Wyrmwood Breedable Pets

Quick Info

Here is some general information to help you understand Wyrmwood Faeries:

  • Faeries live for 6 months.
  • Some very rare faeries will live forever.
  • Faeries do not need a male to mate with to have an egg. It’s magic!
  • Faeries need to be 3 days old before they have their first egg.
  • Faeries can have 1 egg every 3 days.
  • Different items enable your faeries to have better chances of having eggs.
  • Faeries must be within range their food. (See range settings)
  • Faeries will fly a default distance of 5 meters from their birth site.  (You can set the ranges higher.)
  • Eggs that your faerie breeds will hatch in 5 minutes.

Step by Step for Beginners

When you purchase your fairy pack or fairy breeder pack, you will receive an object containing all the fairy eggs and food.
Open the bag and choose copy to inventory and it will copy all the contents to a folder in your inventory.
Be sure you are where you want your fairies to be, and rez the food.
Now rez an egg
Click the egg and choose birth.
Within 5 minutes you will have a beautiful fairy flying around.
Be sure to keep food around for your fairies. If they do not have food for 8 days, they will go into distress.
You can set the food to feed only your fairies, fairies in the same group as the food or anyone’s fairies.

That’s all you need to do!

Eggs are different from breed to breed.
Eggs can be safely taken into inventory.

Fairies who have lived their lifetimes will go through a metamorphasis. They change into a magical sparkling crystal & spread their magic.
Mystic Creatures has a point system planned for the future that will give you a fairy point every time a fairy morphs. So save your crystals! They could be valuable someday.