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Ozimals | Strangelings Preview Meeting

Yesterday I attended the Ozimals Strangelings preview meeting. Wow! Where do I start?

Strangelings Preview MeetingPrior to the meeting the Ozimals Orientation region was closed, so the Strangelings could be rezzed and positioned. Upon arrival in the regular meeting area it was evident that the Ozimals team had been busy. The entire meeting area had been transformed into a rocky swamp in theme with the 3 teasers which had been sent out previously (see teaser #1, teaser #2 and teaser #3). Displayed amongst the rocks were a sampling of beautifully textured Strangelings.

The first thing that caught my eye were the vibrant colors of the textures. Next I noticed all the variations of the Strangelings, at least those that were displayed. The base Strangeling will be very fox-like in appearance. However, through breeding, the Strangelings can have different attachments called Aspects. Some of those shown were Wings, Dorsal Spines, Horns, Unicorn Horn, Webbed Hind Legs, Hoofed Hind Legs, Scorpion Tail and a tail that to me looked like a Lion Tail. These definitely do not resemble any other breedable, current or past.

Ozimals Strangelings Preview

“With Strangelings, we really wanted to step outside the realm of realistic animals into a more fantastical place – the Aspects give breeders the ability to create pets right out of their own imaginations and we can’t wait to see what people come up with!  Our development team did a fantastic job making a creature that looks very different from anything you’ve seen before, and we only displayed a few Aspects at the meeting.  There’s so much more to show you, keep watching.”

Candy Cerveau, Ozimals

Strangelings Preview     Strangelings Preview     Strangelings Preview

More images can be seen on my Ozimals Strangelings Flickr Set and also many others have been adding their own pictures to the Ozimals Flickr Pool.

If you were unable to attend the Ozimals Community Meeting Strangeling Preview you can read the  meeting notes posted on the Ozimals Community Forums. There was a lot of information shared with more to come in future meetings. Speaking of future meetings, shortly after the Strangelings preview meeting was over the following notice was sent from Ozimals to their groups …

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the community meeting tonight! Apologies for the sim meltdown – we had to stop raising the limit at 70 but luckily we were able to split the group onto two sims to accomodate most of the people who wanted to attend. If you weren’t able to get to the meeting but still want to look at the Strangelings, we are leaving them out for the next 24 hours or so. Don’t forget, next week we reveal the other project we’ve been working on… Join us 6/27 at 6pm SLT for the details!

So stayed tuned into Ozimals as they reveal yet ANOTHER project next week!


Just Quickly

I just wanted to quickly let all my Lovelies in SL know that I am safe and well. Those of you that know I reside in North Queensland will be aware there is a Category 5 Cyclone on it’s way to my place. Thankfully I was already out of the area, visiting family in the previous disaster zone, Brisbane.
My pretty pouch travels with us so all is safe, the only concern I have is for Mac, my computer, but he will just have to take care of himself for the moment.
I hope to return home by Friday, depending on just how much devastation Yasi leaves behind. Until then all I can do is wait and wonder.
Being unexpectedly kept away from my breedables has once again brought to mind something I have been wanting to write about which is the best and worst in Breedables when it comes to leaving them when you go away. I would love it if you breedables lovers out there would share which breedable you think is the best and worst when it comes to leaving them alone. Whether it be because you can just box them up and shove them in inventory, or they have food which lasts a long time, which do you think are the most convenient?
Please email me (can be found on the sidebar) or leave a comment. If I get enough I will compile them in a post about Breedables on Ice, lol.
Your Aussie on the Breedables Beat,
Tracy Sparrowtree

Cyclone Yasi

Seasons Greetings from Binc.

Merry Christmas to all our Readers.  May you have a peaceful and joyful time of celebrating with those you love and those that love you.  It has been an exciting and eventful few months in the world of Breedables and Binc has enjoyed the chance to bring you the news and views on SL Breedables.  It has been a challenge to keep up with even a small amount of the rapid growth and change that has been taking place but we hope that you have enjoyed being a part of Binc as much as we have.

In celebration of the Christmas season and as a gift to you, we decided to do something a little special.  Breedables Inc. has set up a Holiday Expo at our new HQ at The Farm Market.  We put out a call for creators to come together and offer all Breedable Lover’s everywhere something to tickle their tastebuds.  If you are interested in Breedables and would like to learn more, this is a good chance to make a start on a new hobby also.  There is a range of different gifts, some of which might get you started on a new breedable journey or send you in the right direction to find out more.  We are still waiting on some Teams to set up, so go and take a look at your leisure, the gifts will be there until Boxing Day.  A big Thanks to those Creators that have so kindly donated their time and creativity.

SLurl: Binc HQ Christmas Expo

Happy Thanksgiving from Breedables Inc.


There is one thing I truly believe is important in life and that is to be thankful and show appreciation for the special people in your life.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to wish those in the US a Happy Thanksgiving and say a special Thank You to all the Breedables Creators and Teams out there that enhance our Second Lives.  I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the breedables community and having the opportunity to contribute in my own little way by keeping Breeders informed and hopefully introducing some newbies to the joy of SL Breedables.  I have come to appreciate the hard work that is behind the scenes for anyone involved in creating and releasing a Breedable and sadly have come to know of the insane level of abuse these people can often come under.  So on this Thanksgiving Day regardless of what country you are in, lets all take the Thanks part of Thanksgiving seriously and say thank you to those that work so hard (even if you don’t see it) to contribute to SL Breedables.

A big Thank You also goes out to those breeders that work hard to create a stable and friendly market for the various breedables represented in SL.

I encourage you to find something positive and thankful to say in groups, or please feel free to comment here.  I am usually open to voice opinions, even if they are negative, but on this particular post I will only be approving positive comments.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Binc Grouse

Breedables Inc. has it’s own very special Grouse, provided by Cog Zeplin of C&C Creations.  The Binc Grouse is a special edition which is for Breedable Inc. Fans.  You can get your own by sending a notecard to Tracy Sparrowtree or popping a letter in the mailbox at Fruitful Farm.  Also, if you would like to support the Blog and get the word out about Binc, please contact me for a sign to display at your farm, store or stall.

Welcome to Breedables Inc.

This blog is attempting to fill the void created by the recent closure of The Chicken Diaries.  It is still in development and will be opening as soon as possible.  The first couple of days of September seems the most likely date possible, but we are well aware of all the news happening as the clock ticks.  So keep an eye out for some breedable news goodness here at Breedables Inc.