HuDu Plushies

The HuDu Breedable Plushies are based on the XS openscript with a very unique twist.  They are VooDoo dolls that make a scary racket whenever you are near.

(Starter Info Card)

Welcome and Hi!

HuDu is the newest beta of a breedable on the market. We are bringing you a Unique opportunity to breed your stuffed animals.  The first line is our VooDoo Dolls, these little guys (as will all plushies) start their first day as parts of the doll and through your nurturing they will grow into their standing form in 24 hours from hatching.

Please note that if you take a doll into your inventory they will die.  Same with the Pumpkins.

Free Pumpkin cups and Tombs for the  live dolls will be available inside of the main store at Moon of Love – Chicken Chatter Box Farms

Some Random things: Sex is random. So when hatching an pumpkin you will not be able to determine the sex till they are born.

Colors are random for pumpkins being hatched .

Updates will come from time to time and boxes and/or pumpkin cups will be provided.

Any questions please contact

Ivana Platzmann

Louisa Darkstone

Celestine fairey ( french support also)

Starter Kit comes with
one male and one female live doll, and four solid solid color eggs- red, blue, green, and violet.  Also a food dish with 200 food enough for one doll for a week.