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Ozimals | Pufflings Preview Meeting

Last week Ozimals held a community meeting to preview their newest SL breedable, Strangelings. Shortly after that meeting a notice was sent out to their groups thanking everyone for attending and announcing another meeting to preview yet another project. Today Second Life was introduced to Pufflings. Unlike the Strangelings there have been no teasers sent, no information released on this”other project” from Ozimals. Yesterday Candy Cerveau made mention in the Ozimals Orations and Updates group chat that the meeting was birthday themed with pastries involved (possibly) and earlier today in a meeting reminder notice this new projects name was released, Pufflings.

Ozimals Pufflings Preview Meeting

The meeting was held in a tent decorated with birthday presents, balloons and towers of creme puff pastries called croquembouche. Glinda and Ozma, who made a rare inworld appearance, had a short dialog as follows:

Glinda: Welcome, everyone, to the birthday celebration of her Majesty, Ozma, Empress of Oz.
Ozma: Hello, and thank you all so much for coming! The royal bakers have made Endless Cake, so there is plenty for everyone, even if you would like a second helping.
Glinda: Every year, Ozma’s birthday is a public holiday in Oz, and the people hold celebrations, but this is the first time the palace party has been a public one. Some of you may not know about some of the events at prior celebrations; Ozma’s friends always plan special surprises for her birthday, and because magic is common in Oz, these surprises are spectacular.
Ozma: Last year there was a PIE. A perfectly normal pie. But when I cut into it–carefully, I might add–there was a troupe of DANCING MONKEYS inside waiting to begin their routine. They danced up and down the table for the rest of the afternoon.
Glinda: Didn’t you like them?
Ozma: Oh, they were wonderful! I just never… thought… well, you know. I thought it was PIE. And though we built a wing onto the palace, with a monkey-sized theatre, sometimes I think we need something different… a cheerful palace pet, something which delights and enchants palace guests.
Glinda: That’s solved, this year: Endless Cake! The not-enough-pie part, I mean.
Ozma looks around the tent, at the gifts piled high and the towers of cream puffs. “I think we have enough cream puffs for everyone to have a HUNDRED.”
Glinda: Then if some of them were to stop being cream puffs…?
Ozma looks curiously at a cream puff. “Stop being cream puffs? What do you mean by that?”
Glinda smiles, and waves her wand. “Happy Birthday, Ozma!”

And with that the creme puffs turned into these round birds, Pufflings, and began hopping all over the floor of the tent.

Ozimals Pufflings

“So these are the Pufflings! Pufflings are, as you just heard, magical animals created by Glinda for Ozma’s birthday.  They love living in the Palace at Emerald City, but they also want to visit other lands beyond Oz and meet new people like you.  If you have had bunnies, the way the Pufflings work will be very familiar.  But we’ve also added many new tweaks to the system based on what you’ve told us you’d like to see, as well as some natural, yet intuitive evolutions to the way Ozimals-style breeding works.

Pufflings will have more of their code based on a server rather than in-world. This will allow much more in-world processing power to be allocated towards interactive features for the birds. However, they will not stop functioning or disappear if the server goes down.  Having this hybrid system will allow us to have less updates and more flexibility to add content and features quickly without disruption to you.  The Pufflings have many different body aspects (such as tails and crests) that can be bred, along with color and feather patterns that will give an incredible variety of choices to your breeding.  We will be talking more about the breeding of Pufflings in our meeting on the 11th.”

More images can be seen on my Ozimals Pufflings Flickr Set and also many others have been adding their own pictures to the Ozimals Flickr Pool.

If you were unable to attend the Ozimals Community Meeting Puffling Preview you can read the  meeting notes which have been posted on the Ozimals Community Forums.


PlantPets | Breeding Scheme

PlantPets creator Bruce Liebknecht has made some recent changes to the PlantPets website including a catalogue listing all the various plantpets available including pictures.  There is also a list of PlantPet breeders and a useful FAQ.  The transition to the new breeding scheme based on genes is also completed and an explanation on how the baby seeds are picked based on the genes is now available.

Plantpets give baby seeds every 52 days if kept at least 50% happy and 50% healthy. If some day either their happiness or their health is below 50% then that day is not counted.

The baby seed depends on the genes of the parent (see the genes in the catalog). The strength of each gene of the parent shows how likely is that gene to be definitely passed to a baby. When a baby is delivered the AI behind the breeding scheme looks at the genes of the parent and decides which genes will be definitely passed. Then it considers the pool of all plantpets which do have those genes (no matter the strength) and randomly picks one of them to be delivered as a baby seed.

If the parent is an elite plantpet then it will also deliver a randomly picked booster of size 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 units after it has delivered the baby. The booster may come one or two minutes after the baby.

PlantPets Store

Pet Peddlers | Update

Pet Peddlers released the eagerly awaited V3 recently.  The predators where part of this update and this means there is now a chance of breeding a predator fish from your current fish.  This is also a unique way of culling your own fish and getting rid of any you don’t want.  A predator bowl can be picked up from the main store for free and with this you can store your unwanted fish in until it comes time to feed your predator.

PS There was a competition for the first Predator’s birthed the first prize being 3000 L and the second prize of 1000L.  Congrats to cwboynheart Bravin on getting the first Predator which was a Blue Spot Stingray the second prize is still up for grabs as far as I know at this moment. 

Pet Peddlers Fish Version 3.0 Release Notes

Pet Peddlers recommends to stop all fish prior to update. This can be done in 2 ways: /3 all stop or /3 all home. This will make sure your fish do not swim out of the updaters reach while it isupdating your fish.

Many bugs have been addressed in this update. Some minor changes to the way the fish work.

Bonding / Multiple Tagging Issues
Bonding – Some fish were not holding bond and breeding with other fish. This is now corrected.
Multi Tagging – Male fish were were still breeding multiple times while in cool down. This has now been corrected.

Hovering Text & Fish Color
The hovering text remains red when starved and now changes to green when sick.
The fish will no longer change to green when sick.

Parents Stats
The parents stats now use a different format so that they don’t fill your screen.
Errors on parents stats are corrected.
Both mother and father show at the same time.
Due to the new system, all current fish will not show their parents names. I have added at the end of the stats the parents UUID to help with this issue.
All fish born after the v3.0 update will show parents name.

Rolling Restarts
As some of you know, after a rolling restart some fish were getting locked up and had to be rerezed. This issue has been corrected and will no longer require the rerezing of the fish.
Rolling restarts have also been causing some issues with scripts in general, not just fish. This is that the scripts seem to get shut down, this is a SL issue and I will be monitoring it to see what happens.
If there is a fix found for this, we will implement it and release an update at that time.

No Data Bags
Baby bags that have been born but did not receive their data can now be touched to attempt to collect their data again. I recommend waiting at least 10 to 15 minutes after a bag is birthed to touch it.
This will NOT work once a bag is picked up and rerezed.

Version 3.0 now includes the possibility to get a predator. Predators will only eat from the Predator Feeders. Some predators will eat at a higher rate than other fish. Don’t worry, the most a predator will eat is 4 servings per hour instead of the standard 2 servings. This is due to their real life appetites.
Predators will breed with all other fish including predators.
Parents stats will be that of a starter fish on a first gen predator. 2nd gen and up will all have the standard parents data.
These will not be easy to get, and are meant to be rare.

New Breeds & Genetics
Version 3.0 will include new breeds and new genetics.
What you ask? That is yet to be seen…………….

Predator Feeder
Do to some changes we will have to update the predator feeders. This will be a manual update process done by a Pet peddlers Staff Member (CSR).
The process to get your feeder updated is very simple: Go to the main store and get a new feeder after the update is released. File a support ticket. A CSR will contact you in 48 hours or less.
This was done for a few reasons. The biggest reason is so that we can have the feeders post to the server so there is a record of you feeder points in case SL eats it.
Feeders will now be Trans.
Feeders will now have the ability to pass servings from one feeder to another.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in group and we will do our best to get you an answer as fast as we can.

The Pet Peddlers Team

PP Main Store

BioBreeds | Update on the Horizon

BioBreeds will be releasing a new update sometime this week.  I have been involved with the beta testing of the new gameplay aspects of the BioBreeds dogs and I think you will find them to be very interesting and enjoyable.  German Shepherds and Dobermans are the latest teasers at the store, so keep an eye out for them in the future.  The BioBreeds dogs are becoming more and more interactive, now adding a hunting ability and I know there are already dog races taking place on the grid.  There is also the Treat Tree being released at this update, which is a very unique way to introduce a new boost to the dogs life.  The trees grow acorns, which convert to a meaty treat when clicked on.  There are also whispers of other aspects of the dogs life being introduced in the future, what they might be I’m unsure of.  For those dog lovers out there I think they will find the activity abilities combined with the opportunity to breed there own puppies will make this breedable very relevant to a wider audience in the long run.

We are very pleased to announce the coming features and changes that Update 2.0.0 will bring to your BioBreeds dogs, check them out below!

New Features and Abilities:

* Males will have 5 seeds ADDED to them during the update (regardless of how many seeds they currently have left)

* DE-SEED – Males will have the ability to remove 5 seeds after updating if you choose you do not want those added seeds (eg: a Pet Dog at 0 seeds could be reduced back to 0 seeds again with the click of a button)

* The ability to HUNT! You will be able to instruct your dog to look for/sense objects or avatars while you walk around. All you will need to do is say in local “<dog name> find <object/avatar name>. We will also be holding hunts for you to participate in if you choose to.

* ATTACHMENTS! You will be able to get a free attachment making kit to create your own ONE PRIM attachments for your dogs (full instructions included in the kit) We will also give some starter attachments away and sell some others in the stores.

* HEAVEN – we have created the ability to send your dogs to heaven in exchange for points. These points will then be used to purchase items from Heaven such as food, treats and other items (still adding to and preparing the Heaven items).

* TREATS – We are releasing treats to boost happiness (5% boost per treat) that will in turn speed up your breeding process some if you choose to use them. Fertility is dependent on happiness, so a boost to happiness (max 10% boost at any given time) will help to build fertility a little faster. The ‘find’ feature (HUNT) is also affected by happiness, the happier the dog, the greater the sensor range is to locate items.

* TREATS TREE – There will be a treats tree available to purchase from our stores that will grow over a period of 7 days (average) before it starts producing acorns. Each store bought tree will come with 28 acorns that will drop over a 2 week period (2 treats per day) after the tree has matured. Acorns that have dropped to the ground can then be converted to treats! Once your tree has run out of acorns you will be able to pay your tree to renew the amount of acorns it has and it will continue then to produce more acorns (without having to wait the 7 days for maturity of a new tree) Trees are No Transfer, Treats are Transfer. (Acorns that are not touched, converted or picked up within 4 days from falling off the tree will poof).

* BONDING! The ability to bond a male and a female has been implemented in the update. Once you have bonded 2 dogs together they will only mate with each other when their stats are right to mate. If you change your mind after bonding… don’t worry, you can UNBOND! Simply select UNBOND from the menu of the bonded dog to break their bond.
NOTE: Bonding is a two way process. You would bond BOTH dogs to each other. So you would click bond on your male, select the female you want him to bond with, you would then select Bond on THAT females menu and Bond her to that male – this is referred to as a ‘hard bond’ FULL DETAILS will be provided with the update. (Future updates will break the bond and your dogs will require re-bonding after updating).


Update Notes – some of the fixes and changes:

* Fix applied to the Breeding with Anyone’s setting.

* Fix applied to the food bowl setting of Anyone’s.

* Fix applied to males mating multiple times in one breeding cycle.

* Change to puppy boxes so they chat the stats first before offering the pedigree link.

* Some changes to the menu buttons.

* Change to follow command – your dogs will now follow closer and randomly in front and behind you.

* Change made to pregnancy and cooldown hours left display. (0 hrs will only display if there has been a problem birthing. 1 hr pregnant = up to 1 hour remaining till box appears)

* 0 seed sick dogs will be HEALED upon updating them.

* Change to the 0 seed dogs requiring a portion foodbowl – they no longer require portions to be in the bowl after updating.

* Change to Hover Text on food bowls and Updater – You can now TURN OFF hover text on your food and updaters as well as your dogs and puppy boxes.


When your dog has been updated the settings will default. What this means is:
– The home point will be set to where your dog is when updated (make sure to set home next to the food or update in range of food).
– Range will default to 5 m
– Movement will default to OFF.

BioBreeds Main Store

KittyCatS | Update 1.05

The KittyCatS update has been released in the nick of time.  Some updates turn up out of the blue, some updates seem to be a saving grace for the breedable, this update sort of feels like they were sitting back and waiting for the panic to start till they pulled it into view with a TaDa!!  I started to hear about the KittyCatS sky falling shortly after my return from being away and it really is such a relief that there is a happy kittycat ending to this story.  The new excitement in this release is noted below from the notecard released in group.  Another new happydance moment for me was discovering the collars have been released.  I have been patiently (sort of) waiting for the release of the promised Kitty Collars, which we have previously only seen on special releases.  I wasn’t let down by the release of a sweet variety of collars for a reasonable price (phew) which makes them very tempting to add to your favourite kittys.  My favourite Kitty is my starter, she’s just a plain ol’ kitty but she continues to give me rockin boxes time after time.

Kitty Collars

I do breed KittyCatS and love them dearly, the hold option is so cute and I love to sit my kittens on my shoulder as I go about my business.  I feel sort of guilty that I don’t mention them here on the blog often enough, but I do find it hard to blog about breedables I am actively breeding.  Strange I know.  I think it has something to do with the emotional involvement I have as a breeder and I don’t want to use the blog to pout about my personal experience, although I am sometimes tempted.  I rarely have the need to pout about the KittyCatS mind you, although I was disappointed at the cost of the HUD considering most breedables supply them as part of the package.  KittyCatS are a sweet breedable with many features I am impressed with, their marketing strategy being one of them.  KittyCatS have managed to draw alot of new people into the game by reaching out to non-breeders which I see as the only long term method of making a breedable sustainable.  Breeders are always looking for a bargain and shoot themselves in the foot by lowering market prices in the determination to get those low prices.  Fashionistas that are used to paying 3000L for a new skin or 1000L for a new outfit have a different outlook on spending money in SL, so kudos to Callie Cline and the team.

Melting Moment, my Kitty brings me a ball!

I absolutely heart the new activity that is part of the update and I so want a teacup kitty.  My girl Coco was a little slow to begin but once she started chasing the ball, that magically appeared, around the yard and then picked it up in her mouth and brought it too me I almost melted into a puddle of Kittylove.  There hasn’t been any news of a special Easter KittyCatS but if there is I hope they are for sale after the weekend or I’ll miss out and that will certainly be a pout moment, lol.  Now for the news:


★  Introducing:  The Menagerie and our own currency: The Kitty Dollars (K$) !!

The Menagerie is a place where KittyCatS! live and play in bliss forever. When you send a KittyCat (or kitten box) to The Menagerie, you will get in return “Kitty Dollars” (K$) that can be spent at the KittyCatS! store. Each KittyCatS sent in will reward you with K$50, or 50 Kitty Dollars. The age, type or health of cat does not matter, and yes, this means you can send in sick cats as well.  The ability to use your Kitty Dollars will be available next week when all our vendors are updated so you can pay with your “KittyCash” or Lindens.  In the future we will have exclusive items available only with Kitty Dollars. You can check your “KittyCash” balance on the menu at anytime by clicking on your cat and then clicking “Menagerie”. Exchange rate for the K$ to the L$ is 2.5 :1, which means 2,5 K$ are 1 L$.

★ Introducing:  “Let’s Play!”

 A new interaction where you and your KittyCatS can play!  Your KittyCatS will run and play with a ball you throw, then bring it back to you! Loads of fun! (*note: the throw animation was made by IsabellaGrace Baroque of Olive Juice)

★ Introducing: TeaCups & Toys:

 Teacup & Toy KittyCatS will be our counterpart for RL Teacup & Toy cats. These are miniature cats, even when they are full grown! The chances on birthing a TeaCup or Toy KittyCat are entirely random. All current KittyCats can give birth to TeaCups or Toys, so no need to buy new starter cats.  TeaCups are the smallest and Toys are a bit bigger, but not as big as normal cats. For some pictures & Info about RL Teacups & toys, check: http://www.pictures-of-cats.org/teacup-cats.html
& http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwarf_cats (toys are mentioned only briefly, but its a common expression in the breeding world.)


★  Talk button: turn On/Off your KittyCat’s ability to say things about your shoes & how wonderful you smell…
★  Tool to remove collars available in the store next week at no cost. This means your boy cat wont be saying in the future, ‘Why did you put this girly collar on me?” 0h, hmm if it did, you could always turn of its ability to talk.
★   Boxes broadcast their information to a channel one time when born. This should allow the development of 3rd party tools that detect new boxes. (information can be requested from KittyCats Resident)
★  For KittyCatS HUD owners: Position is now shown in the info output when you click the stats part of the HUD. This is an easy way to teleport to your kitten. (note: fully updated KittyCatS HUD which reflects the new options will be sent out  next week to HUD owners.)


★  Character Limit for names is now 50. Existing names longer than 50 characters will be kept.


★ Perma-Pets™ will sleep now (oops…)
★ Boxes that are transferred to someone else can now be renamed.
★ Cats will set a new home position when “dropped” on a different sim if they were attached.
★ Appearance for cats which had been sick more than one time is now correct when they are healed or made into Perma-Pets™.
★ Sides of collars fixed.

That sums up our second update! Again, thank you for your continued support, feedback and enthusiasm! Enjoy!

The KittyCatS! Team.


In the coming 24 hours your cats will start to show an “UPDATE ME”  tag.
As soon as they do, the UPDATE button will be available in your cats menu to obtain an updater.
As of that point, you have 2 weeks to update your cats.
Make sure you have about 30 prims available when you run the updater.

EASY AS 1,2,3 updating steps:

1. Click the “UPDATE” button in the menu of your cat and it will give you an updater.
2. Rez the Updater
3. Click the “can of Update” and watch it as it updates all your cats and boxes!

No need to move cats, re rez them, group them, travel to sandboxes, pull your hair, or anything! It’s REALLY that easy. 🙂 yay!
All settings for your cat will be kept, including the group. Only if you had a cat or box for sale, you will have to put them for sale again…

Update to v1.05 is here!

KittyCatS web

KittyCatS sim

Ozimals | Update v1.7 brings Collection Quests, Co-Owners and more

Ozimals Bunny Update 1.7Ozimals 1.7 Update Box

  • Six new genetics have been introduced in the Ozimals 1.7 starter packs and are now waiting to be discovered through breeding.
  • Non-Owners Menu now includes a link to your bunny’s SocialBun profile!
  • New Elite chances! The chance of achieving an elite bunny has been increased, though the parent bunnies must still meet all of the requirements. Keeping bunnies on Level 3 food throughout their breeding lives still *doubles* the new chance! Furthermore, an eligible female bunny’s chance increases from her 13th nest, through her 14th, and to its maximum on her 15th and final nest.
  • Menu changes
    • Support Menu now gives direct links to the following Ozimals web sites;
    • Interaction Menu changes
      • Collection button added (for SocialBun Collection Quest)
      • Co-Owner button added (you can now add 2 co-owners to every bunny)
      • Refresh button added (instantly update any changes to the Ozimals database)
  • Bonding changes
    • The bond confirmation pop-up has been removed to streamline the bonding process
    • Bonds and bond time remaining is now viewable to the bunny owner on the bunny’s SocialBun profile page.

NEW FEATURE! SocialBun Collections

  • Collections are a new SocialBun mini-game, found on SocialBun under “My Bunnies forSale”. The bunny’s Collection button is in the Interaction menu.
  • A Collection Quest is a quest to find a specific bunny. Each one is randomly generated for you; everyone will have different bunnies to collect. The idea behind the quest is to find a matching bunny and collect it. The bunny will be permanently removed from your warren–please make certain before you choose to send it in for a collection! In exchange for each bunny that you help to collect you will receive a collection point which you can turn in for rewards.
  • You may request a collection from the page, and if you complete it or skip it within 24 hours, you can move on to the next quest 24 hours from requesting the first.
  • If you cannot complete your quest within 24 hours, you will be given a 72-hour extension. This will be displayed by a countdown clock when you go to your collections page.
  • If you do not complete or skip your quest during the entire 96 hours, it will expire, and you can request a new one.
  • Each user will begin with two skip credits, each of which allows that user to skip one quest.

NEW FEATURE! Co-Ownership

  • Under the Interaction menu you will now see a “Co-owner” option, which allows you to assign, list, and delete two co-owners to your bunny.
  • Potential Co-owners must be in range of the bunny when you are assigning them as co-owners.
  • PLEASE NOTE! Co-owners can do just about anything to your bunnies, including bonding, Bunnybury and sending them for Collection quests! Ozimals cannot replace bunnies or be held responsible for what your co-owners may do, so be extremely careful when using this feature!
  • When a bunny is sold or given away, when the new owner rezzes the bunny, the prior co-owners will be erased.

Spring/Easter Holiday Elites, Limited Edition Elites and Holiday Food

Ozimals Easter Spring Display

Holiday Elite chance on nests created and kindled during: April 20 – April 27

This means that any nest created by your bunnies AND kindled between 12:00:01 AM SLT (one second after midnight on the morning of Wednesday, April 20th) and 11:59:59 PM SLT (one second before midnight on the evening of Wednesday, April 27th) can potentially produce an Easter elite, regardless of breeding.

Don’t forget! If you would like to bypass your chance at an Easter elite, you are given an option to choose “No Elite” in the kindling menu, and you may simply confirm that you don’t want that nest to have a chance at a holiday elite.

There will also be an Easter elite–different from the ones available through breeding–exclusively available at the Ozimals shops and through the SL Marketplace on April 19-27th.  The bunny will have the chance of carrying a limited edition eye, available only from this bunny.

Additionally, there are special limited edition Easter foods available from the Ozimals shops and on Marketplace; these will become collectibles, instead of disappearing, when their servings are exhausted. The foods come with delightful extra bonuses, including a Happiness Totem, which boosts the Happiness of surrounding bunnies, and will last until the end of the elite kindling period.

BrightPets | Update on the Update….

There have been quite a few changes at Brightpets recently, they are now incorporating MicroPets rather than remaining separate and as you can see from the picture above there are plans to incorporate new pets into the equation.
The BrightPets are now based on a HUD, the cats can be cared for via the HUD and the food is also kept track of via this same HUD.  You can also refill the food bowls this way, meaning you don’t need to physically be with your pets to care for them.  Consumables are also stored in the HUD, similar to Rovees, and therefore prevents losses as it is on a private database.

New Style Orbs with Superbowl for HUD filling

More traits have been added to the mix and the breeding has many more options, you can now breed in groups with other people.
There is the ability to keep track of breeding via the Kitty Profile page, which links the the parentage of the cat as well as listing the offspring the cat has produced.
Training has now been added and the cats and presumably future breedables can be taught commands.

BrightPets Kitty's, there will be a new breedable in the family shortly.

Don’t forget your pets MUST be version 2.0 to be able to interact with your HUD.  Below you will find a quick guide, for full information visit the BrightPets website.

Getting Started:
– Wear your BrightPets MyPets HUD
– Update all your pets to version 2.0
– Get your latest BrightPets Superbowls (SL Marketplace)

Touch: My Pets, My Orbs, My Bowls then touch the pet you have.
You can control 1 or more pets, by selecting them, then click Control or Mass Control

My Stock
This is where you can can see all your current Stock.  All consumables are stored in our secure server and “Food Poofing” is now a part of history!

=== Description ===
BrightPets animals are the new generation of highly intelligent breeding AI animals.  BrightPets brings you an amazing world of personal virtual pets that are highly interactive and have unique personalities. With over 60,000 variations of kittys there is one for everyone, but be aware some are rarer than others!  For more information, and to join the discussion, visit the BrightPets website.

=== Feeding ===

There are 5 Diets you can set in your kitty owner menu. Starve, Low, Medium, High and Special.
You must be feeding at least Medium diet for them to breed. There is no cooldown time after they have ate Low diet.

Depending which diet you prefer you will require the selected dispenser. You must have the same diet on kitty selected as the dispenser type.

There are currently 2 sizes of water and food dispensers. Regular and Large. It does not matter what size dispenser.

To refill your dispensers, simply rez the same water/food type and click Refill in your dispenser menu.

Starve – Don’t eat or drink at all

Low – Will eat bare minimum

Medium – 1% Energy and 1% Relationship

High –  2.5% Energy and 2.5% Relationship

Special – 5% Energy and 5% Relationship

Kitty’s will go into a coma if they reach 100% hunger or thirst.
Kitty’s will die after 60 days in coma.
Kitty’s will wake up at 75% hunger or thirst if they are asleep

Dispensers must be within 10 meters range of kitty’s to eat or drink

== Hygiene ==

We added hygiene to be more of a fun interaction and not a boring task. Hygiene has an influence to moods and the closer to 100% Hygiene your piggy is, the more happier they are.

There are no penalties or health issues if your kitty is 0% clean although they wont be too happy

Kitty’s require 1 cleaning every 7 days at minimum, and there are several cleaning methods.

Bathing Sponge
Wearing the sponge, whilst wearing your kitty you are able to clean your kitty. The clean process take 60 seconds.

Bathing Wand
If you prefer to clean more than 1 kitty instantly, you can use the bathing wand. This will clean ALL kitty within 96 meters without the need to attach them.

== Basic Care ==

Your kitty requires 8 hours of sleep a day and is awake for 16 hours on average.   If you kitty gets too tired it will fall asleep and you cannot wake it until he/she has more energy.

If you take your kitty to inventory for 60 days, they will go into a coma.

If your kitty is in coma for 60 days, it will die.

if you kitty goes into a coma you may revive him/her using the BrightPets Coma Injection found at the BrightPets SIM.

Happiness is affected by all moods.

=== Times & Delays ===
Birth of Birth Orb – 60 Mins
Rest after breeding – 7 Days
Pregnancy – Upto 60 Mins
Renew Partner – 7 Days

=== Senior Bonus ===

If you feed your kitty Medium Diet or better their whole life, they will become a Senior. Seniors give bonuses to all other Non-Seniors depending what Senior they are.
The better the food they have consumed the more chance they stand of getting Senior of Legend.

Senior of Relationship – Gives a 1% Bonus of Relationship to your kitty.
Senior of Happiness – Gives a 1% Bonus of Happiness to your kitty.
Senior of Energy – Gives a 1% Bonus of Energy to your kitty.
Senior of Hygiene – Gives a 1% Bonus of Hygiene to your kitty.
Senior of Hunger – Gives a 1% Bonus of Hunger to your kitty.
Senior of Thirst – Gives a 1% Bonus of Hunger to your kitty.

Senior of Legend – Gives a 1% Bonus to all attributes to your kitty.

These bonuses are not stacked and must be within 10 meters range of all other kitty’s.

=== Breeding Requirements ===

Your kitty must be partnershipped to another kitty to start breeding. Once partnershipped you can end it at any time. Your kitty will automatically end their partnership once bred. Pregnancy can take upto 1 hour once all requirements are met. See below.

Age: 7+
Happiness: 65%+
Relationship: 99%+
Energy: 50%+
Hygene: 50%+
Medium, High or Special Diet
Not have had partner in last 7 days

Once a partnership has been dissolved they will not be able to get a new partner within 7 days.

== Styles ==

There are 5 kitty styles, each a little less common that the other.

“Classic” – This is the most common and quite sharp and bright

“Shady” – This is slightly darker than Classic, but less common.

“Dark” – This is the darkest piggy you can get, and even less common than shady.

“Smooth” – This is shiny looking smooth piggy, less common than dark

“Glowing” – This is an amazing look and the least common style.

Every kitty will have at least one of these styles. There are lots of variations so have fun with breeding them to get your desire

=== Updates ===
All BrightPets pets are automatic updating and requires no help from the owners.  All pets will be updated as soon as new releases are available.

=== Addons & Extras ===
BrightPets have a range of add-ons and extra’s and will be more soon in future.  All can be located at the Store or XstreetSL.  These are easily linked to your pets and most have an instant increase to your kitty mood depending on type.

=== Bug Reporting ===
For ALL Bug Reporting, please either fill out a bug reporting notecard.
Be sure to give a FULL and detailed as possible description of the bug and you will get a response with 24 hours.

Bug abusers will be reported and banned from any BrightPets pets forever, no questions asked.

=== Support ===

Need help?  Check our website for more info about your kitty.  There might already be an answer to your question there.  You can also post on our forums to receive help if you can’t find the answer.


We also have kitty Support Staff to help you inworld if you need some help.  They can be found most of the time in the BrightPets group hanging out.  Contact one of our Support staff inworld if you need support.

=== Contact ===
For more information, suggestions or ideas, we would LOVE to hear your feedback
Send a detailed note to
Brighton Merryman

Join the BrightPets group inworld


BrightPets website

Pet Peddlers | WANTED:Input

Pet Peddlers sent out a notice March 5th, asking for input on which kinds of predator fish YOU want to see.  Fisher Mode has asked you to reply to this thread with which ones you would like to see.  This will help Pet Peddlers determine which predator fish could possibly be in the predator update.  Secondly, the predator update will include new regular breeds as well, which Fisher is also giving you the chance to include your input on this thread.  Fisher mode is hoping to have an update shortly with bug fixes in the next few days followed up with the predator and new breeds update before the end of the month. We’re all excited about these fishies and I know that the community desperately awaits this update, so get on out there and post your opinions.

And what kind of post would it be without a teaser?

Precious Dragons | Going, Going, Gone!

Precious are going, going, GONE! Gone gold that is.  Precious Dragons have announced that they are officially out of beta now.  A special gift was given out to everyone who wore the PD HUD prior to the blog post.  The special Gold Gift includes an exclusive Going Gold Queen that is a limited time edition egg only available to those who received the gift.

Thanks to Froggy Graves for the pictures.

The queen is a 100% glow with low shine, birthstones 11/11/4.

Also included in the gift is a chow barrel with 300 servings, a T-shirt, a notecard containing information about Going Gold, and a landmark to the main store.

Precious Dragons Gone Gold Gift will be distributed throughout the month of March while the avatar is online, you only will get one chance to accept the gift, should you fail, decline, or otherwise miss the gift the blog and notices seem to be very strict on not giving a second chance.  Please be careful when logging on to make sure you don’t click quickly through your notices as you mad decline it on accident.

On another related note the Aura Queen from the madness board was won by Vittorio Thiemen.  To date there are only four aura queens that I am aware of.  As of March 1st, the Aura Queen will be included in the gene pool.  So good luck on getting your own, and welcome to Going Gold!

Amaretto | Update to V2.0

Amaretto recently had an update which had quite a few surprises, the largest being a total makeover.  From my understanding there was no warning about the cosmetic changes so I thought I would share some pictures with you.

The way they lay is decidedly different.

***IMPORTANT NOTE***After Saturday March 5, 2011 we will no longer provide support for horses that are NOT v2.0*** So please let everyone you know to update their horses!!!!

Update v2.0 fixes/changes:

1. The “touch to rez bundle” issue were the mare and/or bundle birthed  do not receive the proper information from the server.

2. Horses will no longer birth more then one viable bundle within a 3 day period.

3. Sick horses can NOT be sent to Horse Haven.

4. Errors: “Amaretto Breedable Horse3″=fixed
“Stack Heap Error”= fixed

5. Now says Horse Cents when sending a horse to Haven.

6. Consumable timer fixed, now reads 23 hours, 59 minutes and counts down from there.

The Update has given the horses a total makeover.

New added features:

1. Updated version horses (v2.0) will NOT breed with the older version horses (v1.1, v1.2, v1.3)

2. Added the button for Horse Haven to bundles.

3. Updater will NOT update sick horses.

4. Horses can now eat themselves out of being sick (starved). Takes approximately 72 hours for the hunger/thirst to get back down to 0 and text reading “sick” will then disappear.

5. All colors of Appaloosa and Walkers will be put “out to pasture”. These coats/colors will no longer be available in the new starter packs/horses. The only way to breed/birth one of these coats will be from a horse that contains these traits already on the grid.

Somethings you need to know about the updater:

1. It will not work if there is more than one updater out. It gives you a message that there are 2 updaters out please remove one. If you continue to try and update your horse It will give you another error message and have you pick one updater up and reset the other. (touch and wait 5 seconds to reset)

2. It will not update pregnant horses. The reason being the updater can potentially abort the pregnancy. Waiting to update your pregnant horses will not effect the horses functions, they will continue to eat, move, animate etc. When they give birth to the bundle, then you can update them. The bundle will be the old version and need to be updated when birthed.

3. The updater will not work on sims with a high load. Dilation needs to be above .65 and region fps must be above 25 for the updater to work. You will get an error message that says the sim dilation is too low, we have enclosed a sim monitor that will display these values for you. Just rez on your sim next to the updater.

In many ways they have a more ‘horselike’ appearance.

My main problem with the update was the lack of information given on just how ‘extreme’ the changes would be.  I don’t dislike the new appearance, although I’m not sure I really like it either.  There are some coats that really don’t look as nice as they did previously, namely a Black/Tan Mustang I saw, but there is alot more detail to the coats which is a positive.  Definitely the tail shape and hoof appearance is a big improvement in my opinion, but in the long run what really matters is what the breeders and purchasers think.  I think the changes have surprised many and changed others previous opinions.