Magic Pets Sparrow

MP Sparrows are the first breedable release by Gather Magic of Magic Pets.  The Sparrows are created using the XS open-source script, having already gone through beta testing, they have been in development for 2 months as bugs were worked out of the product.  The Sparrows are accessed via a menu.

MP Sparrow Release Info

FAQ (until website is developed)

How do I set up my Sparrows?

Rezz your home and make sure the range is set in the Description.  Rezz the Eggcup and click on it.  Click “Unpack” in the menu to rezz the egg.  Click the newly rezzed egg and click Hatch in the menu.  The Sparrow will come out of the egg and be transformed with it’s colours.

How does the menu work?

When you click on your Sparrow, a blue menu will appear:  Sound, Turn the sound on/off; Sleep, This will allow your Sparrow to skip sleeping, clicking it might make your Sparrow feel less comfortable and it might get sick;  Name, Name your Sparrow; Box, Put your Sparrow in a Transport Crate;  Trade, This is a future function, not active yet; Nothing, Leaves the menu.

Can the Sparrows or Eggs be taken into inventory?

Don’t take Sparrows and Eggs into your inventory, They will die!  Put the Sparrows inside a Transport Crate and the Egg into an Eggcup first.  Then you can take them into your inventory.  The Sparrow can be kept there for a short time because the hunger will increase. The Eggs will not expire.

Can the Sparrows Die?

They will die when they are not fed and the hunger amount reaches more than 30.   Sparrows will die if they aren’t 5 days.

When will they Breed?

When your Sparrow reaches the age of 7 after 7 days it can reproduce.  Eggs hatch when you tell them too in the menu. Eggs will not expire.

Magic Pets Team

Gather Magic – Creator/Owner
Johan Neddings – CSR
JanaDiana Loon – CSR

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