MicroPetz Pigs

MicroPetz released their first breedable pig into open beta in June, 2010.  They were soon after released openly although they have gone through a series of updates.  There are seemingly endless possibilities in breeding and currently breeding results are random, although there are some coats/eyes that are clearly rarer.  The breedable name is MicroPetz and the pigs did start very small, there is now the option of growing the pigs using a cookie with 5 different growth options.

MicroPetz pigs are accessed via a extensive menu by clicking on the pigs.

MicroPetz Team

Brighton Merryman – Owner/Scripter/Product Development/Administration

PrOpAiN Electricteeth –  Owner/Designer/Administration/Theory and Product Development

Laura Waco – Support manager

Support Reps:
leta Helstein
Deosil Darkfold
Tony Wassep – Dutch Support Rep
Stef Cormer – French Support Rep

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MicroPetz sim

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