HunnyBunny’s were launched in January, 2010 by Hunny Larimore and Bunny Tremor.  They are a fantasy bunny with an Easter Bunny theme that come in a full spectrum of colours.  There are regular special Limited Edition bunnies released such as the Chocolate Easter Bunny, St Pat’s and Vday Bunnies, these bunnies have special breeding habits as well as specific coats.  HB are the first to set an official minimum price for their animals, this is currently set at 100L in a bid to stabilise the market for their breeders.  They are currently working on a new update that is said to change the entire look of the bunnies and some of the features.


HunnyBunny Team – taken off HB website yet to be confirmed

Hunny Larimore – Co-Founder and CEO of HunnyBunny

Bunny Tremor – Co-Founder of HunnyBunny

Doc Bunjie – Master Coder

Jon Haskell – Master Sculpter/Bunny Textures

Talyia Tarber – Packaging Textures

Rachel Breaker – Mainstore Designer

Jennyl Jameson – Head CSR and Assistant to Hunny Larimore

Anaya Shelman – CSR

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