BrightPet Kitty’s

BrightPets Kitty – The New Generation

– Quick Guide –

=== Description ===
BrightPets animals are the new generation of highly intelligent breeding AI animals.  BrightPets brings you an amazing world of personal virtual pets that are highly interactive and have unique personalities. With over 60,000 variations of kittys there is one for everyone, but be aware some are rarer than others!  For more information, and to join the discussion, visit the BrightPets website.

=== Feeding ===

There are 5 Diets you can set in your kitty owner menu. Starve, Low, Medium, High and Special.
You must be feeding at least Medium diet for them to breed. There is no cooldown time after they have ate Low diet.

Depending which diet you prefer you will require the selected dispenser. You must have the same diet on kitty selected as the dispenser type.

There are currently 2 sizes of water and food dispensers. Regular and Large. It does not matter what size dispenser.

To refill your dispensers, simply rez the same water/food type and click Refill in your dispenser menu.

Starve – Don’t eat or drink at all

Low – Will eat bare minimum

Medium – 1% Energy and 1% Relationship

High –  2.5% Energy and 2.5% Relationship

Special – 5% Energy and 5% Relationship

Kitty’s will go into a coma if they reach 100% hunger or thirst.
Kitty’s will die after 60 days in coma.
Kitty’s will wake up at 75% hunger or thirst if they are asleep

Dispensers must be within 10 meters range of kitty’s to eat or drink

== Hygiene ==

We added hygiene to be more of a fun interaction and not a boring task. Hygiene has an influence to moods and the closer to 100% Hygiene your piggy is, the more happier they are.

There are no penalties or health issues if your kitty is 0% clean although they wont be too happy

Kitty’s require 1 cleaning every 7 days at minimum, and there are several cleaning methods.

Bathing Sponge
Wearing the sponge, whilst wearing your kitty you are able to clean your kitty. The clean process take 60 seconds.

Bathing Wand
If you prefer to clean more than 1 kitty instantly, you can use the bathing wand. This will clean ALL kitty within 96 meters without the need to attach them.

== Basic Care ==

Your kitty requires 8 hours of sleep a day and is awake for 16 hours on average.   If you kitty gets too tired it will fall asleep and you cannot wake it until he/she has more energy.

If you take your kitty to inventory for 60 days, they will go into a coma.

If your kitty is in coma for 60 days, it will die.

if you kitty goes into a coma you may revive him/her using the BrightPets Coma Injection found at the BrightPets SIM.

Happiness is affected by all moods.

=== Times & Delays ===
Birth of Birth Orb – 60 Mins
Rest after breeding – 7 Days
Pregnancy – Upto 60 Mins
Renew Partner – 7 Days

=== Senior Bonus ===

If you feed your kitty Medium Diet or better their whole life, they will become a Senior. Seniors give bonuses to all other Non-Seniors depending what Senior they are.
The better the food they have consumed the more chance they stand of getting Senior of Legend.

Senior of Relationship – Gives a 1% Bonus of Relationship to your kitty.
Senior of Happiness – Gives a 1% Bonus of Happiness to your kitty.
Senior of Energy – Gives a 1% Bonus of Energy to your kitty.
Senior of Hygiene – Gives a 1% Bonus of Hygiene to your kitty.
Senior of Hunger – Gives a 1% Bonus of Hunger to your kitty.
Senior of Thirst – Gives a 1% Bonus of Hunger to your kitty.

Senior of Legend – Gives a 1% Bonus to all attributes to your kitty.

These bonuses are not stacked and must be within 10 meters range of all other kitty’s.

=== Breeding Requirements ===

Your kitty must be partnershipped to another kitty to start breeding. Once partnershipped you can end it at any time. Your kitty will automatically end their partnership once bred. Pregnancy can take upto 1 hour once all requirements are met. See below.

Age: 7+
Happiness: 65%+
Relationship: 99%+
Energy: 50%+
Hygene: 50%+
Medium, High or Special Diet
Not have had partner in last 7 days

Once a partnership has been disolved they will not be able to get a new partner within 7 days.

== Styles ==

There are 5 kitty styles, each a little less common that the other.

“Classic” – This is the most common and quite sharp and bright

“Shady” – This is slightly darker than Classic, but less common.

“Dark” – This is the darkest piggy you can get, and even less common than shady.

“Smooth” – This is shiny looking smooth piggy, less common than dark

“Glowing” – This is an amazing look and the least common style.

Every kitty will have at least one of these styles. There are lots of variations so have fun with breeding them to get your desire

=== Updates ===
All BrightPets pets are automatic updating and requires no help from the owners.  All pets will be updated as soon as new releases are available.

=== Addons & Extras ===
BrightPets have a range of addons and extra’s and will be more soon in future.  All can be located at the Store or XstreetSL.  These are easily linked to your pets and most have an instant increase to your kitty mood depending on type.

=== Bug Reporting ===
For ALL Bug Reporting, please either fill out a bug reporting notecard.
Be sure to give a FULL and detailed as possible description of the bug and you will get a response with 24 hours.

Bug abusers will be reported and banned from any BrightPets pets forever, no questions asked.

=== Support ===

Need help?  Check our website for more info about your kitty.  There might already be an answer to your question there.  You can also post on our forums to receive help if you can’t find the answer.

We also have kitty Support Staff to help you inworld if you need some help.  They can be found most of the time in the BrightPets group hanging out.  Contact one of our Support staff inworld if you need support.

=== Contact ===
For more information, suggestions or ideas, we would LOVE to hear your feedback
Send a detailed note to
Brighton Merryman