Clamables Clams

Clamables entered the Breedables arena in May, 2010 with the release of their breedable Clam.  Chiman Fassbinder is the creator of the Clams, a low lag and pleasantly small maintenance breedable.  There are special clams regularly available and you can breed rare clams with variations in polish and luster.  The clams have both a menu and HUD which gives more detailed information.  When you touch your clam the shell will open and float out some bubbles, this will turn off after 30 seconds and close the shell once again.  The clams can be named and the food comes as a pair of reef rocks with seaweed floating in the middle, a very suitable breedable for beach display.  July, 2010 saw an update that changed the appearance of the clams considerably and they are looking better than ever.

Clamables 101 Manual

Clamables Team

Chiman Fassbinder – Creator/scripter
Goldenstar Sands – Sculpter
Arabella Cinquetti – Business Manager/Accountant/Research & Development
Ray Habercom – Web Design

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