TL Sheep

Details of the sheep:

Trough direct:
If the sheep are hungry, it searches for food. This can be a trough (feeder) or sheep grass.
Here the sheep tries to find the nearest food source. Will not find it there, it tries to find another food source.
The sheep are feeding stations within a radius of max. 30m
The sheep will die if hungry goes over 100%

If no avatar within 30 meters of the sheep, it turns off the physics and does not move. Exception: It is hungry.
When it sits down, is also turned off the physics. Similarly, during freezing.
Note: Sit an avatar on a prim or object, it is not seen by the sheep.

Number of colors: Currently, max. 8th with gold and platinum is very rare.
Inheritance: 25% chance, 75% of the average color of the mother and father.

Female sheep are able to get pregnant from 28 days. Need a male sheep with age 28 days or older too. If a sheep gets pregnant, it needs 7 days, before it get a baby,
after this need a cooldown of 14 days for the next possiblity of pregnancy.
Important: If you take an adult female sheep in the inventory and rez it again, it takes 14 days until the sheep may become pregnant.

After 240 days, it is constantly ill. It dies after a further 2 days if it is not always obtained by medical alive.

The sheep can also be randomly sick. It will die if it is sick too long, without giving medicine.  It can be cured by medicine. It is then resistant for about 14 days
against re-infection. Exception: It is older than 240 days.
Sick sheep can infect healthy sheep, if it is longer than 24 hours ill. Exception: The healthy sheep is resistant.
The resistance (rest period) can be displayed on the info button.

Health has only in Combat mode of the sheep a meaning. It can be shot with certain weapons or injured. The sheep will die if Health goes down to 0%

Important Note:
From now purchased from 04.08.2010 medicine packs and feeder no longer work with older versions than the sheep V1.2
You can update your sheep on  􀀊 , for update rez your sheep near the updater-box and click on this box. The other stuff is not needed to update. Dead sheeps are not updateable!

For more information:
There are currently two different sheep breeds, which can be optionally purchased.
The sheep breeds can have sex to each other breed, provided they are old enough (behold above).

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