C&C Creations Grouse

C&C Creations released their first breedable at the beginning of August, 2010 with intentions of more in the future.  The Grouse was a response by Cog Zeplin and his partner Chloe Farquart to the loss of XS Quail as a viable breedable.   In alignment with this goal the first beta packages were large and purchased free with a voucher.  They are similar in appearance to the XS Quail with many new features being developed in a short time, mainly through product introduction.  C&C released an ability to time warp the Grouse straight to breeding age and have also introduced the first sex change machine, so you can get that perfect bird for your collection.  You can interact with your grouse by clicking on them to receive a menu.

FAQ (included until a website is developed)

How Do I Set Up My Grouse?

Rezz out the home object and food bowl.  Arrange your live Grouse or eggs around the home object and click for a menu.  Choose unpack and your live grouse will rezz immediately, eggs will need to be unpacked and then birthed all using a similar menu.  Once the grouse are rezzed click on the home object to activate them.

Can I take Grouse and Eggs Straight Into Inventory?

No both grouse and their eggs must be packaged using the available crates and eggcups, these are both available free via vendors or the store.

When Will My Grouse Breed?

Grouse will breed after 7 days although you can speed that process up by purchasing the available Time Warp crates.

C&C Team

Cog Zeplin & Chloe Farquart – Creator/Owner

Rizzyd Ragu – CSR

There is also a 6 member board consisting of:

Jewell Kirax
Rizzyd Ragu
Roby Earnshaw
Jai Thistle
Arielle Carpaccio
DJ Quad

C&C Creations Website coming soon


C&C Creations Store – you will find regular competitions and an MM board with Grouse related prizes here, so worth a look.

Join the C&C Creations group for support and chat.