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KittyCatS | Birthday Kitty

Birthday Kitty’s for everyone! Yayyyyyyy!

There is a free Kitty available for every sl resident, yes everyone.  They can be found at the SLB8 display for KittyCatS.  It is a special “Magic Birthday Cat”.  The box includes a week of special “birthday” food, and accessories.  Like other specials it is only available for a limited time, so grab your before 2nd July.  It is a genesis cat underneath the special costume and I’m unsure if it will be revealing any new traits, although that has been the norm with other specials.

Click on the Top Hat for your KittyCatS Kitty...

This is a good opportunity to introduce your friends and relatives to an adorable breedable and I’m sure many new breedable lovers will look back to their start being discovering KittyCatS at SLB8.

Did you also know there are new portable Kitty Snacks for Kitty’s on the Go?

Happy Birthday Second Life From KittyCatS!

Pick up Your Kitty….


KittyCatS | PermaPet Sale

The KittyCatS have their Perma-Pet Pills on sale this weekend.  This means they are 50% off but they still cost 900L or 2250 K$.  Your Kitty’s need to be 120 days old to apply them and it will change your kitty into a non-eating, non-breeding pet.

I think the perma-pet idea is a great one, but I’m not so keen on the price.  My starter kittys are nearly 120 days old now and I really was going to buy some pills and give them eternal life, not that they are special in breed but they sure have worked so hard for me and given me a bunch of great kittys.  After considering the price though I realised it would be a much wiser use of my L’s to just go ahead and say bye bye and buy another Starter Pack for 599L if I had the money.  While I think that generally the prices of the KittyCatS vitamins, accessories etc are very reasonable I think this particular accessory is excessive in price.  I can understand that profits are lost in the making of a permapet, but it is unlikely people are going to run around making all their kitty’s permapets because that defeats the purpose and thrill of breedables.  On the other hand sl is always second place to rl and accessories like permapet pills, huds and vitamins can make breeding in sl more convenient and are a service to the breeders that will continue to support a breedable company over time.  The people that are going to make a kitty into a permapet and then go on their merry way were unlikely to ever breed in the first place.

Certainly this sale is a great opportunity for those breeders that have alot of Kitty dollars, or who have been waiting and wanting to turn their pets into permapets to take advantage.  Certainly my opinion may not be a popular one and I do appreciate that there is an option to turn the kittys into a permapet, which is something that more breedables should be adding I think.

KittyCatS Main Store

KittyCatS | Relay For Life Kittys

On May 14th KittyCatS released a special Kitty for the Relay for Life event, benefiting the American Cancer Society.  The new Kitty is the Season of Hope collection, which is themed for the seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  The artwork is original and of the high quality that has become the norm with KittyCatS.  The Kitty’s will be available until July 17 and there are 4 new eye colours being released in the collection and the Seasons of Hope KittyCatS can carry one of the 4 New Eye Colors in the collection as their secondary Eye genes.

Seasons of Hope KittyCatS

There is also a new breed and/or coat as part of this release which can only be discovered through breeding.  The new traits will be in normal starter packs after the Relay for Life event.  The Kittys come with their own matching special collars and include two week’s worth of food and an exclusive set of specially designed texture change furniture made by Barnesworth Anubis.  The specials are random but boxes are trans and there will be a swap held at the KittyCatS store today at noon SLT.

Big Kittys on Display

There are a number of places you can pick up the Kitty, and you will find those in the info nc available in the group.  The display area is very impressive though and well worth going to take a look at.
KittyCatS Display

Home Expo

KittyCatS | Update 1.05

The KittyCatS update has been released in the nick of time.  Some updates turn up out of the blue, some updates seem to be a saving grace for the breedable, this update sort of feels like they were sitting back and waiting for the panic to start till they pulled it into view with a TaDa!!  I started to hear about the KittyCatS sky falling shortly after my return from being away and it really is such a relief that there is a happy kittycat ending to this story.  The new excitement in this release is noted below from the notecard released in group.  Another new happydance moment for me was discovering the collars have been released.  I have been patiently (sort of) waiting for the release of the promised Kitty Collars, which we have previously only seen on special releases.  I wasn’t let down by the release of a sweet variety of collars for a reasonable price (phew) which makes them very tempting to add to your favourite kittys.  My favourite Kitty is my starter, she’s just a plain ol’ kitty but she continues to give me rockin boxes time after time.

Kitty Collars

I do breed KittyCatS and love them dearly, the hold option is so cute and I love to sit my kittens on my shoulder as I go about my business.  I feel sort of guilty that I don’t mention them here on the blog often enough, but I do find it hard to blog about breedables I am actively breeding.  Strange I know.  I think it has something to do with the emotional involvement I have as a breeder and I don’t want to use the blog to pout about my personal experience, although I am sometimes tempted.  I rarely have the need to pout about the KittyCatS mind you, although I was disappointed at the cost of the HUD considering most breedables supply them as part of the package.  KittyCatS are a sweet breedable with many features I am impressed with, their marketing strategy being one of them.  KittyCatS have managed to draw alot of new people into the game by reaching out to non-breeders which I see as the only long term method of making a breedable sustainable.  Breeders are always looking for a bargain and shoot themselves in the foot by lowering market prices in the determination to get those low prices.  Fashionistas that are used to paying 3000L for a new skin or 1000L for a new outfit have a different outlook on spending money in SL, so kudos to Callie Cline and the team.

Melting Moment, my Kitty brings me a ball!

I absolutely heart the new activity that is part of the update and I so want a teacup kitty.  My girl Coco was a little slow to begin but once she started chasing the ball, that magically appeared, around the yard and then picked it up in her mouth and brought it too me I almost melted into a puddle of Kittylove.  There hasn’t been any news of a special Easter KittyCatS but if there is I hope they are for sale after the weekend or I’ll miss out and that will certainly be a pout moment, lol.  Now for the news:


★  Introducing:  The Menagerie and our own currency: The Kitty Dollars (K$) !!

The Menagerie is a place where KittyCatS! live and play in bliss forever. When you send a KittyCat (or kitten box) to The Menagerie, you will get in return “Kitty Dollars” (K$) that can be spent at the KittyCatS! store. Each KittyCatS sent in will reward you with K$50, or 50 Kitty Dollars. The age, type or health of cat does not matter, and yes, this means you can send in sick cats as well.  The ability to use your Kitty Dollars will be available next week when all our vendors are updated so you can pay with your “KittyCash” or Lindens.  In the future we will have exclusive items available only with Kitty Dollars. You can check your “KittyCash” balance on the menu at anytime by clicking on your cat and then clicking “Menagerie”. Exchange rate for the K$ to the L$ is 2.5 :1, which means 2,5 K$ are 1 L$.

★ Introducing:  “Let’s Play!”

 A new interaction where you and your KittyCatS can play!  Your KittyCatS will run and play with a ball you throw, then bring it back to you! Loads of fun! (*note: the throw animation was made by IsabellaGrace Baroque of Olive Juice)

★ Introducing: TeaCups & Toys:

 Teacup & Toy KittyCatS will be our counterpart for RL Teacup & Toy cats. These are miniature cats, even when they are full grown! The chances on birthing a TeaCup or Toy KittyCat are entirely random. All current KittyCats can give birth to TeaCups or Toys, so no need to buy new starter cats.  TeaCups are the smallest and Toys are a bit bigger, but not as big as normal cats. For some pictures & Info about RL Teacups & toys, check: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/teacup-cats.html
& http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwarf_cats (toys are mentioned only briefly, but its a common expression in the breeding world.)


★  Talk button: turn On/Off your KittyCat’s ability to say things about your shoes & how wonderful you smell…
★  Tool to remove collars available in the store next week at no cost. This means your boy cat wont be saying in the future, ‘Why did you put this girly collar on me?” 0h, hmm if it did, you could always turn of its ability to talk.
★   Boxes broadcast their information to a channel one time when born. This should allow the development of 3rd party tools that detect new boxes. (information can be requested from KittyCats Resident)
★  For KittyCatS HUD owners: Position is now shown in the info output when you click the stats part of the HUD. This is an easy way to teleport to your kitten. (note: fully updated KittyCatS HUD which reflects the new options will be sent out  next week to HUD owners.)


★  Character Limit for names is now 50. Existing names longer than 50 characters will be kept.


★ Perma-Pets™ will sleep now (oops…)
★ Boxes that are transferred to someone else can now be renamed.
★ Cats will set a new home position when “dropped” on a different sim if they were attached.
★ Appearance for cats which had been sick more than one time is now correct when they are healed or made into Perma-Pets™.
★ Sides of collars fixed.

That sums up our second update! Again, thank you for your continued support, feedback and enthusiasm! Enjoy!

The KittyCatS! Team.


In the coming 24 hours your cats will start to show an “UPDATE ME”  tag.
As soon as they do, the UPDATE button will be available in your cats menu to obtain an updater.
As of that point, you have 2 weeks to update your cats.
Make sure you have about 30 prims available when you run the updater.

EASY AS 1,2,3 updating steps:

1. Click the “UPDATE” button in the menu of your cat and it will give you an updater.
2. Rez the Updater
3. Click the “can of Update” and watch it as it updates all your cats and boxes!

No need to move cats, re rez them, group them, travel to sandboxes, pull your hair, or anything! It’s REALLY that easy. 🙂 yay!
All settings for your cat will be kept, including the group. Only if you had a cat or box for sale, you will have to put them for sale again…

Update to v1.05 is here!

KittyCatS web

KittyCatS sim

Review | A sampling from Sax Shepherd Designs

I was recently gifted with some fantastic new products to review by Eidolon Sideshow of Sax Shepherd Designs! These items are from both the Meeroo Nook and Spoiled Critters lines. I’m beyond excited to review these for you, so let’s jump right in!

Meeroo hollow log shelter:

Meeroo Hollow Log shelter by Sax Shepherd Design
Meeroo Hollow Log shelter by Sax Shepherd Design

The first item is the part of the Meeroo Nook line, and one of my personal favorites. It’s a huuuge (see me in the pic? yeah! It’s THAT big!) hollow log, with turkeytail mushrooms along one side. Flowers, mushrooms, and nice full grass fill out the sides; and ivy reaches along the offshoots. All in all a gorgeous item! I was quite pleased with the quality of the sculpts used, and the texturing was well done, allowing this item to feel quite cozy despite its large size.

Cost: 450L for transferrable, 1275L for copyable

Prim Count: 24

Meeroo Forest Oasis with Mystical Pond:

Mystical Forest Oasis w Mystical Pond by Sax Shepherd Designs
Mystical Forest Oasis w Mystical Pond by Sax Shepherd Designs

Another gorgeous item in the Meeroo Nook line, this forest oasis takes the first slot on my affection chart. The water is downright hypnotizing (I keep getting distracted by it!), and the plant life is very well done and natural. It looks beautiful whether you put it to use for Meeroos or not… I know I’ve already employed mine in my garden! Those of you who love to terraform (like me), will love the fact that there’s more of the hill than what I show here, which will allow for easier blending with hills and other landscaping.

Cost: 575L for transferrable, 1495L for copyable

Prim Count: 23

Meeroo Portico:

Meeroo Portico by Sax Shepherd Designs
Meeroo Portico by Sax Shepherd Designs

The last of the items I have to review from the Meeroo Nook line is the Meeroo Portico. The portico is a great use of natural materials, and only five prims. It’s a nice size for both Meeroos and people, and brings loads of landscaping potential; I can’t decide if I want to use mine to make an outcropping for a mountain, a desert oasis, or a little hangout in the ruins!

Cost: 450L for transferrable, 850L for copyable

Prim Count: 5

Spoiled Kitty beds:

Spoiled Kitty Beds by Sax Shepherd Designs
Spoiled Kitty Beds by Sax Shepherd Designs

On to the first two of the Spoiled Critters items I was given for review! The Spoiled Kitty rocker bed in Chartreuse (left), and Spoiled Kitty sleigh bed in Crimson (right) are both quite pretty. They have a medieval feel, which I find to be relatively rare in breedable accessories, and yet I think they’d still work well in more modern environments. While fairly simple, they make a subdued statement, and should keep your kitties in comfort without taking up too much visual space.

Cost: both are 50L for transferrable and 250L for copyable

Prim Count: 5

Spoiled Fishy basic round fish tank:

Spoiled Fishy basic round fish tank by Sax Shepherd
Spoiled Fishy basic round fish tank

And finally, the last item from Spoiled Critters is the basic round fish tank. I was rather impressed with how nice this looked, considering it’s meant to be the basic tank! I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that it has the option to turn on bubbles (coming from the clam, of course), to have bubbles and sound, or to have neither on. The bubbles are nicely done and care was taken to ensure they don’t clip through the tank walls, and the sound is of a good quality, even for this stickler.

Cost: 150L for transferrable, 500L for copyable

Prim Count: 13


You can find these fantastic items and more here:

Meeroo Nook

Spoiled Critters

Many thanks to Sax Shepherd and Eidolon Sideshow for the opportunity to review their fantastic new products!

Product Review | Ray’s Katz

Visit Ray's Katz for cute Kitty products.

I found these adorable products while looking around Carter’s recently.  They are for the Kitty’s in your sl, although they could be used for any number of decorating opportunities.  Ray’s Katz has a stall at Carter’s as well as a Main Store where you will find KittyCatS on sale as well as RayRay Shippe’s adorable creations.

Kitty and Me Cupcake Tree
mini Kitty Mushroom Meadow
Cup O' Kitty Teacup Bed

I love them all, but as a teacup collector this is a special favourite.  The product below is a supercute upcoming new release.

Sweet Strawberry Kitty Seat

Ray’s Katz

Kitty Cattery Bid Board Auction & Charity!

Sookie Slafford and Alia Whitfield of Kitty Cattery is hosting it’s first bid board auction at their store.  Tons of cute kittens are available to bid on and at very reasonable prices.  Two kitties are on raffle as well, for a mere 100L you have a chance at a domino with earth eyes and mysterious ears and a second raffle also 100L for an domino with azure eyes and plush tail, what a steal!  What makes this bid board auction special is that they have donated three cats to benefit Pacific Crisis Fund, 100% of the proceeds will go into helping those in need right now!  I have seen so many generous donations and couldn’t let this bid auction go unnoticed.  Up for charity is an adorable Burmese Champagne with Illume shade, a purple valentines Be Mine and a red valentines I Love You.  Come and check out these great kittens at this adorably cute posh area, your amazing kittens await!  There are so many great traits available I can’t list them all, from red tabby, burmese champagne, to amzing mocha eyes!  You’re teleport awaits you! CLICK HERE to teleport to Kitty Cattery!  You must hurry, you only have mere hours before it’s over at 10pm SLT.

Le Mew Canopy Bed by Kitty Cattery

Two dear friends, Sookie Slafford and Alia Whitfield of Kitty Cattery we’re so kind to let Breedables Inc. do an exclusive first post prior to releasing their newest creation!  So ladies and gentlemen here it is.. Le Mew Canopy Bed, and my gosh is it freaking (can I say freaking on a blog? Whatever I just did!) amazing! Are you ready for this?!

Yes my friends it’s that adorable!  No no, not Hercules, my kitty, the bed!  In all my years of breedables I have never seen such amazing quality go into a product.  Ok enough, on with the review!  This four poster canopy bed with bows comes in a variety of colors, not only does it include a variety of colors, but, it changes by HUD!  No more clicking on a menu and hoping that it’s the one you want… but you can actually see the fabric swatches in the HUD.  Here is what the HUD appears like on your screen.

This adorable bed has six wicker (basket) variations, eight fabric options for the canopy, curtains, bow, and mattress for a grand total of over 24000 possible combinations!  Now that is some bed!  This lovely bed is 38 prims and copy!  All parts of this bed have been hand made, not purchased!  From the amazing realistic and seamless fabric to the quality sculpts!  The HUD was made exclusively for Kitty Cattery.

This bed is brought to you by Kitty Cattery with the help of Scar Ayes of Scarlia, who scripted the HUD from the ground up exclusively for Kitty Cattery.  Scar also made some adorable kitty poses that are available at Kitty Cattery for 150L!  (I think I might have to do a review for these as well!)  Now you ask, how much?  Such great quality, amazing work, fine detail, and can we forget the options?! How much.. you’d think I’d be lying when I said only 600L!  You’re kidding… that’s it?  Nope, and it’s copy!  Use it in auction, at home, on display, in your stores!  Where wouldn’t you put it?  So get yours, they will be released tonight.  I would like to extend a personal thank you to all that helped make this bed amazing, my kitties will surely be thankful.

Kitty Cattery Grand Opening TONIGHT!

That’s correct ladies and gents, tonight at midnight!  Word got around in the Kitty Cattery group that Sookie and Alia have decided to hold the grand opening at midnight (Secondlife Time) so don’t miss out!  I’ve been informed that an exclusive free gift will be available for those who attend the grand opening.  A little birdie told me it’s so unique that there’s nothing like it on the market, the gift will be out long enough for those not there for the opening to hop on over quickly to pick it up!  Don’t panic if you miss the grand opening, I’ll have a follow up blog for everyone who wasn’t able to attend.  I was hoping to prance over there and take a peek at the building but it’s still hidden away until midnight. So for those of you dying to see something, anything!  Check out this adorable gift they sent out the other night to all bloggers….

Orpheus would like to thank Kitty Cattery for their kind and generous gift, he truly feels like a royal feline!  This adorable 14 prim canopy bed for your pets has eight adorable textures and is amazingly detailed.  This is the first gift that Kitty Cattery has sent and you can surely see the amazing work Alia and Sookie have put into their product!


Anyways, I hope to see everyone tonight, take care, love your kitties, and I’ll see you there! [click for SLurl]  Remember tonight at midnight!

Rumor Has It… Kitty Cattery Is In The Works!

Rumor has it, that a new KittyCat gathering place is in the works!  I was chatting with Sookie Slafford owner of Jolly Farm a few days ago when she let me in on a secret, Kitty Cattery will be opening very soon!  Sookie has joined up with Alia Whitfield to create Kitty Cattery, and bring you some amazing works for these new bundles of fur.  For those of you who have visited Jolly Farm know the amazing work of Sookie Slafford, for those of you who haven’t been, I suggest you get there now and see what you’re missing out on!  Kitty Cattery is said to bring amazing new accessories for your KittyCatS.  Sookie has mentioned things that will include toys, beds, and surely so much more!  Here is the teaser that Sookie released just last night.

Sookie Slafford was kind enough to give me an exclusive interview for the blog!  Read on to see what amazing things she has in store for you!

Kirakah Little: What kinds of products will be available at launch [of the store]?
Sookie Slafford: A variety of pet beds, window perches, cat trees, kitty toys, blankets, litter boxes and a special set of Kitty Cattery branded accessories that are still a little hush hush 😛

Kirakah Little: Can we count on some amazing unique collars in the future?
Sookie Slafford: I cannot confirm nor deny the possibility that we might maybe be working on some amazing and unique collars for the future. 😀

Kirakah Little: How do you plan on making these items truly unique?
Sookie Slafford: I think what makes our products unique is the time and detail we’re putting into them. Alia Whitfield while new at sculpting is truly amazing. She’s made some amazing sculpts for our products and she’s really been the innovative brain in our duo. I expect a lot of other businesses to spring up with cat beds and trees but I can promise that we’re going to do it bigger, better and with the utmost attention to details.

Kirakah Little: Anything going on for the opening?  Special gifts? Party?
Sookie Slafford: Yes! Kitty Cattery will first open to our bloggers and they will receive a very special showing and surprise. 🙂 The bloggers and the members of the Kitty Cattery group will receive special freebies never to be sold in the store and only available for the grand opening day.

Kirakah Little: Ohhh exciting!
Sookie Slafford: Yes, it’s very exciting. We really want to give back to the bloggers and to those who join the group early on in support of our store.

Kirakah Little: Will the group cost eventually? If so, how much?
Sookie Slafford: The group will eventually have a cost – as most groups in SL tend to do when a lot of freebies are involved. We’re not prepared to tell everyone the price of the group just yet. 😀

Kirakah Little: When can we expect it [the store] open to the public?
Sookie Slafford: Oh what a loaded question. We want to open this weekend, but let’s face it… we get so close to opening and we come up with more ideas for things we want to make. Most of our products are original sculpts and texturing which takes a lot of time. I’m shooting for next weekend at the latest. Cross your paws. 😀

Kirakah Little: No fair! You’re teasing.  I’m so excited.
Sookie Slafford: Good! We want people to be as excited as we are. 😀 We’ve put so much work into this and tried to keep things organized and easy for the customers. I’m woman enough to admit that the level of detail and the work that’s gone into this is steps ahead of my store, Jolly Farm.

Kirakah Little: Will these items be suited for other breedable cats in SL?
Sookie Slafford: Yes, in fact I think a lot of our items will be suited for pets in general. While we’re in the business for breeding and selling KittyCatS, the items really can be used with any cats… and bunnies too for that matter. 😉

Kirakah Little: Will Alia and yourself be striving to breed certain traits?
Sookie Slafford: KittyCatS are admittedly Alia’s first experience with breedables. 😀 I can’t speak really for her since she’s so new to the concept. Getting into KittyCatS reminds me of when I got into Ozimals a little over a year ago and I expect like everyone else, it’ll be a lot of trial and error – mixing our cats and seeing what we get! Of course eventually it’ll turn into breeding for specific traits but it’s all about the fun for now. We’re just anxiously waiting for our kitties to be ready!

Kirakah Little: Aren’t we all!  We all start somewhere, seeing as KittyCatS are so new, I believe a lot of us will be doing the same.  Well thank you so much Sookie.  We look forward to the opening!
Sookie Slafford: You’re so welcome 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to interview me. That was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to show Kitty Cattery to everyone 😀

So I decided to teleport over to the future dig site (pun intended) to see what my kitty senses could pick up.  The landmark will be the actual Kitty Cattery landing point once the store is in place.  The store itself isn’t available to see, however, you may want to teleport there and join the group as it’s still free.  You can join by clicking the group joiner located here.  Members of the Kitty Cattery group will receive exclusive gifts, promised by Sookie Slafford to NOT be re-textured or colored, true exclusive gifts only available to those members of the group.  So teleport over there and click that group inviter before you miss out!