Eco-Life first appeared rather mysteriously in June, 2010 with the arrival of billboards in breedables markets around SL.  The first release of bears occured in August, 2010 with the first Beta release of a Grizzly Bear, followed by a 24hr special Panda Bear offered to those willing to give a donation towards the Eco-Life project.  American Black Bears have also been mentioned as one of the first releases.  The premise of Eco-Life is a system that allows the residents of SL to create various and unique eco-systems, through the use of different technology, breedable animals, plant life, and avatar care.  There is said to be the opportunity to introduce different combinations of life with varying outcomes from those choices.  Eco-Life is supported by a number of Eco-Life Guardians and the growth of an Eco-Life community is mentioned although it is unclear in what form that would take at this time.

There is expected to be a follow on of plants and other animals that can be bred, raised, and sold to other Eco-Life residents. It is said these animals will require care and attention to properly be introduced back into the wild (another mysterious statement).  Some of the other mysteries mentioned in the original Eco-Life information which I look forward to seeing more revealed are:

Eco-Life plants will allow residents to grow life from the soil. Doing this you can create amazing landscapes, farms, or even just a small garden to make a few extra bucks from your produce. You will be able to feed yourself, and even give some produce to animals as a snack.  We will be offering a vet hospital for all our customers . Sometimes your bear or other animals may become sick, and over the grid medicines may not do the trick. Your pet might need visit the vet to recieve annual check-ups, to make sure he/she is growing strong and healthy. This will be part of the care-takers job, as every bear in Second Life will be different.  We will be releasing in the near future a system which you can join and begin to take care of your avatar and living a more realistic virtual life. Join our Update group to learn more infomation about this release.  Join our volunteer program!  Eco-Life’s Volunteer program allows for the users of eco-life to remain an active part of our effort to bring more interaction to the players of Second Life.  Volunteers can even become future guardians. Our volunteers help other Eco-Life users, along with the development of Eco-Life.  How to become a Guardian?  Guardians of Eco-Life hold alot of responsibility looking after Eco-Life. We like to fish around in our volunteer program, looking for future guardians. But you never know, you might just be a bigger help in Eco-Life than you think and get picked. We could after all be watching.

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