it. Fish stick jokes are highly encouraged! : )

*Our product will never be perfect, as behind the avatars we are humans and perfection is not possible. When we screw up, and I am sure at some point we will, we will stand up and own up to it and do what we can to make it right by our customers.

Tethys Aura (Voodoo) & Fisher Mode (Knight)

Groups to join:

Pet Peddlers – Product Updates : (This is a very chatty group and often off topic as we do allow the discussion of other breedables. We also allow debate, as long as it remains mature and without name calling.) secondlife:///app/group/4b258ab3-df50-53f8-2b38-db42f7998cbe/about

Pet Peddlers Info – Chat Free : (For those who strictly want information via notices.)

On the web:
Facebook: Add Fisher Mode as a friend!
Pet Peddlers of SL Facebook page:!/pages/Pet-Peddlers-of-Second-Life/142855589078600


Slurl: Pet Peddlers Shop


Pet Peddlers | Open Beta

Pet Peddlers released their breedable fish into Open Beta today.  Open beta has 29 varieties of fish that will be with an update next week to release the remaining fish that will be in the full release along with all eyes, shades, fins and bubbles except for specials, they will be saved for the future full release.  The new fish come in a variety of sizes, with the Koi the largest so far.   The Beta packs come with 2 male and 2 female baby bags, and enough food for 1 month for 6 fish.  More food will be placed out at the store at a later date.  There will be approx. 50 fish breeds, 20 eyes and fins, 10 bubbles and 4 shades expected at the moment.

The fish are running at normal speed for this Beta and this means growth will take the full 7 days.  At age 7 they will start to build love, which takes around 2 day to build and then have a baby.  The fish are meant to be awake 16 hours a day and rest for 8 hours and during resting the fish do not eat or build love.  Baby bags birth immediately and Fisher Mode has put a nifty ability for the bag to do a prim check before it births and if you do not have over 25 prims available the baby will not birth, instead a warning message will be sent.  Hunger and food are running at normal speed and in case you are wondering, babies are born with 15% energy and 0% hunger, but don’t wait to long to put food out.  The food comes in the form of a fish food tablet which will be able to feed 1 fish for 30 days.
If you are interested in being involved with the Pet Peddlers open beta a pack can be picked up at the Main Store, these are free, but include the commitment to report and bugs or anomolies you may observe in the fish.  There is a Open Beta are in the Pet Peddlers forums to report bugs or make comments.  The Open Beta will last as long as is needed to work out any bugs found but I believe the team is hoping for a full release in early November.

My Thoughts on the fish?  They are very impressive in appearance and movement and I am very excited about the final release.  The new beta has a white ring around the eye that makes them look a little creepy, but that might just be my opinion.  The closed beta went extremely smoothly and although there was an initial bug found that meant the recall of beta, a quick fix and rerelease, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the open beta went equally as well.  Having said that please consider the commitment of Beta, I would never encourage anyone to get involved with Beta testing lightly.

Open Beta Forum

Pet Peddlers Main Store

Pet Peddlers | Upcoming Beta

The first round of beta has finished on a high note for Pet Peddlers fish.  It was a very smooth beta from my experience, which was a pleasant surprise for Fisher Mode the creator of SL’s first breedable fish.  I did have to go away half way through, but was informed that there were very few issues all up.  The first fish were limited in breeding and food for the first beta will be shut down tomorrow, while preparations are made for the next round which will be open beta.  It is expected to start within a week and the kits will be available at the Pet Peddlers store.

I have a teaser for you, of one of the new fish available in the Open Beta.  This means it is open to anyone, so I suggest you join the Pet Peddlers group and keep an eye out for the open beta release.  Isn’t she a catch?

Pet Peddlers Forum

Open Beta Info

Pet Peddlers Store

Pet Peddlers | Beta Begins

The Pet Peddlers first Beta release arrived today.  The main aim of this first testing is genetics and breeding.  There is a possibility of 675 combination’s just within the Beta fish with 5 eye, 5 fin, 3 bubble, 3 breed(of Angelfish) and 3 shade options.  Once the actual release happens there will be many more breeds and possibilities to breed for.  Each Beta Pack came with 6 fish, (3 males and 3 females) 2 fish food tablets, a fish tank and the Beta Info Card.  The fish are 8 prims each and the food is 1 prim.  The fish can live in Linden water but it is not required and you can set a height and radius that they will swim from their home position.

So I rezzed my 3 pink and 3 blue baggies into my fish tank and placed the fish food tablet in the centre of the tank.  The fish will automatically set home at their place of birth or where they are rezzed and to change their home position you must stop the fish and move it then click on home in the menu.  So I was assuming that they were in just the right place and would have the perfect home point, but for some reason the first fish I rezzed drifted off to the side of the tank and down to the ground.  So I rezzed another, the same thing.  The 3rd fish did the same thing again, very strange.  I contacted the group and tried stopping the fish and changing the fish tank I was using from the Custom one made for me, to the generic one given out with the Beta Pack.  Of course when Tethys came to have a look and see if she could help, the fish behaved themselves just fine.  Everything else ran smoothly and the fishies were all as they should be.  Is there something wrong here?  Isn’t this BETA testing?

I birthed 2 types of fish, 5 Emperor Angelfish and one very pretty Gold Flake Angelfish, although there can be different types of bubbles and shades mine where all of normal bubble and standard shade.  The eye options I have seen are Brown, Dark and Light Red, and Grey.  The Fin colours I have are Dark and Light Red, Brown and Grey also.  The fish have a fairly standard menu with the ability to start and stop movement, and turn them phantom to prevent collision.  You can also turn the bubbles on or off and there is a note saying it is a breedable feature so you may want to leave on.  Mmmm I wonder if that means they won’t breed if the bubbles are off, or you will only get normal bubbles if they are turned off when breeding?
According to the “Breedings Left” reading they can breed 16 times, which is quite alot and they also have the option of setting users (this has become a vital option lately) and you can also set your fish to breed with owner only, group or anyone as well as bond and unbond them.  This is a really exciting new option as it means your fish can co-habitat with your friends or partners and breed together if you so wish.

The textures of the fish are very impressive as you can see in the pictures and the movement is also very realistic.  If you are interested in helping out by being a beta tester I believe there are still some spaces to be filled.

I will be awaiting the first breeding and will post more on breeding habits when that happens.


Closed Beta Info

Pet Peddlers HQ