Sibotanical Breedable Plants



***         OVERVIEW                     ***


Sibotanical is a journey. Through careful observation, experimentation and a bit of luck, you can blend the properties of five plants together. Generation after generation, new species can be developed, which become more and more strange magical and unique.  Working alone or trading with others, the goal of Sibotanical is to find the evolutionary path that leads to one amazing destination.  Will you walk that path?


Sibotanical plants are breedable plants, that can be combined together to create new, strange and magical plants.

It begins with five “generation 1” plants. You can purchase any of these plants from a Sibotanical vendor. Each of these plants contain a different energy.

Voraticus – Energy of Hunger
Illuminus – Energy of Light
Ocularis – Energy of Sight
Volitaris – Energy of Colour
Audibilius – Energy of Sound

These energies are present in all sibotanical plants, and are blended in different ways.  You can blend any two of these generation 1 plants to see if a new  generation 2 plant can be created.

HOWEVER, it is important to note that not all combinations will work. Some plants when combined will not produce a new plant belong to the next generation. It is a matter of experimentation and observation to find the correct combinations that produce new plants.

One thing is for sure. You will discover if you persist that, as you go deeper and deeper into the generations of plants, they become stranger and stranger! The five energies of hunger, light, sight, colour and sound blend in interesting and unexpected ways!

*** IS THERE A GOAL ? ***

Yes. Sibotanical has a goal. As it evolves other goals and hidden areas will unfold, but there is one overriding goal that you are moving towards.


Sorry but that would be giving it away! Hidden and rare plants will eventually become available through new combinations of plants. However, there is a main path for evolving plants that you will need to follow to reach the final goal. Whilst we won’t give away the steps you need to take, we will say that all five generation 1 plants are needed to produce the plants that lead to the higher generation plants and the final destination.


Firstly, you’re going to need two ore more generation 1 plants to get started. The easiest way to get these is to purchase them from a Sibotanical store. Whilst eventually you will need all five generation plants if you wish to work through all of the plants needed along the path, it is possible to start with fewer.

Once you have your plants, your first priority will be keeping them alive! To do this you will need to water your plant every 48 hours to keep it alive.

PLEASE NOTE THOUGH… this does not cost you money. The good news is that a watering can with a permanent supply of water comes with your Sibotanical starter kit. Provided you can water those plants once every 48 hours, they will stay alive. Please note that if you are not sure that you will be able to water the plants regularly, you may wish to invest in a sprinkler system, or form a cooperative group of gardeners with your friends.

If you take care of your plants, then soon it will develop a clone. If you combine that clone with the clone of another plant, and place both in a Sibotanical pot, then you have a chance of creating a new plant which combines the energies of both its parents.

Bear in mind, (with perhaps some hidden exceptions that might evolve in time) only plants of the SAME generation can bring new plants into life. This means you should breed generation 1 plants with generation 1 plants, generation 2 plants with generation 2 plants and so on).

And remember, if you don’t have the plant itself needed to produce the clone, there may always be someone in SL selling them!


No. You absolutely won’t. This is a crucial thing to bear in mind. You can only find your way through the evolutionary tree of plants through experimentation. It is up to you to discover what the combinations are.

Having said that, careful observation will give you some inkling as to which combinations are more likely to yield results. It makes sense to talk to others involved in the path so that you can learn from others. Pay careful attention to the characteristics of each plant, experiment, and you WILL be finding amazing and potentially valuable new plants in no time.


Yes! In fact, as you move higher into evolving new plants, it may make more sense to trade with others than to evolve every combination. It will be useful working with others not just from the standpoint of trading plants. For example. one higher level plant produces magical seeds. These will be very useful, and will be explained later.


Yes. There are tools that can help you along the path.


Fertilizer speeds up your plants growth to maturity. Applying fertilizer to your Sibotanical plants increases the rate at which you can obtain a “clone” (which is a cutting of the plant) and attempt to pair it with another clone.


Sprinkler systems automate the process of watering plants, and operate within a ten meter radius.


Magic Seeds only really come into play when you have advanced to generation 3 Sibotanical plants. At this level, if a magic seed is used when a pairing is attempted, the chances of producing a higher level plant are dramatically increased.


This section provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to acquire, look after, breed and hopefully evolve your Sibotanical plants.

A warning though: Sibotanical is not a random collection of plants that you can easily produce. Sibotanical is a puzzle, with a set purpose. As a result these instructions don’t tell you every little detail of how to produce the plants you need. You’ll need to experiment, discuss with others and pay attention to the hints that we out out there from time to time ;-).



There are five energies in all Sibotanical plants. These five energies weave through every single Sibotanical plant, in different combinations. These five energies are Sight, Hunger, Colour, Light and Sound.

Each of the level one plants represents one of these energies, as follows:

Ocularis: Energy of Sight
Voraticus: Energy of Hunger
Volitaris: Energy of Colour
Illuminus: Energy of Light
Audibilius: Energy of Hunger.

As your plants evolve you will see these energies evolving, and the names for these energies also changes to reflect the evolved state of the plant. For example, the Voraticus plant which represents hunger may be evolved to the point where its identifying name becomes Carnivorus. These energies and the names associated with these energies will provide you with important clues as you experiment with your plants. IMPORTANT: pay close attention to the names given to the plants. These will provide you with clues as you evolve your plants to higher levels.


As the game progresses it will be very important for you to keep track of your plants. You will need to know their health, the generation they belong to and the dominant energy they possess. You can get all this information simply by left clicking on your plant. Hovertext will appear which provides you with key information about the plant.

Let’s take this example.

SIBOTANICAL 15 Volitaris
Last Watered: 1 hour ago
Ready to clone in: 59 hours

Looking at this information line by line, this is what we can learn about this plant:

SIBOTANICAL 15 Volitaris

This means that this SIBOTANICAL plant belongs to generation one, and is the fifth plant in that series. Its name is Volitaris, which means that its dominant energy is the energy of colour (see above).

Last Watered: 1 hour ago

This is pretty self explanatory. It means that the plant received water an hour ago, and that it will require another watering within 47 hours.

Ready to clone in: 59 hours

This means that in 59 hours, your plant will be able to produce a “clone” which can be used in conjunction with another clone to produce a new plant.


This means that the plant has been well maintained, and kept watered. It is a quick indicator that all is ok with your plant, and no action is currently required to keep it alive.

** GETTING STARTED – Acquiring Your plants **

Armed with this basic information you are ready to get gardening, and walking the path!

The first step is to get hold of some generation 1 plants.

Whilst you don’t need ALL five plants to get started, please note that you may not get any result out of owning just two. Not every plant combination produces a new plant. For this reason, we recommend that at the very least, you start with three of the above generation 1 plants. This way you have more of a chance of being able to breed them, right from the start.

Note also that, as the game progresses, higher generation plants may be available for sale by people involved in the program. You may wish to take a shortcut and try to acquire these.

The easiest way to attain starter plants is to come to any Sibotanical store, and make your purchase. All five of the generation 1 plants will always be available at a Sibotanical Store. If you purchase the deluxe starter pack, you will also receive one of the generation two plants, to help you along your way.


Water is the key here. If you don’t water your plants at least once every 48 hours, they will die. When a plant dies it simply disappears and you will not be able to restore it. For this reason it’s crucial that you keep your plants watered.


The good news is, water is freely available. With every new plant you purchase from a Sibotanical store, you will receive a watering can. This can never runs out of water. All you need to do to water your plants, is to wear the watering can and wait for the particle stream of water to appear from it. Then you simply walk up to each plant, and stand over it, ensuring that the water from the can falls onto the plant. If you then left click on your Sibotanical plant, in the hovertext you will see how many hours until the next watering is required.

Separate watering cans can also be purchased from the Sibotanical store, if you wish to enlist your friend’s aid in keeping your plants alive.

IMPORTANT: these watering cans never run out. You do not need to purchase an ongoing supply of water. You simply need to wear the can and water the plants manually every 48 hours.


There are automated watering systems which you can purchase from a Sibotanical store. If you place one of these within ten meters of your plants, they will be kept alive by the watering system.

Again, these systems never run out, so if you purchase one once, then it will permanently provide your plants with the water they need to survive, PROVIDED these plants are within ten meters of the watering system.

The automated watering system comes in the form of a sprinkler or a pump. These items perform exactly the same function. However the sprinkler produces particles and the pump does not. For this reason the pump is a subtle and less resource intensive way to keep your plants alive. They perform the same function.

To use them, simply rezz them near your plants. Ideally they would be located centrally, with the Sibotanical plants arrayed around them.

Using either manual watering or automated watering systems, you will be able to keep your Sibotanical plants alive.


The most important rule of thumb here is that GENERALLY, a pairing can only happen when plants of the same generation are combined. In other words, certain combinations of two generation 1 plants will allow you to create a generation 2 pant, and certain combinations of two generation 2 plants will allow  you to create a generation 3 plant, and so on.

There may well be exceptions to this rule at a later date. Plants from different generations might produce very strange hybrids, but we can guarantee you that these will be VERY hard to find by mere chance. Hints will be dropped at a certain point, so that those who are paying attention will have the chance to potentially open up whole new evolutionary paths that have been hitherto hidden.

You can determine what generation a Sibotanical plant belongs to by clicking on it. The hovertext above it will give you information about the status of the plant, as well as its name and identifier.

* CLONES – or cuttings *

The basic ingredient of any pairing is a “clone”. A clone is a small plant that is produced by an adult Sibotanical plant when it has reached maturity. You can check on when a plant is going to reach maturity by left clicking on it. You will see the number of hours left before a clone is produced.

When this time has counted down to zero, the plant is ready for harvesting. left clicking on the plant will provide you with its clone. Once you harvest the plant of its clone it will begin the process of maturing one all over again.


If you wish to speed up the maturation process you can purchase a syringe of SIBOTANICAL Fertilizer and apply it to your plant. For a space of 24 or 48 hours, your plant will enter a period of heightened growth. Simply rezz the fertilizer and click on it. All plants within a ten meter radius will experience rapid maturation.


When you have two clones from two plants that are of the same generation, you are ready to pot them.

When you have two clones, you need to obtain a (free) SIBOTANICAL pot from a SIBOTANICAL store or from the starter kit you received with the Sibotanical plant that you purchased.

To use the pot, rezz the two clones you wish to attempt to pair in front of you. Rezz the pot near them.

– click on the pot. A hole appears in the earth.
– Click on your first clone and you will see a seedling coming from the earth in the pot.
– Click on your second clone and you will see that the seedling in the post now has leaves.
– either then click on a magic seed if you are pairing generation 3 or above plants and wish to increases your chances of a successful pairing, or just type “skip” in chat.

If you do this properly the plant will disappear after a short time. Clicking on the pot will tell you the status of the growing plant. All you have to do now is make sure that the plant is kept watered every 24 hours, and hope that you have found a correct combination!

After a period of time has elapsed, click on the pot. If you have found a successful combination you will receive your evolved plant. If you have not, then you will need to start another pairing process, using a different combination of clones.


If you are pairing generation 3 plants or higher, then you have the option of using a magical seed when you perform a pairing.

To use a magical seed, rezz it on the ground along with your pot and two clones. After clicking on your pot to create a hole in the earth and then clicking on the two clones to plant them, you then have the opportunity to click on the magical seed. This will then be added to your clones, and you will have a significantly greater chance of obtaining a successful result.


If you have successfully paired tow compatible plants, and take care of the plants to the point of maturation, then the plant will be ready to yield to you the new generation Sibotanical. To do this, simply click on the plant when it has reached maturity, and you will then receive a plant in your inventory. Rezz the plant and you are ready to continue.


With this information you will be ready to walk the path of Sibotanical. However, stay alert. New hints may well be released through the Destiny Blue Designs and Jennifer’s Jewelry groups (if you have not joined these groups we recommend you do so!). Completely new undiscovered areas may open up in the future. Watch this space.

You can join the Destiny Blue Designs group by coming to the store and using the group joiner.

*** CONTACT US ***

Sibotanical is the product of Jenniferz Vita and Alexith Destiny. If you have any questions or comments please IM either of us

THANK YOU! We hope you enjoy walking the path.

Jenniferz & Alex

Sibotanicals Store

Unique and interesting breedable plants.


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