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Getting an update on the newest changes on the tigers from Welcome to the Jungle seemed the perfect start to a wonderful early summer weekend, and I wasn’t disappointed when I found all the lovely tigers lounging about in the flowering jungle landscape.

Fred tiger from Welcome to the Jungle second life breedable
Forever running endangered destiny, I am Fred and it's a purfect day to meat you, rawr!

Speaking with Shantel, one of the Welcome to the Jungle creators, we were able to learn what new developments have been made and just how CLOSE the tigers are to reaching beta testing.

We’ve noticed there have been some changes to the tiger’s looks and animations–just what have you changed and why?

Shantel – We took a look at the tiger after the focus groups we had and we found that we could strive to higher standards.  We completely redesigned the tigers to be a higher quality more realistic.  We spent hours studying the way a tiger moves, and then we recoded the animations engine to be more life like.

How else are the tigers different than other breedables in second life?

Shantel – The story that our Tigers have over the other animals make them so much more interactive and interesting.  They are true companions and will help in saving there kinder spirts in the wild.  Two tigers meet and fall in love they will bond in a moment.

Can you feel the love tonight tigers from welcome to the jungle
Two tigers meet and fall in love they will bond in a moment.

Shantel – as Caretakers you get to watch the love story unfold.  Our Tigers have personalities and as you can see by the first pictures these are just a few of the personalities were working in.

Daisy tiger from welcome to the jungle
Hello I'm daisy, it's a pleasure to meet you, do you know where I can find where all the cute tigers hang out? I heard there is a place called club den.
Tawnya tiger from welcome to the jungle
Hi, I'm Tawnya check out my brand new coat, don't you think it's purrfect?

Everyone is asking about beta.. how close is it?

Shantel – Well I know that is on everyones mind and I will just say at this time we are very close and here in the states it is mothers day on Sunday we may just have a little surprise for are tiger testers.  Thank you everyone for your support and suggestions on the demonstrations of our future breedables.

SEE the DEMO and apply to be a beta tester HERE

~Nisaa Shilling
~Breedables Inc contributing writer
~Herdy’s Auction Barn and Breedables Manager