Mystic Creatures Fairies

Thank you for purchasing a Mystic Creatures Pet! Mystic Creatures is a division of Evo Breeding Company and fairies are the first of many pets to be released in Second Life.

Fairies are breedable pets, which, if provided with food and care, will produce many generations of beautiful fairies for your enjoyment.  Evo Breeding Company will not interfere with any secondary market that evolves from the breeding of pets, but will attempt to keep the pets interesting with feature additions and new designs.

Evo Breeding Company’s Pet System is designed for interactivity between current and future Mystic Creatures Pets. We hope you enjoy all the pets we have planned over the coming months.


Fairies are magical MYSTICal creatures that love mischief. A fairy does not need another fairy to breed. (It’s magic!) What they DO need is food. A fairy will not breed if its hunger is above 0 so keep them well fed!

Here’s a good place to start for information on how the fairies work!
Join the Mystic Creatures – Breeding Pets group. You will find Customer Service Reps and extremely helpful breeders willing to help with any questions you have. If you can’t find a solution through the group, email with as complete an explanation as you can give on the problem you are having and we’d be delighted to get in touch with you.


We have tried to make the fairies as intuitive as possible, but there are always things you need to know. Here’s a list of quick short answers to most of those questions:
Fairies live for 6 months.
Some very rare fairies will live forever.
Fairies do not need a male to mate with to have an egg. It’s magic!
Fairies need to be 3 days old before they have their first egg.
Fairies can have 1 egg every 3 days.
Different items enable your fairies to have better chances of having eggs.
Fairies must be within range their food. (See range settings)
Fairies will fly a default distance of 5 meters from their birth site.(You can set the ranges higher.)
Fairy ranges can be set to 1,2,3,4,5 & 10 Meters
Fairies can fly around without collisions (phantom) (Physical movement is coming soon)
Fairies can lay eggs when they are attached to you.(worn) (The eggs will not be attached)
Eggs that your fairy breeds will hatch in 5 minutes.
Fairies can be set to breed or not breed.
Fairies can eat when they are attached to you.
Fairies can roam around. (The distance they roam is defaulted to 5 meters but can be changed by setting their range. )
You can set a fairy’s home.
You can send a fairy home.
Fairies respect sim boundaries.
You can name your fairy.
You can turn status hovertext on or off.
Starter kits only contain Common Fairies. You must breed them to get uncommon or rare fairies.
Fairies and Eggs are No copy, no modify,but are transferrable.
Food is no copy, no modify, no transfer.

Breeding your fairies

Breeding fairies is quite easy because for some Mystical reason, they do not need a mate.
Fairies breed once they reach 3 days old but they cannot breed if they are hungry.
Fairies must recover for 3 days after breeding before they can generate another egg.
Enhancement items will be available from time to time and can influence breeding.
Fairies must be convinced to breed. (Look in the fairy menu for the BREED button)
Fairies can be given a rest from breeding or be kept as pets. (Look in the fairy menu for the NO BREED button)
Fairy eggs will not hatch on their own. (Click the egg and select START BIRTH)
Some things you need to know…….

Don’t disturb a fairy while it’s in the process of laying an egg. Never pick up a fairy or egg during this time. (Rumor has it that the last person to disturb a fairy while in labor is now a decaying tree stump on the edge of a remote forest. )

An egg takes 5 minutes to hatch into a fairy. If you start an egg birthing and pick it up during  the 5 minute wait, you will have to start it birthing again next time your rez it.
The egg will disappear when the fairy is born from it. Be sure to let the fairy rest after being born. Never pick up a fairy or egg once the birthing process starts. The egg or fairy will show hovertext warning you. If you pick up the egg or the fairy during the end of the birthing process, it might hatch a less than perfect fairy.

Have fun with your fairies and remember that if anything goes wrong, send an email to e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will be more than happy to help! There is a great support group called Mystic Creatures Breeding Pets where you can get quick answers from a Customer Service Rep or other breeders.

Mystic Creatures Fairies can roam around and reach food based on the range they are set to.

The ranges allowed are 1,2,3,4,5, & 10

Think of a circle with the fairy in the center, and the center is where their home is set. If they are set to a range of 5 (default setting), they can go 5 meters from their home in any direction, east, west, north, south, up.

Be sure the fairy’s food is placed somewhere within that circle so that the fairy can reach it to eat. Hungry fairies go into distress.

To set the range:
Click on the fairy
Click on the RANGE button
Choose a range distance.

Breedable Pets such as Mystic Creatures Fairies must eat to keep up their strength.

Food comes in one variety but different sizes to fit your needs.

Every food will have a count of the number of bites it holds.
Fairies eat 12 bites per day.
There is no distinction between Pet food (non-breeding) and Breeder Food.
You can set your fairy to NO BREED if you choose not to breed it. There is no penalty for setting a fairy NO BREED or BREED from the menu.

Food disappears when it runs out.

If a fairy runs out of food, it will take 8 days until it starves.
A Fairy will not breed if it is hungry.
If a fairy reaches 100% hunger, it goes into distress.
This does not mean it is dead. It is merely starving.
Once you put out more food within the fairy’s range, it will start eating once every 5 minutes until it is no longer hungry.
It will remain in distressed state until it reaches 0 hunger.
Fairies will not wander if they are distressed.
Once it reaches 0 hunger, it will come out of distress and be able to breed if it is set to BREED in the menu.
There is no limit to how many times a fairy can go into distress, but to come out of distress, it must eat its fill.

Food can be purchased from Mystic Creatures Main Store or any of our affiliate vendors at stores throughout SL.


Your fairy will live with you for 6 months. During that time they can breed happily and brighten up your life, roaming around your garden or forest. When a fairy reaches the ripe old age of 6 months, it will hear the call to end its visit. Fairies always leave a little magic behind wherever they go, and when they do, you will notice a magical offering in their place. We have plans to enhance the fairy game by allowing you to trade in these offerings for credit towards future items. It would be wise to keep what the fairy leaves you and store it in a safe place.

Evo Breeding Co. / Mystic Creatures Team

KhrysT Neox – CEO
Dartagan Shepherd – CTO, Lead Programmer & Engineer
Lorissia Fraisse – CSR Manager & Project Lead
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