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Ozimals | Pufflings Preview Meeting

Last week Ozimals held a community meeting to preview their newest SL breedable, Strangelings. Shortly after that meeting a notice was sent out to their groups thanking everyone for attending and announcing another meeting to preview yet another project. Today Second Life was introduced to Pufflings. Unlike the Strangelings there have been no teasers sent, no information released on this”other project” from Ozimals. Yesterday Candy Cerveau made mention in the Ozimals Orations and Updates group chat that the meeting was birthday themed with pastries involved (possibly) and earlier today in a meeting reminder notice this new projects name was released, Pufflings.

Ozimals Pufflings Preview Meeting

The meeting was held in a tent decorated with birthday presents, balloons and towers of creme puff pastries called croquembouche. Glinda and Ozma, who made a rare inworld appearance, had a short dialog as follows:

Glinda: Welcome, everyone, to the birthday celebration of her Majesty, Ozma, Empress of Oz.
Ozma: Hello, and thank you all so much for coming! The royal bakers have made Endless Cake, so there is plenty for everyone, even if you would like a second helping.
Glinda: Every year, Ozma’s birthday is a public holiday in Oz, and the people hold celebrations, but this is the first time the palace party has been a public one. Some of you may not know about some of the events at prior celebrations; Ozma’s friends always plan special surprises for her birthday, and because magic is common in Oz, these surprises are spectacular.
Ozma: Last year there was a PIE. A perfectly normal pie. But when I cut into it–carefully, I might add–there was a troupe of DANCING MONKEYS inside waiting to begin their routine. They danced up and down the table for the rest of the afternoon.
Glinda: Didn’t you like them?
Ozma: Oh, they were wonderful! I just never… thought… well, you know. I thought it was PIE. And though we built a wing onto the palace, with a monkey-sized theatre, sometimes I think we need something different… a cheerful palace pet, something which delights and enchants palace guests.
Glinda: That’s solved, this year: Endless Cake! The not-enough-pie part, I mean.
Ozma looks around the tent, at the gifts piled high and the towers of cream puffs. “I think we have enough cream puffs for everyone to have a HUNDRED.”
Glinda: Then if some of them were to stop being cream puffs…?
Ozma looks curiously at a cream puff. “Stop being cream puffs? What do you mean by that?”
Glinda smiles, and waves her wand. “Happy Birthday, Ozma!”

And with that the creme puffs turned into these round birds, Pufflings, and began hopping all over the floor of the tent.

Ozimals Pufflings

“So these are the Pufflings! Pufflings are, as you just heard, magical animals created by Glinda for Ozma’s birthday.  They love living in the Palace at Emerald City, but they also want to visit other lands beyond Oz and meet new people like you.  If you have had bunnies, the way the Pufflings work will be very familiar.  But we’ve also added many new tweaks to the system based on what you’ve told us you’d like to see, as well as some natural, yet intuitive evolutions to the way Ozimals-style breeding works.

Pufflings will have more of their code based on a server rather than in-world. This will allow much more in-world processing power to be allocated towards interactive features for the birds. However, they will not stop functioning or disappear if the server goes down.  Having this hybrid system will allow us to have less updates and more flexibility to add content and features quickly without disruption to you.  The Pufflings have many different body aspects (such as tails and crests) that can be bred, along with color and feather patterns that will give an incredible variety of choices to your breeding.  We will be talking more about the breeding of Pufflings in our meeting on the 11th.”

More images can be seen on my Ozimals Pufflings Flickr Set and also many others have been adding their own pictures to the Ozimals Flickr Pool.

If you were unable to attend the Ozimals Community Meeting Puffling Preview you can read the  meeting notes which have been posted on the Ozimals Community Forums.


Ozimals | Strangelings Preview Meeting

Yesterday I attended the Ozimals Strangelings preview meeting. Wow! Where do I start?

Strangelings Preview MeetingPrior to the meeting the Ozimals Orientation region was closed, so the Strangelings could be rezzed and positioned. Upon arrival in the regular meeting area it was evident that the Ozimals team had been busy. The entire meeting area had been transformed into a rocky swamp in theme with the 3 teasers which had been sent out previously (see teaser #1, teaser #2 and teaser #3). Displayed amongst the rocks were a sampling of beautifully textured Strangelings.

The first thing that caught my eye were the vibrant colors of the textures. Next I noticed all the variations of the Strangelings, at least those that were displayed. The base Strangeling will be very fox-like in appearance. However, through breeding, the Strangelings can have different attachments called Aspects. Some of those shown were Wings, Dorsal Spines, Horns, Unicorn Horn, Webbed Hind Legs, Hoofed Hind Legs, Scorpion Tail and a tail that to me looked like a Lion Tail. These definitely do not resemble any other breedable, current or past.

Ozimals Strangelings Preview

“With Strangelings, we really wanted to step outside the realm of realistic animals into a more fantastical place – the Aspects give breeders the ability to create pets right out of their own imaginations and we can’t wait to see what people come up with!  Our development team did a fantastic job making a creature that looks very different from anything you’ve seen before, and we only displayed a few Aspects at the meeting.  There’s so much more to show you, keep watching.”

Candy Cerveau, Ozimals

Strangelings Preview     Strangelings Preview     Strangelings Preview

More images can be seen on my Ozimals Strangelings Flickr Set and also many others have been adding their own pictures to the Ozimals Flickr Pool.

If you were unable to attend the Ozimals Community Meeting Strangeling Preview you can read the  meeting notes posted on the Ozimals Community Forums. There was a lot of information shared with more to come in future meetings. Speaking of future meetings, shortly after the Strangelings preview meeting was over the following notice was sent from Ozimals to their groups …

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the community meeting tonight! Apologies for the sim meltdown – we had to stop raising the limit at 70 but luckily we were able to split the group onto two sims to accomodate most of the people who wanted to attend. If you weren’t able to get to the meeting but still want to look at the Strangelings, we are leaving them out for the next 24 hours or so. Don’t forget, next week we reveal the other project we’ve been working on… Join us 6/27 at 6pm SLT for the details!

So stayed tuned into Ozimals as they reveal yet ANOTHER project next week!

Ozimals | A First Look at Strangelings

Yesterday the following notice was sent to the Ozimals groups from Candy Cerveau …

“We’ve been quiet for a bit because we’ve been working hard in the Wizard’s Workshop and now we have lots to show you 🙂  Join us NEXT Monday, June 20th, at 6pm SLT for the resumption of the Community Meetings–this will be a big one! Get a first look at the Strangelings, learn about the upcoming Summer Festival and much more – but here’s a quick teaser to tide you over until then…”

Ozimals Strangelings Teaser

Two other Strangelings teasers have been released prior to this one. I have included both of them below in case you need a refresher or to compare all three side by side. I am looking forward to see more of the Strangelings and also to learn what may be so “Strange” about them.

Ozimals Community Meetings are held in the Ozimals Orientation region at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ozimals%20Orientation/145/174/23

Ozimals | Recent News

Sakura Japanese Relief Bunny

Ozimals are currently offering a Special Japanese inspired Sakura bunny.  The pack contains a random gender bunny and 1 special Nest Dye, the pack cost 995L and 100% of all profits are going to Mercy Corps, see below for more details:

We all are aware of the disaster affecting Japan.  Malk and I have been inspired by so many Japanese residents in SL, many of whom we are lucky enough to call friends. Those we have come to know are some of the kindest and most genuine people we have met, real life or Second Life.

Ozimals has also been embraced by the Japanese community and in this time of need, we wanted to do something to help. We offer our encouragement and hope for the people affected, and to help raise money for the Japan Relief Fund, we are releasing “Sakura” – the Cherry Blossom bunny.

Sakura is a Special Edition Elite pack with one Random Gender Bunny and special cherry blossom nest dye. The bunny has unlocked ears/shade, which means any ear or normal shade can show on the bunny kindled from this nest.  100% of the profits for the Sakura bunny will go directly to the Mercy Corps Japan Earthquake Response fund ( https://www.mercycorps.org/donate/japan ) who partners with Peace Winds, a Japanese charity. (http://www.peace-winds.org/en/)

You can find Sakura for sale at the main store, the satellite store, and on Marketplace.

Ganbatte Nippon

Candy, Malk, and the entire Ozimals Team


Irish Bunneh Special


The Ozimals leprechauns have been dipping into the green beer a bit too much and while they were listening to the group they heard the cries for a St. Patrick’s Day bunneh. So the sneaky bunch ran to the Ozimals workshop and whipped up a lovely green bunny for you!

We tried to be angry with them but the bunny is just too adorable – so Éirinn go Brách and Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Ozimals 🙂

Lucky the Irish Bunneh comes in a St. Patrick’s Day pack that includes a special LE Irish food set unique for this pack (Level 2 food – 1 bunny 30 days) and three 3% energy sweets.  Lucky will be sold now through March 23rd at the mainstore, the satellite store, and on Marketplace.

Wearin’ the green,

Your Ozimals Team


Ozimals Rainbow Game

Top O’ The Mornin’ to ye, Ozimals peeps!  Welcome to the Bunnybury Rainbow Game for St. Patrick’s Day – Please read the instructions below carefully so that you can get the most out of the leprechauns’ pots of gold…Good Luck!

The Rainbow is available free–one per person, please!–from the locations listed at the end of this notecard. If the vendor is red, it is in use; please wait until the vendor is NOT being used by another avatar, and click it ONE TIME only to receive your Rainbow. This vendor gives one item per avatar, and will not give items to any avatar under 30 days old. Please ensure that you are NOT set to Busy or Away; you will not receive your Rainbow.

The vendor will give you a folder called “*Oz* St. Patrick’s Day 2011: Rainbow”. Do NOT unpack or open the object inside called “*Oz* St. Patrick’s Day 2011: Rainbow”; this will break it. Simply rez it where you want it; the first time you rez it, it will automagically jump to the correct height.

Randomly, every few hours, a pot of gold will rez underneath the rainbow. Each time it rezzes, it will remain visible for 30 minutes, or until clicked. If you are lucky enough to see the pot of gold appear, click it, and it will award you free Bunnybury coins (a random number of them, between 50 and 100):

[05:14]  *Oz* St. Patrick’s Day 2011: Pot of Gold: Congratulations, you have been awarded 73 Bunnybury Coins for a total of 162 bonus Bunnybury Coins for the 2011 St. Patrick’s Day Special Event.

Once you have been given coins, a countdown will begin. More pots may rez during this time and clicking these pots will not penalize you, but you may not gain coins from them; they simply give you more opportunities within a wider time frame.

The Rainbow will be active until March 22nd at Midnight PST.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Ozimals Team! ❤


Ozimals Main Store

EaHH | Bunny Auction donating 100% 6pm SLT today!!

I’m really excited by the support Extend a Helping Hand, is getting and the generosity of the International community as they get behind us Aussies at our time of need.  But my ears really perked up when I logged on this morning to discover there is a Bunny Auction being held with 100% of the proceeds going towards EaHH for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

So if you are a bunny breeder, a bunny lover or just have some spare lindens and looking for an original gift get your lindens ready for some bunny-related fun! This evening at 6pm SLT a bunny auction will be held at Shamrock Stables.  There will also be a raffle with lots of fun prizes. You can read more information about the event at http://katjohnston.com. If you’re an Ozimals Bunny Enthusiast, this is just the event for you.  If you are an Aussie or love Aussies this is the event for you.  If you don’t like bunnies, buy me one, just to add your lindens to the pot, lol.

So Run, don’t Walk to Shamrock Stables.

If you just want some awesome fashion then don’t forget to take a look at the Event Hall this weekend!

New NC just in:

14th of January, 6pm SLT at Shamrock Stables.

Extend a Helping Hand has been putting together a great event schedule, and we’re going to kick things off with a bang.

Shamrock Stables is teaming up with Ozimals to present a bunny auction, with all proceeds collected going towards the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. There will be an excellent range of fantastic bunnies up for auction, all donated by some incredibly generous bunny breeders. If you want a bunny that’s just a little bit (or a lot!) special, this auction is for you.

A raffle-board will also be set up during the auction, with some great prizes available, ranging from combo-food to Naughty and Nice packs no longer sold at Ozimals, Elite sets and more.

Also available at the auction will be an incredibly gorgeous outfit available by Silk & Satyr, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the appeal! I’ve had a sneak peek at the gown and it is super cute – a lovely mix of luscious lavender and subtle shades of green and grey.

Make sure to stop by – this will be a bunny auction to remember! It starts promptly at 6pm SLT, so head over now!

Ozimals | Update to 1.4 and Halloween Fun

The promised pre-Halloween Ozimals update was released this week and Halloween Elite Bunnies should be popping up any minute now.  There is also special collectible Halloween food available for a short time and the Ozimals Halloween Scarefest 2010 Photo Contest, oh and not to forget the Halloween Party!!

And don’t forget, the Halloween celebrations are just getting underway. On Saturday, October 30 from 1-5pm SLT, the bunnies will be hosting their very first Halloween party! It’s a Costume Party so don’t disappoint the bunnies! Dress up in your best and prepare to scare us to death, or at least make us die laughing! We will be awarding prizes for the Best Dressed, Scariest, and Funniest Costumes with gifts galore from Ozimals and the merchants of Oz. Who knows, there might even be door prizes just for showing up! So mark your calendars and start dressing now because it is going to be a party for the ages!

Ozimals Update Information


Bunny range is now fixed to allow only up to 100m

New Features

First time users now get a welcome and info message on rez of first bunny!
Updater now announces startup, and explains that it should not be opened into inventory.
Starter pack helpful message on rez as well as auto dialog
Starter pack dialog change to help new users
New Halloween content with Probability increase on nests created and kindled during the period of Oct 27th to Midnight on Oct 31st
New GUID checks to make sure the texture uuid’s are correct (fix for “white heads”)
Internal code preparation for upcoming combination food and Bunnybury.

Ozimals are now offering Sandbox areas for you to update your bunnies conveniently, you will find the SLurl’s in the update notecard.  Once again your food will be fine to use after update, the food doesn’t get updated, but it will tell you of the need to update your bunnies.

****************IMPORTANT NOTES****************

1.  Due to a safeguard put in to make the update process smoother and faster, when your bunnies have been updated they MAY appear “chubby”.  Don’t panic! Simply  re-rez them and they will pop back to normal with no problem.

2.  PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!! THE UPDATE PROCESS WILL BREAK BONDS, RESET PRICING AND RESET HOME POSITION!  Please check that you restore bonds, set home position next to food and reprice if you had bunnies set for sale.

3.  If your update totem gets stuck on a bunny (after 5 minutes, it hasn’t completed)  please TAKE THE CRATE into your inventory and delete the white bunny underneath.  Copy the crate prim description number.  File a support ticket ( http://support.ozimals.com ) and include that crate number for a replacement bunny.  Do not delete the crate until you receive your replacement bunny.

Once you pick up the crate and delete the white bunny, your update totem should move on to the next bunny in range.

The Updater can be found at:

The Ozimals Store

Ozimals Orientation

Ozimals Satellite Store

Halloween Bunny Food

Halloween Update

Halloween Photo Contest

Ozimals | Bunny Basics Orientation

The planets aligned today as I found myself mysteriously arriving in the middle of the Ozimals Bunny Orientation Room.  I had been checking old LM’s and thought I was on my way to silentsparrow, so it was quite a shock to arrive in a blindingly bright room with Bunny posters leaning at odd angles (I love the lime green couch btw).

So seeing as I was there anyway I thought I might as well give it a go.  From the room I landed in there are signs to the starting point and the obvious exit of the Orientation.  There is also a useful board that hands out LM’s to different areas based on questions a beginner might have, like “Where do I find an Update Totem?”  or “Take me to the Ozimals Store”.

The Orientation is filled with gorgeous pictures and menu shots and also has interesting interactive portions.  There are LM’s, relevant and interesting notecards in some of the signs and even useful tools.  The step by step instructions are extremely comprehensive, which is why they are called step by step I suppose.  A big congrats to Flutter Moonwing for all her hard work in setting this up.

The first area covers Bunny First Steps and Setup and the signs are numbered so there is no chance of getting confused or lost.  Some of the other areas covered are Types of Bunny Noms, Bunny Range, Stats, Breeding, Retired Bunnies, the dreaded Hibernation and the not so dreaded Bunnybury.  There are also pictures of the different shades and information on the business end of bunnies like copying your bunny’s id, handling lag and how to submit a support ticket.  There is information on getting more help with your bunnies, the groups to join and a board showing the CSR team members, then it’s back to the beginning.

Well worth having a look at if you are new or old to Ozimals, either way you are guaranteed to come away with something new.  I just had to show you the CSR Teams board because they are such an outstanding looking bunch.  What a great OZ team we have working hard for the bunny’s.

Ozimals Orientation

Ozimals | Non-Required Update

That’s right.  There is an update but it is not required.  It will add genetics, which will be available via Starter Packs, the thing is if you don’t update your bunnies they won’t be able to bond or breed with the updated bunnies and therefore benefiting from the new genetics being released.  There is also a Halloween content being added to an update being released prior to then.

Weekly Ozimals Meeting

Update 1.3F.9

Argent Bug


Limited Support – Labor Day Weekend
Friday,03 Sep 2010 15:26:12 GMT

Hello Everyone! ❤
This coming weekend is Labor Day weekend in the US, and the hardworking crew at Ozimals is being given some time off so that they can spend some time with their families. Support Inworld and in the Ticket system will be limited until Tuesday, September 7th.
Thank you for your patience and support, and have a great weekend!