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Ozimals | Pufflings Preview Meeting

Last week Ozimals held a community meeting to preview their newest SL breedable, Strangelings. Shortly after that meeting a notice was sent out to their groups thanking everyone for attending and announcing another meeting to preview yet another project. Today Second Life was introduced to Pufflings. Unlike the Strangelings there have been no teasers sent, no information released on this”other project” from Ozimals. Yesterday Candy Cerveau made mention in the Ozimals Orations and Updates group chat that the meeting was birthday themed with pastries involved (possibly) and earlier today in a meeting reminder notice this new projects name was released, Pufflings.

Ozimals Pufflings Preview Meeting

The meeting was held in a tent decorated with birthday presents, balloons and towers of creme puff pastries called croquembouche. Glinda and Ozma, who made a rare inworld appearance, had a short dialog as follows:

Glinda: Welcome, everyone, to the birthday celebration of her Majesty, Ozma, Empress of Oz.
Ozma: Hello, and thank you all so much for coming! The royal bakers have made Endless Cake, so there is plenty for everyone, even if you would like a second helping.
Glinda: Every year, Ozma’s birthday is a public holiday in Oz, and the people hold celebrations, but this is the first time the palace party has been a public one. Some of you may not know about some of the events at prior celebrations; Ozma’s friends always plan special surprises for her birthday, and because magic is common in Oz, these surprises are spectacular.
Ozma: Last year there was a PIE. A perfectly normal pie. But when I cut into it–carefully, I might add–there was a troupe of DANCING MONKEYS inside waiting to begin their routine. They danced up and down the table for the rest of the afternoon.
Glinda: Didn’t you like them?
Ozma: Oh, they were wonderful! I just never… thought… well, you know. I thought it was PIE. And though we built a wing onto the palace, with a monkey-sized theatre, sometimes I think we need something different… a cheerful palace pet, something which delights and enchants palace guests.
Glinda: That’s solved, this year: Endless Cake! The not-enough-pie part, I mean.
Ozma looks around the tent, at the gifts piled high and the towers of cream puffs. “I think we have enough cream puffs for everyone to have a HUNDRED.”
Glinda: Then if some of them were to stop being cream puffs…?
Ozma looks curiously at a cream puff. “Stop being cream puffs? What do you mean by that?”
Glinda smiles, and waves her wand. “Happy Birthday, Ozma!”

And with that the creme puffs turned into these round birds, Pufflings, and began hopping all over the floor of the tent.

Ozimals Pufflings

“So these are the Pufflings! Pufflings are, as you just heard, magical animals created by Glinda for Ozma’s birthday.  They love living in the Palace at Emerald City, but they also want to visit other lands beyond Oz and meet new people like you.  If you have had bunnies, the way the Pufflings work will be very familiar.  But we’ve also added many new tweaks to the system based on what you’ve told us you’d like to see, as well as some natural, yet intuitive evolutions to the way Ozimals-style breeding works.

Pufflings will have more of their code based on a server rather than in-world. This will allow much more in-world processing power to be allocated towards interactive features for the birds. However, they will not stop functioning or disappear if the server goes down.  Having this hybrid system will allow us to have less updates and more flexibility to add content and features quickly without disruption to you.  The Pufflings have many different body aspects (such as tails and crests) that can be bred, along with color and feather patterns that will give an incredible variety of choices to your breeding.  We will be talking more about the breeding of Pufflings in our meeting on the 11th.”

More images can be seen on my Ozimals Pufflings Flickr Set and also many others have been adding their own pictures to the Ozimals Flickr Pool.

If you were unable to attend the Ozimals Community Meeting Puffling Preview you can read the  meeting notes which have been posted on the Ozimals Community Forums.


Breedables at SL8B

SL’s Birthday celebrations have started and Breedables are out there celebrating with them.  So far I have found a few Breedables out and about and I will add more as I discover what they are up to also.  So far:

KittyCatS – Free KittyCatS special with food and accessories.

Magic Pets – SL8B Sparrow with food and home.

Click on the tree for freebies and the B'day Sparrow for instructions...

Meeroos – Free HUD available.

Zwicky – Nice set-up with example of Zwicky’s fighting.

Keep an eye out for the Giant Zwicky in the Sky...


Getting an update on the newest changes on the tigers from Welcome to the Jungle seemed the perfect start to a wonderful early summer weekend, and I wasn’t disappointed when I found all the lovely tigers lounging about in the flowering jungle landscape.

Fred tiger from Welcome to the Jungle second life breedable
Forever running endangered destiny, I am Fred and it's a purfect day to meat you, rawr!

Speaking with Shantel, one of the Welcome to the Jungle creators, we were able to learn what new developments have been made and just how CLOSE the tigers are to reaching beta testing.

We’ve noticed there have been some changes to the tiger’s looks and animations–just what have you changed and why?

Shantel – We took a look at the tiger after the focus groups we had and we found that we could strive to higher standards.  We completely redesigned the tigers to be a higher quality more realistic.  We spent hours studying the way a tiger moves, and then we recoded the animations engine to be more life like.

How else are the tigers different than other breedables in second life?

Shantel – The story that our Tigers have over the other animals make them so much more interactive and interesting.  They are true companions and will help in saving there kinder spirts in the wild.  Two tigers meet and fall in love they will bond in a moment.

Can you feel the love tonight tigers from welcome to the jungle
Two tigers meet and fall in love they will bond in a moment.

Shantel – as Caretakers you get to watch the love story unfold.  Our Tigers have personalities and as you can see by the first pictures these are just a few of the personalities were working in.

Daisy tiger from welcome to the jungle
Hello I'm daisy, it's a pleasure to meet you, do you know where I can find where all the cute tigers hang out? I heard there is a place called club den.
Tawnya tiger from welcome to the jungle
Hi, I'm Tawnya check out my brand new coat, don't you think it's purrfect?

Everyone is asking about beta.. how close is it?

Shantel – Well I know that is on everyones mind and I will just say at this time we are very close and here in the states it is mothers day on Sunday we may just have a little surprise for are tiger testers.  Thank you everyone for your support and suggestions on the demonstrations of our future breedables.

SEE the DEMO and apply to be a beta tester HERE

~Nisaa Shilling
~Breedables Inc contributing writer
~Herdy’s Auction Barn and Breedables Manager

Welcoming Tigers to the Jungle

When I was a little girl I thought having a pet tiger would be awesome! As I grew older I learned how impractical that was and settled on a kitten, but NOW things have changed!

Welcome to the Jungle is announcing their first breedable release as the well known, but endangered, tiger!

second life Welcome to the Jungle Tiger

These majestic creatures are joining the breedables community and challenging the competition by taking breedables to the next level!

Interaction is one of the key points with the tigers, giving you something to actually DO with your pet rather than just make babies… which are OH SO CUTE by the way. Not only can you pet and ride your tiger but also play games with it (which raises its stats) such as playing ball together. Tigers are also interactive with each other, and some of the evolving future additions will include training of your pet. Dare I ask if it jumps through burning hoops? Let’s see your other breedables do that!

Second Life Welcome to the Jungle Tiger

Welcome to the Jungle’s main motivation for choosing tigers as their first breedable release is to promote awareness on just how endangered tigers are in the wild. ‘We want our grand-children’s grandchildren to still have them in the wild.’ 20% of tiger proceeds are sent directly to WWF for the preservation of the tigers’ natural habitat, and WWF donation stands are placed at each Welcome to the Jungle locations for 100% donations to WWF.

Tigers are now entering their ‘beta’ testing phase and are currently taking tester applications. Want to be a tester? Grab a landmark to one of the following locations to see the tiger demo:

Just click the demo tiger, and click the ‘join testing’ button that appears. You will automatically be sent a note card to fill out and return. While you are there, join their main group through the same method.

Get involved in awesome tiger cuteness and preservation, and I think Guns N’ Roses said it best, ‘Welcome to the Jungle‘.

Welcome to the Jungle Logo

~Nisaa Shilling
~Breedables Inc contributing writer
~Herdy’s Auction Barn and Breedables Manager

Breedable Events | It’s All Happening!

Well it seems the US is waking from it’s hibernation due to the warmer weather and no doubt also due to the upheaval our world has been experiencing lately.  The Grid is springing with many great events.  Daniel Voyager has listed some of them, and I’m sure there are many more.  I know there is a cool Furry hunt on at the moment, Cover My Furry Butt Hunt!

You will find Petable at the Fantasy Faire, with a very cute special turtle in a lovely store they have set up there.  The Rovees have a Fairy Princess and Shining Knight that are very sweet also.  Matthew Anthony is named as a Sponsor for the Sim Petable can be found on, Exotic Worlds, although I suspect the whole company was the sponsor.  Great Job Petable!  There is an endless array of wonderful things to look at (and buy)  there, but make sure you stop at Petable first, before the lag kills you.

Petable at the Fantasy Faire 2011

Find Petable….

Project Fur has also began and you will find both Ozimals and KittyCatS supporting this event.  There are also a heap of other great vendors with lots of irresistible things to buy (well I thought so anyway).

Tancho Sanke Special

Ozimals have the Tancho Sanke special release Bunny.  While KittyCatS have 2 specials, one you will find at their main store, but you will find both available at the Project Fur sim.


Hope and Compassion Kittys

Ozimals and KittyCatS are next to each other at Project Fur.

And that’s just some of the current Event support breedables are involved with at the moment, not to mention the many breedables that have supported fundraising for Japan in many other various  ways recently.  I haven’t even started on the latest news, and releases that are/have currently happening.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it…..

Ozimals | Project FUR Japan

Ozimals has created another bunny to help raise money for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This time the proceeds will be benefiting the homeless animals left behind by this disaster.

Ozimals has teamed up with Project FUR Japan organized by Blazin Aubret and Tristan Careless. For further details about Project FUR Japan please read their blog at http://projectfurjapan.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/welcome-to-project-fur-japan/

For details about the special Ozimals bunny please read http://projectfurjapan.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/ozimals-has-some-special-bunnies-for-project-fur-japan/.  As of this writing there is no date yet released for the start of this event, the availability of this bunny or its pricing.

* For those of you who searched every inch of the Ozimals regions (you know who you are) after Aeron’s “something fishy at Ozimals” comment in the Ozimals Orations and Updates group chat, well now you know he was probably hinting at this koi inspired bunny.

SL Nights | Enchanted Elven Realm Grand Opening

Enchanted is a Unicorn Retreat.

The new Elven Realm Sim is having a grand opening.  With some well known fanatasy fashion creators selling their wares as part of the opening.  It is a Magical fantasy forest dedicated to the preservation of the unicorn and all woodland fauna  A percentage of donations (and Evie’s Closet sales) will be given to the animal rights advocacy group Friends of the Animals.   Enchanted supports the RL Charity, Friends Of Animals, founded in 1957, it advocates for the right of animals to live free, on their own terms. You can read more on the website.

Please take the time to explore and enjoy this beautiful, “enchanted”, and somewhat whimsical  fantasy world created by Andrek Lowell.   Walk the forest in order to discover all the many hidden treasures!  When entering the dark forest, please change your environment to “midnight”.

There are a few mini quests available to challenge you as you explore this lovely sim.  It operates as a Unicorn Sanctuary and you will see them in majestic poses around the sim.  One particular Unicorn will deliver a quest to you on touch.

The Notecard gives more information on some of the activities occuring:

~Enchanted of Elven Realm’s GRAND OPENING~
A percentage of all donations and proceeds will be given to the Friends of Animals fund
This Saturday, November 20 (all day) will be magical and fun!  Please join us for the official Grand Opening of our beautiful fantasy forest created by Andrek Lowell.  So far, this is what’s happening….

We are having a Photo and Poetry contest in which you may submit either or both the day of the Grand Opening and after.  The contest will go on until Sunday, December 5 and then winners will be announced on December 7.  First, second and third place prizes will be given for each contest.  In order to enter, please do the following:

1.  Photos must be taken at Enchanted and you may submit them to the Enchanted group in Flickr.  Please label them in the description as “contest entry”.  Here is the link in which they need to be submitted:

2.  Poetry must be fantasy themed and inspired by Enchanted.  Please submit poetry on a notecard here in SL and send it to Natalie Montagne.  Please don’t forget to put your avie’s first and last name on the entry!  You may also submit poems to the following email address:  nataliemontagne@yahoo.com

We plan to have more going on too!  I hope to see everyone here!

Elven Realm


Make Him Over Hunt 4

Second Life’s first male only hunt is having it’s 4th installment.  On your journey, you will discover many new and exciting stores that all have one thing in common.  Fashion for us guys!  Having been on one of MHO’s previous hunts, I picked up many quality items and ended up with quite a few new landmarks in my inventory.

The in-world group is a valuable resource even when the hunt is not running.  It doubles as a place for merchants to advertise and announce new releases of their men’s fashion lines.  It’s also a great place to discuss fashion or ask questions if you are looking for something in particular.

Make Him Over 4 runs from Monday, September 20th through Wednesday, October 20th.  That’s a whole month to complete this hunt.  There is no excuse to miss this one, fellas!

The Official Make Him Over Blog

Join the Make Him Over group in SL