EcoGen sees the first release of a breedable ecosystem, starting with Tulips and continuing with a Beehive and then Snails that both support the tulip lifecycle.  EcoGen has been developed by Essex Aristrocrat, although it was long in the developing and testing it became more apparent inworld around June, 2010.  This breedable system is based on combining specific genetics to create new breeds of tulips and also snails.  The tulips can reproduce both asexually, producing more of the same variety and via cross pollination from use of the EcoGen Beehive.  There is some chance of producing a rarer variety of plants and cross pollination can add a totally new breed to your garden.  EcoGen flowers (there is talk of Daffodils and Roses in the future) require a garden mat and for the snails to reproduce they require a snail rock.  The bees support the tulips by introducing new genetics into the mix, the snails eat dead tulips and reproduce therefore contributing to the ecosystem.  All are accessed via a menu and deliver genetic information via chat.

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