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BioBreeds | Events

BioBreeds Events For June

Tuesday, June 7   Labs and Beagle Races.  3pm

Weds, June 8.        Individual Hunt  2pm

Thurs, June 9         Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races  3pm

Tues, June 14.        Lab and Beagle Races   3pm

Thurs, June 16       Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races  3pm

Fri, June 17             Tai Chi with Ozzie  (Q and A)  6am

Mon, June 20         Best Dog Photo Contest   (TBA)

Tues, June 21         Labs and Beagle Races.   3pm

Tues, June 21        Dog SHow

Weds, June 22       Our first Team Hunt  2pm

Thurs, June 23       Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races   3pm

Tues, June 28         Labs and Beagle Races.    3pm

Weds, June 29       Best Attachment Contest  2pm

Thurs, June 30        Pug, Shepherd and Shiba Races   3pm

How to race your dog.

1. Take your dog to the finish line and you will see a wide Blue prim with lane numbers on it. SET HOME on top of the number prim.

2. Tell your dog to follow by saying the dogs name ‘<name> follow’ then walk to the starting line (marked as red prims) and stand on the yellow circles.

3. Edit your dog and line it up to the red prim so its front paws just touch the edge of the red prim facing the finish line.

4. Type in your local chat bar {WITHOUT HITTING ENTER!!} “<name> go home” then wait for the signal announced by the race official at that particular race – Then enter “<name> go home” so that your dog runs for the finish line!

Congratulations you have successfully raced your dog! Good luck.

The BioBreeds Team.

BioBreeds Park


BioBreeds | Update on the Horizon

BioBreeds will be releasing a new update sometime this week.  I have been involved with the beta testing of the new gameplay aspects of the BioBreeds dogs and I think you will find them to be very interesting and enjoyable.  German Shepherds and Dobermans are the latest teasers at the store, so keep an eye out for them in the future.  The BioBreeds dogs are becoming more and more interactive, now adding a hunting ability and I know there are already dog races taking place on the grid.  There is also the Treat Tree being released at this update, which is a very unique way to introduce a new boost to the dogs life.  The trees grow acorns, which convert to a meaty treat when clicked on.  There are also whispers of other aspects of the dogs life being introduced in the future, what they might be I’m unsure of.  For those dog lovers out there I think they will find the activity abilities combined with the opportunity to breed there own puppies will make this breedable very relevant to a wider audience in the long run.

We are very pleased to announce the coming features and changes that Update 2.0.0 will bring to your BioBreeds dogs, check them out below!

New Features and Abilities:

* Males will have 5 seeds ADDED to them during the update (regardless of how many seeds they currently have left)

* DE-SEED – Males will have the ability to remove 5 seeds after updating if you choose you do not want those added seeds (eg: a Pet Dog at 0 seeds could be reduced back to 0 seeds again with the click of a button)

* The ability to HUNT! You will be able to instruct your dog to look for/sense objects or avatars while you walk around. All you will need to do is say in local “<dog name> find <object/avatar name>. We will also be holding hunts for you to participate in if you choose to.

* ATTACHMENTS! You will be able to get a free attachment making kit to create your own ONE PRIM attachments for your dogs (full instructions included in the kit) We will also give some starter attachments away and sell some others in the stores.

* HEAVEN – we have created the ability to send your dogs to heaven in exchange for points. These points will then be used to purchase items from Heaven such as food, treats and other items (still adding to and preparing the Heaven items).

* TREATS – We are releasing treats to boost happiness (5% boost per treat) that will in turn speed up your breeding process some if you choose to use them. Fertility is dependent on happiness, so a boost to happiness (max 10% boost at any given time) will help to build fertility a little faster. The ‘find’ feature (HUNT) is also affected by happiness, the happier the dog, the greater the sensor range is to locate items.

* TREATS TREE – There will be a treats tree available to purchase from our stores that will grow over a period of 7 days (average) before it starts producing acorns. Each store bought tree will come with 28 acorns that will drop over a 2 week period (2 treats per day) after the tree has matured. Acorns that have dropped to the ground can then be converted to treats! Once your tree has run out of acorns you will be able to pay your tree to renew the amount of acorns it has and it will continue then to produce more acorns (without having to wait the 7 days for maturity of a new tree) Trees are No Transfer, Treats are Transfer. (Acorns that are not touched, converted or picked up within 4 days from falling off the tree will poof).

* BONDING! The ability to bond a male and a female has been implemented in the update. Once you have bonded 2 dogs together they will only mate with each other when their stats are right to mate. If you change your mind after bonding… don’t worry, you can UNBOND! Simply select UNBOND from the menu of the bonded dog to break their bond.
NOTE: Bonding is a two way process. You would bond BOTH dogs to each other. So you would click bond on your male, select the female you want him to bond with, you would then select Bond on THAT females menu and Bond her to that male – this is referred to as a ‘hard bond’ FULL DETAILS will be provided with the update. (Future updates will break the bond and your dogs will require re-bonding after updating).


Update Notes – some of the fixes and changes:

* Fix applied to the Breeding with Anyone’s setting.

* Fix applied to the food bowl setting of Anyone’s.

* Fix applied to males mating multiple times in one breeding cycle.

* Change to puppy boxes so they chat the stats first before offering the pedigree link.

* Some changes to the menu buttons.

* Change to follow command – your dogs will now follow closer and randomly in front and behind you.

* Change made to pregnancy and cooldown hours left display. (0 hrs will only display if there has been a problem birthing. 1 hr pregnant = up to 1 hour remaining till box appears)

* 0 seed sick dogs will be HEALED upon updating them.

* Change to the 0 seed dogs requiring a portion foodbowl – they no longer require portions to be in the bowl after updating.

* Change to Hover Text on food bowls and Updater – You can now TURN OFF hover text on your food and updaters as well as your dogs and puppy boxes.


When your dog has been updated the settings will default. What this means is:
– The home point will be set to where your dog is when updated (make sure to set home next to the food or update in range of food).
– Range will default to 5 m
– Movement will default to OFF.

BioBreeds Main Store

BioBreeds | Epic Shiba Inu Fundraiser

Special Epic Shiba Inu

BioBreeds have released their Epic dog, the Shiba Inu.  An NC was released inworld with information concerning the release.  All proceeds from the sale of these dogs will go to help the people in Japan, who have suffered tremendously in these past weeks.  This dog is native to Japan, and was made by a sculpter in Japan specifically for this release.  We will send complete details of which charity or charities we have chosen on Monday.  The Epic Shiba Inu will be on sale for a limited time.  Following the sale, we will let you all know how much was donated.  Our goal is total transparency in this.  This is a great cause.  So please consider purchasing these beautiful dogs.  Our donations will be made in the name of all of you in The BioBreeds Group.  After the Epic release, we will be adding the Shiba Inu to our line of dogs.

from Wikipedia
The Shiba Inu (柴犬?) is the smallest of the six original and distinct breeds of dog from Japan.
A small, agile dog that copes very well with mountainous terrain, the Shiba Inu was originally bred for hunting. It is similar in appearance to the Akita, though much smaller in stature. It is one of the few ancient dog breeds still in existence in the world today.

Starter Shiba Inu

It is a very handsome dog for a worthy cause.  So take this chance to get yourself a special BioBreeds dog.

BioBreeds Main Store

BioBreeds | Mini Hunt!

Friday morning (12 AM SLT) through  Sunday evening (12 PM SLT) we will hide not only hunt items (items provided as a free gift from each of the locations) but 150 Dog Vouchers as well! 3 of those dogs will be special TRAITED dogs.

Let me give you the details:

1) Each participating  BIOBREED merchant location (an updated list is below) will have a hunt item.  Somewhere on the parcel will be hidden a WHITE dog bone, inside will be a free gift available to all that find it!  Each location will have a different gift totaling 16 in all.

Here is a picture of what you will be looking for:

Hunt Item Bone

2) As a special bonus, each location will also have a handful of DOG Vouchers hidden within very special RED dog bones (50 per day), totaling 150 in all.  These are a first come first serve basis,  once they are found, they are claimed.  Hidden throughout the entire weekend, at random times, creating no need to rush to any location at a specific time.  We designed it with the intention of it being FUN and not a competition.  🙂

Once found you will need to buy the bone (at the zero cost they are set to) and then TAKE it. Remove the voucher inside and contact either Trinity Vuissent or Dallas Arkright to redeem.

Here is a picture of what you will be looking for:

Dog Voucher Bone

************Now for the RULES***********

Each location is a place of business, please do not share locations of any items within local chat. If you are with friends as you search, please keep all hunt locations in personal IM’s.

Each item found is a GIFT, should you find yourself unhappy with an item found, simply delete it.  Please do not go to the creators for changes, copies or complaints.

ONE dog voucher per person.  This does not mean one per person per day.  We want as many people to  have the chance as possible, therefore we will be keeping track of those vouchers turned in.

Trinity Vuissent and Dallas Arkright are the contacts for these vouchers.  Should neither be on for some reason, please send a notecard, and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Last but not least:


NOW for your locations:

BioBreeds Park

Second Homes

BioBreeds Market

The Village

Breedables Farm

Second Farm Market

Ranch of Dreams

~*Briarwood Farms*~

Simply Breedables Market

Cheeky Kitten


Jewels Pet Paradise

The Farm

Woof N Wags

Sunset Farms

BioBreeds Main Store

I hope we all have a blast this weekend!

(Notecard from BioBreeds).

BioBreeds | Looking Ahead

BioBreeds Mainstore

What a year 2011 will be for BioBreeds and its group!  We will be releasing shortly of course.  But that is just the beginning.  Here is a short list of just some of the things we hope to get off the ground this year:

We have created a tree and a plant at this point.  Both the tree and plant will generate fruit of some kind.  This will be able to be used as a snack for the dogs.

This is just our first small step in creating an interactive environment. We plan much, much more this year. Our goal is to make it possible for you to have both animals, flora and fauna all interactive in some manner, mirroring nature.  And this in turn, will allow you to attempt to produce, as much as possible, a self sustaining environment.

Stores created by foxmenn Cortes of FC Creations

We would like to see this become an end in itself.  With a new motive for raising dogs, and other things we create, to be, to create this system.  All of it alive.   All of it interacting.

We plan a game around our creations.  While not completely formulated, here are some thoughts on how it will work.  Part of the game will offer you various ways to gain points.  And with points, a move up in rank.  As you attain the higher ranks, you will gain rewards. With the highest rank, you will be able to donate a cash award to your favorite no kill shelter, right in your home town.  If you choose, you will be able to split the reward.

BioBreeds Sim

One way you will gain points, is to turn in your excess dogs.  Another way, perhaps, will be to breed and keep certain tattoos that show up, until you have them all.  Another way may be to have your dogs participate in hunts.  For hunts, your dog will recognize things within a certain pre-determined range.  Winners obviously gaining a nice point reward.  Other ways to gain points may include other contests, the attainment of combinations of dogs, special assignments you perform for the group, the purchase of certain items and other things.

Our non-profit plan:  We intend to make contributions, through a nomination process, using our Kennel Club Members, to contribute to small NPO’s that operate no-kill dog shelters, or the like.

Phone app.  At some point this year we will introduce a phone application, where you will be able to tend to your dogs with your phone.  Or just show your friends,

This is just a taste of what we plan.  2011 will indeed be the first year in “The Next Generation of Breedables!”


Swimming Dogs

BioBreeds | Loyalty Club Program

If word of the BioBreeds Loyalty Club has perked your ears up in curiosity as it has mine, you will be happy to find out the ins and outs as supplied below.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The BioBreeds Loyalty Club ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are happy to announce this program!  Become a BioBreeds Loyalty Club Member simply by purchasing a voucher which offers several advantages, including a discounted price and you can get your dogs two days early!
As time goes on, other offers will be available to BioBreeds Loyalty Club Members!
And other opportuinities to join will arise.  This offer is for a limited time.
We will have vendors open for this purchase on Friday!  And it will end two weeks from that day!  Locations and times to be announced.


* 20% Off the purchase price of starter and breeder packs!
* Be the first to start breeding-you can redeem two days prior to release.
* Get one additional seed per dog (breeding cycle) to breed from your Loyalty packs.
* Be added to the BioBreeds Loyalty Club. We will have Loyalty Club special offers from time to time.


What you will be purchasing is a voucher for either a starter pack of BioDogs or a breeder pack of BioDogs at a discounted rate-20% off the release price. This voucher will be redeemable prior to release.

Note:  You are NOT purchasing actual Packs with dogs in them.  You are purchasing a VOUCHER which allows you to redeem them for your packs 2 days prior to release.

Join The Group:

Be sure to join the BioBreeds group as we will be announcing through the group when you will be able to start redeeming your packs (2 days prior to release) and we will also add you to the BioBreeds Loyalty Club role in the group.  If you have purchased a BioBreeds Loyalty pack and have not been added to the BioBreeds Loyalty Role in the group, please send a NC with your name and BioBreeds Loyalty Club purchase date to Ozzie Drucker or Charity Goldfarb and we can confirm and assign you to the role.


We will send a notice through the BioBreeds main group and the Subscrib-o-matic group with the locations and date for redemption of your vouchers. Redemption will begin 2 days prior to Full Release.

Release Date:

We hope to release in early January, but these things can vary, so the release time is not guaranteed. We rely on testing.  So all things going well, it could be sooner than early January or it could be later.  We will continue to keep you informed all the way through this process.


A starter pack will include 5 dogs. 3 females, 2 males.  And enough food for one week.
Regular Price~~~~~~~~~L$ 2200
Discount 20%~~~~~~~~L$ 440 (your savings)
Price after discount~~~~L$ 1760

A  breeder pack will include 10 dogs. 6 females, 4 males and enough food for one week.
Regular price~~~~~~~~~L$ 4160
Discount 20%~~~~~~~~L$ 832 (your savings)
Price after discount~~~~L$ 3328

Slurl: BioBreeds Display

BioBreeds | Of Pugs and DogHouses

BioBreeds Pug.

One of the things I love doing is picking people brains (not literally) and so one of the reasons I love blogging is because I regularly get to do that.  I had a good time quizzing Ozzie Drucker on his upcoming plans recently and so he wrote some things down for me to share with you.  The most exciting news being, one of the first dog breeds being released will be the Pug :)) how cute is that.  I’m just so thankful this one won’t dr00l everywhere like the real thing.  Read on for the lates BioBreeds news.

BioBreeds plans to rez its latest creation!   A Pug!  When available, we will send a notice for the various locations our model dogs can be viewed.  This is our second breed, and, as this year wears out, we will be creating many, many more, paying close attention to what our group is asking for.  We also currently have a contest going on for the Best Dog House!  The winner will have their Dog House rezzed on our home sim, BioBreeds.  And receive a plaque and a linden prize for their efforts.

BioBreeds Labrador.

We remain committed to realism.  Our aim is to create the most realistic breedables on the grid.  And to bring Life into Second Life!  As we do this, we feel we will be embarking on a journey that will create a whole new generation of breedables.  And, as time goes, not only change the landscape of the breedables “game”, but also that of Second Life.

The Dog House Competition has started.

Biobreeds Store